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Wakuraba (病葉) was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, having held the position of Lower Moon Three in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series


Wakuraba was a man of medium height of smooth, grayish-white skin, with three broad, cross-shaped scars carved into his cheeks, and the middle of his forehead, and distinctly pointed ears. His eyes were large and bright with orange irises, the' Lower Moon Three' kanji engraved on his chest, as well as thick, black hair and a widows peak. Wakuraba wore a flat, bamboo-colored yukata with a pinstripe design, a piece of dark fabric around his waist and a lighter one around his back, as well as two golden hoop earrings in each ear and a pair of wooden black straps zori.


From those in the Lower Moons, Wakuraba has been shown as among the most dedicated to Muzan Kibutsuji. After Muzan's public execution of two of his Lower Moons colleagues, he was just thinking of improving himself to live up to Muzan's requirements and winning back his support. Yet Wakuraba tended to believe in life-preservation above all else, and was not simply fanatically devoted to Muzan. He didn't want him to kill while simply following his lord's instructions clearly, running away when he discovered that Muzan had no intention of allowing any of the Lower Moons go alive.


Muzan emerges before them in his female form after all of the other Lower Moons join together at the secret Castle location. With obvious disinterest he looks at them and tells them to lower their heads and bow down before him. Mukago one of the lower twelve, utters after Muzan, that she's sorry she was asked to sit, because she didn't recognize Muzan in his present form. Muzan aggressively demands if she talks without authorization, asking her to quiet herself, and not to answer, unless she has asked a question explicitly. While she cowers at her knees in terror, Muzan goes on to explain Rui's passing, the only Lower Moon who wasn't among those assembled before him, and tells the remaining Demons why they are so frail.

Muzan is lecturing them on how to be in the ranks of the Twelve Demon Moons is not the end; it's just the beginning of what is to come. He explains that their primary purpose is to collect blood so that they can be useful to him. Muzan answers aggressively that hundreds of years have elapsed since the Upper Moons were last replaced, yet the Lower Moons are continuously being updated, to which Kamanue assumes that. Capable of reading the thoughts of those with whom he has exchanged blood, Muzan aggressively tells Kamanue why they couldn't be telling that, extending his arm into a tentacle to catch the Lower Moon by his throat and raise him into the air. Kamanue attempts to apologise but Muzan consumes everything immediately while Wakuraba and the majority of the Lower Moons keep their heads down in shocked silence.
First, Wakuraba considers to himself that he will also be destroyed, and he has to do more to preserve his place as a Lower Moon, and, at the same moment, Mukago talks about how she runs from the very presence of a Pillar each time.

Muzan expresses both of their feelings loudly, and a frightened Mukago exclaims that what she feels is not valid, and that she is going to fight for him with her life on the line. Muzan asks her why she doubts what he was doing, and as Mukago starts to apologise and sob, she is smashed into the dirt by another bout of Muzan's tentacles and murdered.

Wakuraba instantly expects the worst, surprised by the death of his peer, and decides that if he wanted to keep his future, it would be better to try to run away and leave than remain. He dashes at a high speed out of the place and Enmu admits to himself that this has been a dumb move to make because Muzan is going to kill him any way. This theory turned out to be right, because Wakuraba's head is easily cut off, so quickly it leaves him questioning how he even perished in his last few moments.

Abilities and Powers

  • Demon Abilities - The powers and skill of Wakuraba are unclear as a Demon, but it can be concluded that he had superior power to that of an ordinary Demon, and that he was greater than Rui, Kamanue, and Mukago because he got a higher, Lower Moon placement than they.
  • Growth potential - The power of a single Demon depends almost entirely as to how many humans they have killed, and they could also grow stronger by consuming extra blood through Muzan, which is how the Twelve Demon Moons acquired their immense strength. Though, certain Demons have a restriction on how much they can use to grow stronger, and may not be comfortable with a greater amount of
  • Immortality - Demons embody eternal life and can live for generations, if they are incredibly strong, sometimes even longer. They can not die by conventional methods, but can be killed by light from the sun or at one of the unique Nichirin Blades of the Demon Slayer Corps. Muzan's blood.
  • Regeneration - As one of the Lower Moons, he received a larger quantity of Muzan's blood compared to an average Demon, which then presumably gave him superior regenerative power in comparison to them. However, he did not possess the necessary power to regrow his body after being decapitated by Muzan.
  • Enhanced Speed - As seen by his attempt to escape from the Dimensional Infinity Fortress, Wakuraba possessed great physical speed.


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