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OtapediaAkaza - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Akaza (猗窩座 Akaza) is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, Upper Moon Three and was called Hakuji when he was human in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. In his Demon form, Akaza is a very muscular but a slim man with very pale skin. His body is covered in thick blue lines which are similar to the criminal tattoos he had when he was a human. He has three curved lines on each side of his face running through his eyes, as well as one straight line starting from the top of his head to the bridge of his nose. Each of his fingers and toes are also colored blue with orange nails. Akaza has short pink hair and yellow eyes with a blue colored sclera, the kanji for Upper Moon Three written onto his irises. Akaza wears a sleeveless light purple haori with a square pattern on the back and is cropped at his waist that is left open showing off his chest. He has white baggy pants rolled up to below his knees and is tied at his hips with a blue tie and red tassels. He goes barefoot and has large beads tied around his ankles.

As a human his looks were very similar, instead of pink his hair was black with pale blue eyes and wore a dark blue yukata. On each of his forearms he had three thick black lines showing that he was a criminal who stole.

"I thought he'd just get in the way between you and me."
—Akaza to Kyojuro, Demon Slayer Chapter 63


  • Race: Demon
  • Age: 18years (Physically) 200+years (Mentally)
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 63
  • Status: Deceased


Hakuji was born and raised in the slums by a sick father. Hakuji cared deeply for his father and pickpocketed to be able to pay for his father's medicine but he was caught three times. When he was caught he was marked with tattoos and beaten. He was only 11 years old but was able to endure the beating receiving the name 'Demon Child'. When Hakuji came back from being caught for the third time his father hung himself and left a letter saying he wanted Hakuji to live a rightful life and wouldn't accept medicine if it was earned by pickpocketing. In despair over his father's death he picks fights with everyone eventually being picked up by Keizo, a head of a dojo. He grows close to Keizo and his daughter Koyuki, who later becomes his fiance. The two are later poisoned by a kendo group who are frustrated they can’t beat him. In a rage Hakuji kills all 67 students with his bare hands. Muzan Kibutsuji appears wondering about the news of a Demon appearing that he has no knowledge of and turns Hakuji into a Demon. As Akaza, he loses his memory of being a human and becomes powerful enough to gain the status of Upper Moon Three. He is then beheaded by Tanjiro Kamado
and loses the will to fight after regaining his memories of his time as a human and dies.


Akaza is a powerful Demon who respected strength and enjoyed fighting, especially strong Demon Slayers. If the Demon Slayers were particularly strong then out of respect for their strength and thinking it was a waste of their talents would offer to turn them into Demons. On the other side he had no respect for the weak. Looking down on them and even trying to kill the weak and injured ones first thinking they would get in the way of his fight with stronger foes. Akaza did not get along with the Upper Moons thinking of them as rivals and lashing out at them, swearing to kill them.

As a human, Hakuji was stubborn but had a big heart, wanting to become stronger to be able to protect his loved ones. Even after becoming a Demon and losing his memories as a human parts of Hakuji’s thoughts stayed influencing him to not eat or kill women despite knowing it would make him stronger.

Skills and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Even as a human he was able to single handedly kill 67 people with his bare fists.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Hakuji, at the age of 11 he endured beatings that could make a grown man go numb, earning the title of ‘Demon Child’.
  • Enhanced Speed: Being a Demon all his abilities were enhanced including his speed, moving so fast it was hard for Tanjiro Kamado
    to follow his movements.
  • **Enhanced Regeneration: Akaza possessed incredible regeneration, being able to survive even after having his head cut off and regenerating a new one.
  • Soryu Style (素流式 Soryu Shiki): A barefisted martial arts style taught to him by Keizo while he was human which he used to kill the 67 kenjutsu students with ease mangling their bodies.
  • Blood Demon Art (血鬼術 Kekkijutsu): Technique Deployment (術式展開 Jutsushiki Tenkai): After deploying his technique, Akaza uses his ability to create various shock wave attacks. He can also track his opponents by tracing their bloodlust.
  • Destructive Kill (破壊殺 Hakai Satsu): A type of Martial arts, hand to hand combat.
  • Compass Needle (羅針 Rashin): Deploying a compass underneath him with numbers from 1 to 10. It can detect all incoming attacks by sensing battle spirit.
  • Void Style (空式 Kushiki): Akaza punches the air creating a powerful shockwave.
  • War Style (乱式 Ranshiki): Akaza punches in front of him, creating shockwaves that fly forward.
  • Obliteration Style (滅式 Messhiki): An explosive forward jump followed by a punch.
  • Leg Style: Cap Tip Slice (脚式 冠先割 Kiyakushiki: Kamuro Saki Ware): A reverse, rising axe kick he uses to attack behind himself.
  • Leg Style: Flowing Light Flash (脚式 流閃群光 Kiyakushiki: Riyusengunko): Multiple kicks which produce powerful shockwaves.
  • Leg Style: Ring of a Thousand Flying Planets (脚式 飛遊星干輪 Kiyakushiki: Hiyuseisenrin): Rapid kicks that hit an opponent from below.
  • Leg Style: Dual Layered Demon Wick (脚式 灼骨炎陽 Kiyakushiki: Shiyatsu Kotsuenyo): Akaza punches rapidly with both arms at once, each making powerful shockwaves.
  • Crush Style: Willow of a Thousand Flashes (砕式 万葉閃柳 Saishiki: Manyosen Yanagi): A powerful downward punch that delivers a large shockwave into the ground, causing massive damage to the ground.
  • End Style: Chaotic Blue Metal Afterglow (終式 青銀乱残光 Syushiki: Aoginranzanko): Strong and fast blows that attack from every direction at once almost randomly, creating sharp shockwaves.


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