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OtapediaSwamp Demon - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

The Swamp Demon (沼鬼) is a demon that first appeared during the main character Tanjiro Kamado’s first mission in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. He was kidnapping a young girl every night, which caused the Demon Slayer corps to notice. The Swamp Demon shows up in chapter 10 of the manga, and Episode 6 of the anime series. His Japanese voice actor is Ryohei Kimura, and voiced by Sean Chiplock in the English dub version.


The Swamp Demon has long dark hair, that extends on the sides turning a violet color. He has veins on his forehead and depending on the clone prominent horns poking out. His eyes are a crimson red without pupils, and dark eye bags. Dividing himself into three, each Demon differs from the other based on clothing and horns, however they all share similar shinobi attire.
On the upper center of the main body, has a single horn that protrudes. Wearing a long sleeved shinobi uniform with meshes on the wrist and neck. The second body has two horns, and one on each side of the forehead. His shinobi attire does not have any sleeves. The third body has three horns, with a shinobi garment sewn with meshes on the sides of the arms. Under the main Demon’s coat is where he would keep the collection of hairpins from his victims.


The Demon is divided into three separate entities, each containing an aspect of the original personality. The main Demon is calm, analytical, giving advice to others and suggesting another one of his bodies to calm down. He is a logical thinker, seen questioning Tanjiro’s relationship with Nezuko as her behavior is different from the usual demons.

The second Demon, has the same level of intelligence as the original but more susceptible to emotional changes. Becoming more vicious and impulsive as soon as given the chance.

The third Demon is devoid of intelligence, not able to articulate language and acting based on instinct following the main and second body.
Uniting the three Demons, is their love to kidnap young girls and their deep fear out of respect they have for Muzan Kibutsuji.

First Mission Arc

The Demon Slayer Corps Tanjiro gets his first assignment to head down to town and hunt down the Demon. He trusts in the narrative of Kazumi and the couple spends the whole day finding answers. It is not before the Demon becomes involved again that night. His Blood Devil Art is used by the Demon to pull another female into his swamp world. The smell is clearer, and Tanjiro can track it down to the exact spot where the Demon takes the girl underground. He stabs his sword into the earth causing the release of the pocket gate. Yet Tanjiro recognizes the kimono of the child and is able to pull her up.
However, the Demon reveals himself and in the process showing no intention in letting the female out of his grasp. Revealing another demon within the swamp, Tanjiro becomes outnumbered till Nezuko comes out of his box to fight.

The last living Swamp Demon rolls over and discovers Tanjiro has destroyed its other selves Tanjiro informed him he's given off an awful stench before telling him how many people he's abducted. The Demon tries to defend their acts by saying that he was murdering girls so they wouldn't be getting old and tasting poor. Angered, Tanjiro starts slicing the Demon's tongue out and moves on to the next issue.

Tanjiro squeezes his weapon around the Demon and drives him back into a wall. He demands to know all of the demon's knowledge about Muzan. Nevertheless, Tanjiro wasn't prepared for the Demon's debilitating terror in response to the question. He cowers to his knees and trembles, saying he can't say much.


  • Swimming - The swamp demon’s terrain of choice is the swamp, which he creates to transport his victims. Able to move faster in water, he is able to move at unpredictable angles during combat.
  • Blood Demon Arts - A powerful demon who uses techniques obtained through the manipulation of his blood greatly varying in effect. Obtaining his powers from Muzan, he has the curse implanted in him where he is unable to speak ill of his master.
  • Swamp Space - Creating a space that manifests as a puddle in the normal world. This is an ability where the Swamp Demon is able to conjure up a pocket swamp where he is able to navigate through freely. He uses this space to perform kidnappings without anyone realizing. Although the puddle is enough to fit one person, the interior of the space is far larger in size, and contains the properties of a swamp.
  • Split Self - Able to split himself into three separate bodies. These split entities are distinguished by their characteristics and personalities. They all have the same amount of strength as the original, but the intelligence differs from the main body. This gives the swamp demon the ability to overwhelm his targets through a number advantage.


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