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OtapediaSusamaru - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Susamaru (朱紗丸) is a young looking girl who plays by throwing a ball, and speaks in an old fashioned dialect. She is one of the antagonist Demons who attacks Tanjiro in Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. She shows up with the Demon Yahaba, as they partnered up before the mission. Susamaru is voiced in the original Japanese by Mikako Komatsu, and Sarah Anne Williams in the English dub. Her manga debut is in Chapter 14, and Episode 8 of the anime series.

“Let’s continue playing until morning, until we get tired!”
—Susamaru to Tanjiro


Susamaru appears as a young girl with pale skin and bright yellow colored eyes with narrow pupils. She has shoulder length hair that is trimmed at the ends with an orange hue, and short straight bangs that rise above her eyebrows.

She wears a bright orange kimono that shortens at the thighs with a scale-like patterned red and yellow obi wrapped around it. Covering her Kimono, she wears a black Hakama that shortens above her waist allowing her to move freely. Under her black kimono and hakama, when she joins the battle, she takes them both off, exposing a slim sash that covers her arms. While she normally has an average frame, her muscles are visibly more rigid while battling seriously. Additionally, she is able to develop two new pairs of arms (totaling 6 arms) that come from around her shoulders and torso.


She is shown as carefree, always smiling and sometimes laughing during battle. Contrast to her partner Yahaba, she has an immature attitude towards life. Before turning into a demon, she was a young child who played with Temari balls for fun. Muzan Kibutsuji implanted her to become a Demon with the desire to become one of the Twelve Kizuki ordering her to kill enemies. Susamaru only desires to please her master and enjoy herself at the same time.

Asakusa Arc

In the Asakusa Arc, Susamaru and her partner, Yahaba are walking the streets of the busy city searching for a route to their next destination. While Yahaba uses his Blood Demon Art to track the footsteps of a Demon Slayer carrying a big box. Susamaru walking beside him, tosses her temari ball as she leads.

Yahaba discovers that the Demon Slayer is being pursued by others. Excited at the thought of killing her next target, Susamaru wonders how they're going to destroy them. Yahaba responded that, of course, they had to kill them vindictively for Lord Kibutsuji, much like Susamaru. Susamaru leads her partner to an unseen house concealed behind a false wall.
Susamaru uses her temari to break the seal that protects the house. Having tracked down their opponent, Susamaru agrees with Yahaba that they must brutally destroy everything in sight. Using Yahaba's arrows to direct her temari balls, Susamaru breaks apart the house piece by piece. Her temari breaks through the walls, the floor, and the roof of the building.

The five of them get into a conflict, Susamaru using her temari’s as her main form of attack. The Temari Demon carries on attacking Nezuko, but this time Nezuko is able to deflect the balls with her feet. Susamaru, frustrated, calls Nezuko a brat and confronts her directly. As they're tossing the temari back and forth at incredible speeds, Nezuko proves she's growing stronger by the second by being able to kick the ball back so fast and strong that Susamaru can't afford to give it up. During the battle however, influenced by Tamayo’s demon art, she tells Tanjiro her master’s true name is Muzan and becomes cursed.

Nevertheless, having pronounced his name forcefully, Kibutsuji's spell takes hold of Susamaru, and three sinister arms emerge from the head. The weapons fully break Susamaru's body, leaving behind her eye. Tamayo notes that her eye is not labelled with a number, meaning that she is not truly one of the Twelve Demon Moons that they were searching for.
Tamayo takes a drop of Susamaru's blood while Tanjiro hears a vague voice calling for one of the temari balls. Tanjiro returns to her, the temari lamenting the fact that Muzan tricked Susamaru into believing that she was one of the Twelve Demon Moons, forcing her to fight until her last breath. At the end the sun rises and the remnants of the Temari Demon are completely disintegrated in the sunlight.


  • Enhanced Strength: - Susamaru has incredible physical strength, which compliments her fighting style that involves using her limbs to throw or kick extremely dense Temari balls.
  • Shapeshifting: - Susumaru uses her Demon powers to grow extra limbs. During her fight against Tanjiro, she grows two extra pairs of arms which she uses to throw multiple Temari balls.
  • Blood Demon Art: Playful Temari - She uses her blood demon art to conjure Temari balls, that she uses to throw or kick them at intense speeds.


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