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OtapediaGyutaro - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Gyutaro (妓夫太郎 Gyutaro) is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons and shared the position of Upper Moon Six in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. He also shared the same body as his sister Daki and was the stronger of the two. Gyutaro is a large man with pale grey skin and black dots and mist shaped marks appearing all over his body. He has short wavy hair which starts out black then fades to a lime green. His sclera are an unnatural colour of yellow and his irises are dark green with the kanji for Upper Moon Six written on. His body, although large and muscular becomes extremely skinny at his waist with his pelvis sticking out in a weird angle. Gyutaro wears no shirt and only has on a pair of baggy blue pants as well as a long red cloth wrapped loosely around his arms and neck. As a human his appearance was said to be very ugly. He was dirty and smelly, since he had no way to clean himself he was always covered in fleas and bullied for his ugliness.

”Crying’s not gonna help, at least attach your own head yourself.”
—Gyutaro to Daki, Demon Slayer Chapter 85


  • Race: Demon
  • Age: 100+years (mentally)
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 85
  • Status: Deceased


Gyutaro was born in Rashoumongashi, the Red Light District's lowest caste area where sick prostitutes were left to die since they couldn't work anymore. His mother was mentally ill and tried many times to kill herself and him and despite his weak body he survived the abuse. Since he was ugly, dirty, and everything vile, he was detested and looked down upon. When his younger sister Ume was born something changed inside of him. His mother died from illness and he raised Ume himself, she was incredibly beautiful and quickly became his pride and joy so he worked hard to protect her. Once he realised he was good at fighting he became a debt collector and enjoyed the feeling of being feared because of his ugliness. His sense of inferiority disappeared and his ugliness became his pride. He felt like they could both gain a better life until Ume turned 12. His sister stabbed the eye of a samurai and blinded him while he was away working. Since Gyutaro wasn't present to protect her, she was then tied up and burned alive and left to die in a ditch. When Gyutaro found the still alive burnt body he became overwhelmed in rage and killed the samurai and brothel owner who caused Ume to be burnt. Gyutaro then carried his sister’s burnt body around town searching for help which never came causing him to collapse in exhaustion. The pair were then found by the Upper Moon Six of the time Doma who offered to help by turning them into Demons. After becoming a Demon Gyutaro grew strong enough to kill and eat fifteen Pillars and gained the attention of Muzan Kibutsuji who allowed them to join the Twelve Demon Moons. When he fights with Tanjiro Kamado he realises [Nezuko] is his like his Demon sister and offers to turn Tanjiro Kamado into a Demon as well. Tanjiro Kamado refuses and with the help of the other Demon Slayers he manages to behead both Daki and Gyutaro at the same time causing their deaths.


Gyutaro's memories as a human was spotty in some places but he remembers living a life of poverty and misfortune leading him to be extremely jealous of anybody with a better life than him. He sarcastically complements a person's physical traits while burning with envy and starts to inflict abuse onto himself, seen when he starts scratching his face and body so hard he starts to bleed. He cares for his little sister, Daki, and states that he will kill anyone who tries to bully her, thinking that it was unforgivable that his cute little sister was in any pain. Although he is seen speaking harshly to his sister it is only because he genuinely cares for her and wishes her to live a better life which he believes she could’ve had.

Skills and Abilities

  • Enhanced Regeneration: Like all Demons, Gyutaro also has a high regeneration ability. After receiving more of Muzan Kibutsuji's blood when becoming Upper Moon Six it further strengthened this ability, allowing him to adapt to powerful wisteria flower based poisons and easily regrow lost limbs in seconds.
  • Cell Merging: Gyutaro can merge his own body with his younger sister Daki, which then enhances her own abilities and powers.
  • Psychic Connection: Gyutaro possesses the ability to create a psychic connection with his younger sister Daki by detaching and implanting one of his own eyes into her forehead. This allows him to fight while manipulating his sister. By processing the large amount of information gained from himself and his sister he can make precise decisions while fighting.
  • Flesh Sickles: Gyutaro is able to detach his own flesh and blood and shape it into the form of a pair of dual scythes which he then uses in battle. When he uses his weapons with his Blood Demon Arts, it increases their effectiveness since his blood sickles are full of deadly poison.
  • Blood Demon Arts (血鬼術 Kekkijutsu):
  • Splatter Sickle (飛び血鎌 Tobi Chigama): Gyutaro releases multiple slashes of blood from his sickles which are just like many thin blades. He can manipulate the blades freely making the slashes of blood continue to track its target until it explodes.
  • Rampant Arches of Evil (跋扈跳梁 Bakko Chouryou): Gyutaro slashes downwards rapidly in all directions, creating a dome of blood blades that surround him and defend from incoming attacks.
  • Round Slashes of Death・Splatter Sickle (円斬旋回・飛び血鎌 Enzansenkai・Tobi Chigama): Gyutaro releases blood blades that have a large attack range without having to move his arms.


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