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One day, a mysterious button suddenly appears. Those who push the button are taken to a new world where characters just like them from different “isekai” are brought together in a completely different alternate world.


Isekai Quartet is a crossover series featuring characters from popular “isekai” franchises illustrated in cute, superdeformed style. The first season will premiere on April 09, 2019 and run for 12 episodes.

The series’ opening theme "Isekai Quartet” will be performed by voice actors Satoshi Hino, Jun Fukushima, Yusuke Kobayashi, and Aoi Yuki, while ending theme "Isekai Girls Talk” will be performed by voice actors Yumi Hara, Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Aoi Yuki.



Kazuma Sato (Japanese: Jun Fukushima / English: Arnie Pantoja)

Kazuma Sato is an adventurer who ended up in a different world after dying in an accident. Before his reincarnation he was obsessed with games.

Aqua (Japanese: Sora Amamiya / English: Faye Mata)

Aqua is a water goddess responsible for reincarnating humans to send to the RPG world.

Megumin (Japanese: Rie Takahashi / English: Erica Mendez)

Megumin is a Crimson Demons arch wizard who suffers with chunibyo.

Darkness (Japanese: Ai Kayano / English: Cristina Vee)

Darkness is a crusader and a bit of a daydreamer.


Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga (Japanese: Satoshi Hino / English: Chris Guerrero)

The series protagonist, Mononga was a simple salaryman who enjoyed playing the DMMORPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Game) Yggdrasil, and was the only remaining member of one of the game’s most successful guilds, Ainz Ooal Gown, at the time the game’s servers were due to be shut down. However, Momonga discovers that the game world has not vanished after it was supposed to end but has been recreated as an alternate reality where he is stuck in his avatar without the use of his in-game functions or the ability to log out. Changing his name to Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga decides to look for others like him and discover the truth behind the mystery.

Albedo (Japanese: Yumi Hara / English: Elizabeth Maxwell)

One of the most powerful NPCs in Nazarick and the overseer of the Floor of Guardians, Albedo takes the form of a beautiful woman with horns and angel wings. Due to the modifications Ainz made to her settings, Albedo has fallen deeply in love with him (much to Ainz’s consternation) and any perceived slight against her beloved sends her into a rage. She secretly desires that Ainz take back his original name of Momoga out of hatred for the other “Supreme Beings” who left their NPCs behind when they abandoned the game.

Shalltear Bloodfallen (Japanese: Sumire Uesaka / English: Felecia Angelle)

Shalltear Bloodfallen is the Guardian of floors 1, 2, and 3 of Nazarick and takes the form of a beautiful vampire girl. Like Albedo she is also in love with Ainz which causes a degree of tension between them though they have agreed to a kind of truce in sharing him even if they still vie for the top spot in his affections. Shalltear Bloodfallen is also the game’s most powerful floor guardian because of her optimizations in both magical fighting and close combat.

Aura Bella Fiora (Japanese: Emiri Kato / English: Jill Harris)

Twin sister of Mare, Dark Elf Aura Bella Fiora’s most distinctive trait is that each of her eyes is a different color. Dressed in male clothing due to a whim of her player, Aura guides the sixth floor of Nazarick along with her brother and in contrast to him has a cheerful, energetic disposition. Aura, a beast taming specialist, is armed with a long, bladed whip.

Mare Bello Fiore (Japanese: Yumi Uchiyama / English: Megan Shipman)

Mare guards the sixth floor of Nazarick along with his twin sister Aura. Like Aura, he has eyes of different colors and is dressed in a female style because of a player’s whim. Also a Dark Elf, Mare specializes in druid magic and is the opposite of his sister in terms of personality, shy and timid with emotionless eyes.

Demiurge (Japanese: Masayuki Kato / English: Jeff Johnson)

Demiurge is the Guardian of Nazarick’s seventh floor and takes the form of a demon wearing a suit and glasses, and has a long metallic tail on his behind. The most evil Guardian in Nazarick, Demiurge is fiendishly intelligent and actively enjoys watching the suffering of others even going so far as to commit heinous acts of experimentation on prisoners. Demiurge is also a chief strategist and gets on best with Mare who understands the dark side but has a rivalry with Sebas.

Cocytus (Japanese: Kenta Miyake / English: Bryan Massey)

Taking the form of a giant bipedal insect, Cocytus guards the fifth floor of Nazarick and is armed with the power of cryokinesis. Good friends with Nabaeral, Cocytus has the warrior spirit and respects anyone who feels the same.


Subaru Natsuki (Japanese: Yusuke Kobayashi / English: Sean Chiplock)

Subaru is a gamer who got sucked into an alternate world on his way home from the convenience store and fell in love with Emilia once he got there.

Emilia (Japanese: Rie Takahashi / English: Kayli Mills)

Emilia is a silver-haired, purple-eyed girl Subaru met in the alternate world. She is kind and good natured.

Rem (Japanese: Inori Minase / English: Brianna Knickerbocker)

Rem is the younger of two sisters working as maids at the Roswaal mansion.

Ram (Japanese: Rie Murakawa / English: Ryan Bartley)

Ram works as a maid alongside her twin sister Rem at Roswaal mansion.

Puck (Japanese: Yumi Uchiyama / English: Erica Mendez)

Puck is Emilia’s familiar who has taken the form of a cat.

Beatrice (Japanese: Satomi Arai / English: Kira Buckland)

Beatrice is in charge of the library at the Roswaal mansion. She likes puck but is fundamentally bad tempered and hates people.

Roswaal L. Mathers (Japanese: Takehito Koyasu / English: Ray Chase)

One of Lugunica’s most powerful mages, Roswaal L. Mathers is the patron of Subaru and the others.

Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya von Degurechaff (Japanese: Aoi Yuki / English: Monica Rial)

Tanya von Degurechaff is and officer in the Empire's Mages Division. Before being reincarnated into the alternate world, she was a cold-hearted salaryman.

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov (Visha) (Japanese: Saori Hayami / English: Jeannie Tirado)

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov (Visha) is a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army and a quiet person who loves to eat.

Matheus Johann Weiss (Japanese: Daiki Hamano)

Matheus Johan Weiss is the Vice Commander of the 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion. While he is a talented officer who can bring the squad together, he can also be too serious.

Vooren Glantz (Japanese: Yusuke Kobayashi)

Vooren Glantz is a member of the 203rd Flight Mage Battalion who, for good or ill, is an obedient young man.

Wilibald Koenig (Japanese: Jun Kasama)

Wilibald Koenig is a member of the 203rd Flight Mage Battalion. He may seem calm and collected but hides a great passion.

Rhiner Neumann (Japanese: Daichi Hayashi)

Rhiner Neumann is a member of the 203rd Flight Mage Battalion. He has a cheerful personality.

Erich von Rerugen (Japanese: Shinichiro Miki / English: J. Michael Tatum)

Erich von Rerugen is Lieutenant Colonel in the Imperial Army whose stomach hurts daily thinking about Tanya’s activities.

Kurt von Rudersdorf (Japanese: Tessho Genda / English: Greg Dulcie)

The Deputy Chief of Operations in the Imperial General Staff Office, Kurt von Rudersdorf is skilled at creating heroic, flexible military strategies.

Hans von Zettour (Japanese: Hochu Otsuka / English: Mark Stoddard)

The Deputy Chief of Logistics in the Imperial General Staff Office, Hans von Zettour is a realist calmly able to assess the battlefield situation.

International Streaming

  • Aniplus Asia (Southeast Asia)
  • Crunchyroll

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  • Original Creators: Carlo Zen (Saga of Tanya the Evil), Kugane Maruyama (Overlord), Natsume, Akatsuki (KonoSuba), Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:Zero)
  • Director/Scriptwriter: Minoru Ashina
  • Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Minoru Takehara
  • Animation Production: Studio Puyukai
  • Original Character Designers: Kurone Mishima (KonoSuba), Shinichirou Otsuka (Re:Zero), Shinobu Shinotsuki (Saga of Tanya the Evil), so-bin (Overlord)
  • Character Designer: Minoru Takehara
  • Chief Animation Director: Minoru Takehara
  • Art Director: Natsuko Tosugi
  • Art Setting: Natsuko Tosugi
  • Director of Photography: Jun'ichi Ōkubo
  • Music: Ruka Kawada
  • Music Production: Kadokawa
  • Sound Production: Magic Capsule
  • Production: Kadokawa
  • Animation Production: Studio Puyukai