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OtapediaSeason 2 - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

There has been no official news or announcement on the release date of Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Season 2. However, there is a film called Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train scheduled to premier in 2020 that carries on from where the anime Season 1 left off before the released of the second season. The movie covers the “Demon Train” Arc from the manga, Chapters 53 to 66.

Story Arcs

Currently there are 11 arcs in the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga. The list of arcs are shown below.

1. Final Selection Arc
Manga Chapters 1 to 9 or anime Episodes 1 to 5. The first Arc focuses on Tanjiro’s training with Sakonji Urokodaki for the Demon Slayer Corps’s Final Selection after his family was slaughtered and his sister turned into a demon.

2. First Mission Arc
Manga Chapters 10 to 13 or anime Episodes 6 to 7. After passing the Final Selection and becoming a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro is sent to his first mission, where young girls disappear at night.

3. Asakusa Arc
Manga Chapter 14 to 19 or anime Episodes 8 to 10. Tanjiro arrives at Asakusa for his next mission. While there, he encounters Muzan Kibutsuji, the leader of the demon group. Tanjiro must defeat two Demons sent by Muzan.

3. Drum House Arc
Manga Chapters 20 to 27 or anime Episodes 11 to 14. For their next mission, Tanjiro and Zenitsu arrive at the Demon mansion. There they meet a 3rd Demon Slayer, Inosuke Hashibara.

4. Natagumo Mountain Arc
Manga Chapters 28 to 44 or anime Episodes 15 to 21. The group arrives at Natagumo Mountain where they must fight the Spider Family. One of these Demons is also a member of the Twelve Demon Moons.

5. Functional Recovery Training Arc
Manga Chapters 45 to 52 or anime Episodes 22 to 26. After the fight with one of the Twelve Demon Moons, Tanjiro and the group are at the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters. They must do Rehabilitation Training to rebuild their stamina.

6. Demon Train Arc
Manga Chapters 53 to 66.

7. Entertainment District Arc
Manga Chapters 67 to 99.

8. Swordsmith Village Arc
Manga Chapters 100 to 127.

9. Pillar Training Arc
Manga Chapters 128 to 136.

10. Dimensional Infinity Fortress Arc
Manga Chapters 137 to 193.

The anime season 1 covers the Final Selection Arc through the Functional Recovery Training Arc.

Demon Slayers

  • Tanjiro Kamado - the main protagonist of the series. One day, his family was slaughtered by a demon. The sole survivor is his sister, Nezuko, however, she had been turned into a Demon. In order to turn his sister back to human, Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer and joins the Demon Slayer Corp.
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma - a member of the Demon Slayer Corp who passed the same selection as Tanjiro. He has low self-esteem and is often described as a coward, despite having incredible strength. He uses the Breath of Thunder Style and is Tanjiro’s travel companion.
  • Inosuke Hashibara - also a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and passed the same selection as Tanjiro and Zenitsu. He has a muscular build and wears a boar head to cover his face. He uses the Breath of the Beast, an original Breath Style.
  • Kanao Tsuyuri - a Demon Slayer who passed the same selection as Tanjiro. An adoptive sister of Kanae Kocho and Shinobu Kocho. User of the Breath of Flower style.
  • Genya Shinazugawa - the final (5th) member who passed the same Demon Slayer Selection as Tanjiro. Younger brother of the Wind Pillar, Sanemi Shinazugawa.


  • Giyu Tomioka - The Water Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps and a user of the Breath of Water Style. He is the man who told Tanjiro to become a Demon Slayer in order to find a way to return his sister back to a human.
  • Mitsuri Kanroji - The Love Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps; user of the Breath of Love Style.
  • Obanai Iguro - The Serpent Pillar; user of the Breath of Serpent Style.
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa - The Wind Pillar; user of the Bread of Wind Style. Genya’s older brother.
  • Gyomei Himejima - The Rock Pillar; user of the Breath of Rock Style.
  • Kyojuro Rengoku - The Flame Pillar; user of the Breath of Flame Style.
  • Tengen Uzui - The Sound Pillar; user of the Breath of Sound Style.
  • Muichiro Tokito - The Mist Pillar; user of the Breath of Mist Style.
  • Shinobu Kocho - The Insect Pillar; user of the Breath of Insect Style.


  • Nezuko - one of the main protagonists and Tanjiro’s little sister. She was a human, but one day she was attacked and turned into a demon. Even though she is a demon, she can control herself and does not require human blood to survive.
  • Muzan Kibutsuji - the leader of the Twelve Demon Moons and other Demons. He is the first Demon to exist and was responsible for slaughtering Tanjiro’s family and turning Nezuko into a Demon.
  • Tamayo - a skilled doctor who was turned into a Demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Her impressive medical and pharmaceutical skills allowed her to undo Muzan’s curse and alter her body to survive with a small amount of human blood. Her Blood Demon Arts can create illusions and control other minds. She works with Tanjiro to defeat Muzan and find a way to turn demons back to humans.
  • Yushiro - a boy who was turned into a Demon by Tamayo. He is Tamayo’s travel companion.

Japanese Voice Actors

  • Natsuki Hanae - Tanjiro Kamado.
  • Hiro Shimono - Zenitsu Agatsuma.
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka - Inosuke Hashibara.
  • Reina Ueda - Kanao Tsuyuri.
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto - Genya Shinazugawa.
  • Takahiro Sakurai - Giyu Tomioka.
  • Satoshi Hino - Kyojuro Rengoku.
  • Katsuyuki Konishi - Tengen Uzui.
  • Kana Hanazawa - Mitsuri Kanroji.
  • Kengo Kawanishi - Muichiro Tokitou.
  • Tomokazu Sugita - Gyomei Himejima.
  • Kenichi Suzumura - Obanai Iguro.
  • Tomokazu Seki - Sanemi Shinazagawa.
  • Saori Hayami - Shinobu Kocho.
  • Akari Kito - Nezuko Kamado.
  • Toshihiko Seki - Muzan Kibutsuji.
  • Maaya Sakamoto - Tamayo.
  • Daiki Yamashita - Yushiro.


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