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In a world where humanity is dependent on magic for survival, an old man known as “the Magi” comes across a baby named Shin, a child reincarnated from another dimension. The Magi, or Merlin, decides to raise Shin as his grandson. The boy grows up under the tutelage of Merlin and develops his magic powers far greater than a normal human’s. At the age of 15, the Magi permits Shin to live and learn at the Earlshide Advance Magic Academy. Although gifted in magic, Shin still lacks social skills and common sense about the way the world works. He is mostly unfamiliar with its customs and mannerisms. In order to fit in, he must study and bond with others at the Academy.


Kenja no Mago was originally launched as a light novel series by creator Tsuyoshi Yoshioka. Serialization began in January 2015 on the website Shosetsuka ni Naro. The series is still ongoing and being published by Famtisu Bunko. A manga adaptation written by Shunsuke Ogata started serialization from March 2016. In September 2017, animation studio Silver Link announced that Kenja no Mago would be getting its own anime, which premieres April 2019.
It will be directed by Masafumi Tamura.


Shin Wolford (Voiced by: Yusuke Kobayashi)

Protagonist of the story. He dies of an unknown cause and is reincarnated as a baby in a different world filled with magic. The Magi and Melinda raise him. Because he remembers his previous life, he has a maturity that other children his age do not yet possess. He also develops extraordinary magic skills and martial arts technique because of this.

August von Earlshide (Voiced by: Shohei Komatsu)

Shin’s best friend and Prince of the Earlshide Kingdom. He tends to tease Shin and his little sister. August is crafty when dealing with others to the point of manipulation. Shin and “Gus” act like close cousins, which causes Gus’ other friends and betrothed to be jealous of the two’s familiarity.

Sicily von Claude (Voiced by: Rina Honnizumi)

4th Rank S-Class member of the Ultimate Magic Research Society. A beautiful and sexy girl with long blue hair that goes down to her waist. She is shy, gentle, and polite. Sicily and Shin like each other and the two start to date.

Maria von Messina (Voiced by: Yuki Wakai)

The second daughter of the Countess Messina. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She’s Sicily’s best friend. However, she does get annoyed by Sicily’s and Shin’s lovey dovey relationship. Maria can be pushy but means well.

Merlin Walford (Voiced by: Yusaku Yara)

An old man with a white beard. A powerful magician, he defeated the first devil with Melinda and was celebrated as a hero in the past. He comes across Shin as a baby and becomes his guardian. Merlin is very protective of Shin and tends to spoil him.

Melinda Bowen (Voiced by: Gara Takashima)

The other guardian of Shin and a genius creator of magic tools. She defeated the first devil with Merlin. She and Merlin used to be married but divorced. Like Merlin, she is protective of Shin. However, Melinda is stricter on her adopted grandson than Merlin is.

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  • Original Creator: Tsuyoshi Yoshioka
  • Director: Masafumi Tamura
  • Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
  • Original Character Designer: Seiji Kikuchi
  • Character Designer: Yuki Sawairi
  • Opening Theme Song Artist: i☆Ris
  • Ending Theme Song Artist: Nanami Yoshi
  • Animation Production: Silver Link