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OtapediaNeko no Nyahho ~Nya Misérables~

Alternate Title

猫のニャッホ ~ニャ・ミゼラブル~


Kindly cat painter Vincent van Meowogh lives in a mansion in Paris surrounded by his friends. However, his life changes forever when he loses his beloved master, takes out a loan, and sells all of his precious furniture! Can Meowogh restore his beautiful home through his art? Only time will tell.


Neko no Nyahho Nya Misérables is inspired by the popular puzzle-based smartphone game produced by Cocone which was released for Android/iOS on Dec. 18, 2017. Announced in February 2019, the first season of the TV anime adaptation will premiere in Japan on April 3, 2019.


Vincent van Meowogh (Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita)

Vincent van Meowogh is a starving artist cat who is overburdened with loans and even had to sell all of his beautiful furniture when his master disappeared. Together with his mouse apprentice Theo, he is trying desperately to restore his home to its former glory.

Theo (Voiced by: Kayo Hikaru)

Theo is Vincent van Meowogh’s roommate who makes sure to encourage him when he slacks off from his painting. He loves cheese!

Picasso (Voiced by: Yuuki Itagaki)

Picasso is a genius, successful cat painter. Seeing as their styles are diametrically opposed, he doesn’t think much of Vincent van Meowogh’s paintings. Picasso is also something of a ladies’ cat.

Gaugin (Voiced by Ryo Tachibana)

Gaugin is a member of the society Vincent van Meowogh set up for starving artists. He is very self centred and often clashes with Vincent van Meowogh.

Kiki (Voiced by: Yu Soma)

Kiki works in the cafe Montparnasse which many of the artists like to go to. She is a little bit in love with Vincent van Meowogh.

Monet (Voiced by: Ayaka Maekawa)

Monet is a member of Vincent van Meowogh’s association for starving artists. He helps Vincent van Meowogh feel better about himself and gives him courage. Monet is also quite the gourmet.

Dali (Voiced by Ryo Tachibana)

Dali is a member of the club Vincent van Meowogh founded for other struggling artists. Boastful of his own genius, even Picasso is a little bit afraid of him. It is often difficult to understand what he is actually saying.

Holmes (Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)

Holmes is a disconnected, bumbling detective. All of his investigations are actually solved by his assistant, Watson, but Holmes still hasn’t figured that one out yet.

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  • Original Creator: Cocone Corporation
  • Director: Shigeyuki Watanabe
  • Series Composition: Masayuki Kibe
  • Original Character Designer: Aya Morooka
  • Art Director: Eisuke Nakata
  • Sound Director: Atsushi Nagashima
  • CGI Director: Bungo Iwai, Yohei Shimada
  • Planning: Sung-hoon Kim
  • Planning Assistant: Manabu Miki
  • Music: Shintaro Aoki
  • Animation Production: TMS Entertainment, TMS Jinnis