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OtapediaKedama no Gonjiro

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Timid elementary school boy Makoto gets a shock one day when he runs into a giant red ball of hair whose name is Gonijro! When Makoto’s button gets attached to Gonjiro, something very strange happens. Gonjiro may be just made of hair, but he also really wants to protect things and is keen to remind Makoto to let it all hang out when he gets stressed. Making the most of his growing, tangling hairiness, Gonjiro can use his special “Fit” and “Shapeshift” abilities as well as using the “Button Change” trick to get out of tricky situations. To be honest, Gonjiro is a bit of a nuisance but somehow you can’t help but get “tangled up” in his love!


Kedama no Gonjiro is a vehicle for Sony mascot character “Gonjiro” who also stars in a manga by Yasunari Nagatoshi which is currently running in Coro Coro Comics. The first season of the TV anime airs from April 6, 2019.

CHAI will perform the series’ opening theme song, "Let's Gonjiro!”, while Demon Kakka will perform the ending, "Wasa Wasa Wasa!”.


Gonjiro (Voiced by: Shin Matsushige)

Gonjiro is a mysterious lifeform who is entirely made of hair! Because he became attached to Makoto’s button, he really understands his feelings. Making the most of his hairiness, Gonijro has various abilities like “Fit” and “Shapeshift” that help him solve small problems, but sometimes they just aren’t very much help at all. Also, when he uses the “Button Change” technique he can change his form. His favorite food is yakisoba sandwiches.

Makoto Maegami (Voiced by: Shizuka Ishigami)

Makoto is your average elementary school student. He often messes things up and gets into trouble. He tries to do as he’s told at home and school, but his life goes haywire after he meets giant red hairball Gonjiro and starts getting mixed up in bizarre adventures. He also loves yakisoba sandwiches.

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  • Original Creators: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Sony Music Entertainment, Aniplex, Shogakukan
  • Original Character Designers: Hiromasa Okubo (SIE), Toshihiko Nakai (SIE)
  • Character Designer: Hatsue Kato
  • Series Director: Kenshiiro Morii (W-Toon Studio)
  • Music: Shigeru Yamamoto (OLM Music)
  • Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Animation Production: OLM, WIT STUDIO