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OtapediaNobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma

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Nobunaga is a middle school teacher and galge fan who constantly dreams that a beautiful girl will appear in front of him. His wish comes true when one day 14-year-old Saito Kichi, the wife of the famous Warring States warlord Nobunaga Oda, travels through time to the modern day and actually appears in front of him. But he gets more than he bargained for when Saito mistakes him for the historical Nobunaga and tries to get him to get her pregnant.


Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma is a romantic comedy manga by Azure Konno which has been serialized in Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine since May 2017. To date, three collected tankobon volumes have been published in Japan.

An anime adaptation was announced in December 2018. It is being directed by Noriyoshi Sasaki at animation studio Seven with Arikura Arika writing the script and Takashi Nishikawa handling character designs. The opening theme song is “Aiseyo Minna, Hai!” by voice actress unit Pyxis which consists of Moe Toyota and Miku Ito, and the ending theme song is “Returner Butterfly” by Rika Tachibana. The anime will premiere in Japan on April 6, 2019 on AT-X.


Nobunaga Oda (Voiced by: Kodai Sakai)

A teacher who likes galge games, Nobunaga dreams of having his own harem just like in the games he plays. However, it’s just a pipedream since he can’t even get a girlfriend. He is a descendant of the famous Nobunaga Oda, and his students call him “Nobunaga-sensei.”

Saito Kicho (Voiced by: Akari Uehara)

A 14-year-old-girl who time travels from the Warring States period. She was to marry Nobunaga Oda in her time, and mistakes the present-day Nobunaga for him.

Ikoma Kitsuno (Voiced by: Ari Ozawa)

The historical Nobunaga Oda’s noble concubine, Ikoma is reincarnated in the present day. She desires to have a relationship with Nobunaga again, but why does Nobunaga feel such a chill from her...?

Mayu Biwajima (Voiced by: Konomi Yuzaki)

A student of Nobunaga’s, Mayu secretly has feelings for him. She likes BL.

Yuri Hoshigaoka (Voiced by: Marika Tanaka)

A colleague of Nobunaga’s, Yuri is popular for her huge boobs.

Anna Atsuta (Voiced by: Moe Toyota)

A student of Nobunaga’s and a close friend to Mayu, Anna has a strong personality and butts heads with Nobunaga.

Ichika Oda (Voiced by: Suzuna Kinoshita)

Nobunaga’s younger sister. She worries for her brother.

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  • Original Creator: Azure Konno
  • Director: Noriyoshi Sasaki
  • Series Composition: Arikura Arika
  • Character Designer: Takashi Nishikawa
  • Prop Designer: Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Art: Namu Animation
  • Color Designer: Naoto Kondo
  • Director of Photography/Editing: Kazuto Horikawa
  • Sound Director: Nobuyuki Abe
  • Sound Production: On:Lead
  • Music Production: Ap Dream
  • Animation Production: Seven