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OtapediaYushiro - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Yushiro (愈史郎) is a Demon that is shown to be close to Tamayo, Yushiro also allies with the main protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. Yushiro has been in love with Tamayo for over 200 years, and is willing to do anything to protect her. To an obsessive extent, he will attack and insult anyone who comes in between them. Yushiro was a human being in Tamayo's guidance, as she worked as a medical practitioner. He was in a weakened condition battling an illness when Tamayo offered him the option to surrender to his sickness or survive as a Demon for longer. Ever since he decided to become a Demon, he has since served alongside Tamayo working as an advisor as well as her protector. He is voiced in Japanese by Daiki Yamashita and Kyle McCarley in the English Dub of the series. Yushiro first debuted with Tamayo in Chapter 14 in the manga and Episode 8 in the anime.

“I really hate when someone stands between me and spending time with you”
—Yushiro to Tamayo


He has the appearance of a young boy with pale skin and lavender eyes. His hair is styled in a short cut with bangs that curve to the side. The color of which shading from pale green at the roots to black at the ends. Yushiro is seen wearing a button up shirt and white kimono over navy colored pants.


He shows undying loyalty to Tamayo, the doctor and Demon that saved him. Selfish and short tempered, in his first appearance he holds an arrogant attitude looking down on those around him. Even easily insulting Nezuko in front of Tanjiro with a scowl on his face. However, when speaking or admiring Tamayo, his expression takes a complete turn showing a different side. He admires Tamayo and is in love with her. When others get too personal to Tamayo he avoids them, showing even the smallest bit of desire towards her, he perceives them to be criticizing her. As Tanjiro says that all the Demons have a hard time controlling their appetite to feast on people, he seems to be offended, questioning Tanjiro whether he assumed all the Demons were that bloodthirsty to him. Given this, he will show respect for others, because he took back his statement that Nezuko was an eyesore and found her attractive and also covering Tanjiro's mouth to keep him from inhaling Tamayo's perfume, which is toxic to humans. He has dexterous hands, and made the dagger which is able to automatically collect a Demon's blood to Tanjiro.

Amakusa Arc

In the Amakusa Arc, Yushiro is the first to recognize the Demons, Susamaru and Yahaba as they strike the house and when Susamaru's handball crashes through the wall, he instinctively goes to protect Tamayo. Yet his head is stripped off just after he learns that Muzan's underlings are the Demons. As Tanjiro is battling the two demons Tamayo is protecting his body while Yushiro is developing his head anew. Yushiro starts yelling about how the tougher it is to mask the more people are covered beneath his Blood Demon Art. He even mentions the dislike against other interfering between him and Tamayo.

Yushiro and Tamayo get struck by the ball several times before he asks Tanjiro to stop the movements of the arrow projectiles. Eventually helping Tanjiro see the invisible arrows by assisting him with a talisman created using his blood Demon art.


  • Demon Abilities - Being a Demon, Yashiro has enhanced regeneration, strength, and agility. Yushiro is a Demon of unknown energy, even though he has lived for a long time by the side of Tamayo, he himself a deceptively powerful demon that could seriously threaten Muzan’s existence, it is believed that Yushiro is also a capable warrior. But Yushiro, for his part, is more of a support combatant, helping others with his powers to discern invisible things using his demon art, or otherwise masking the presence of his allies outside battle.
  • Medical Knowledge - Being Tamayo's assistant, Yushiro is also a medical expert who is familiar with her unique methods and medications. He was able to bring back the almost dead Tanjiro to his strength, allowing him to get back into fighting.
  • Blood Demon Art: Blindfold - (目隠し) Granting the ability to mask or give sight to the presence of something using a paper talisman. He uses this talisman on Tanjiro to bestow him the ability to see Yahaba’s hidden arrows. On the other hand, using the paper talisman he can hide the entrance to Lady Tamayo’s mansion in Asakusa to an extent but mentions himself that his blindfold technique is incomplete.
  • Mind Control - To an extent Yushiro is able to put an individual using his blindfold under hypnosis and take control of them. When this Mind Control is used on Demons, he can take control of their techniques and abilities.This control that Yushiro has over his targets are on both mental and physical levels. During a contest with Muzan over Nakime, both parties were in a fight as they wrestled for command over her body. Through Nakime, Yushiro was able to impressively fight against Muzan and absorb his cells. Implying Yushiro manipulates his victims on a cellular level, however he needs to be nearby in a closer proximity to his target to control them.


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