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OtapediaB Rappers Street

Alternate Title

Bラッパーズ ストリート


Hirafucho is a town whose every nook and cranny is soaked in hip hop culture. Even in school the curriculum is based on hip hop with rap being taught for music class, breakdancing for P.E., and learning to spit mad rhymes for language.

In Hirafucho there lives a fifth-year elementary school student named Yo!Hey whose special technique is rapping to the beat of his own farts! One day, an alien named One Puck appears, and it’s up to Yo!Hey and his friends DJ Ken and Big Bu to go off on an adventure in search of an object to save the world!


B Rappers Street is a collaborative project between Shogakukan, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, and Sony Music Communications that focuses on rap and hip hop. The anime is being directed and penned by both Taketo Shinkai and Yutaro Sawada at Pie in the Sky with Haruka Suzuki handling character designs. The show’s theme song is “B Rappers no Theme” performed by the four main cast members under the unit B Rappers Crew. The anime will premiere on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 11, 2019.


Yo!Hey (Voiced by: Subaru Kimura)

The protagonist of the story, Yo!Hey’s real name is Yohei Nara. His special technique is rapping to the beat of his own farts after eating his favorite food, potatoes.

One Puck (Voiced by: Daiki Hamano)

An alien rapper who comes to Earth, One Puck is hard on Yo!Hey, who goes at his own pace.

DJ Ken (Voiced by: Kaede Hondo)

Yo!Hey’s pet dog who is always by his side, DJ Ken is a beloved mascot character who’s also a good DJ.

Dekami-chan (Voiced by: Kaede Hondo)

The heroine of the story, Dekami-chan is the representative of Yo!Hey’s class. She is a gifted singer, but worries that her voice is too strong.

Big Bu (Voiced by: Takuya Nakashima)

Yo!Hey’s best friend, Big Bu is normally shy but has a sharp tongue when he’s on the mic. He loves curry.

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  • Directors/Scriptwriters: Taketo Shinkai, Yutaro Sawada
  • Character Designer: Haruka Suzuki
  • Animation Production: Pie in the Sky