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OtapediaDaki - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Daki (堕姫 Daki), her kanji having the meaning of fallen princess was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons and shared the position of Upper Moon Six with Gyutaro who she also shared a body with in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. When she was masquerading as an oiran her stage name was warabihime. During her time as a human she was called Ume. Daki is first seen as the oiran warabihime and has long black hair tied into an elaborate updo with many hair pins. She wears a fancy kimono with a long flower patterned obi which is tied at the front. Since she is hiding her Demon form we see her as a beautiful young lady with typical oiran makeup that further enhances her beauty. When she turns into her Demon form she gains pink and purple flower shaped Demon marks on her cheek and forehead. Her black hair turns silver which fades into lime green and her eyes, also lime green in color gain the kanji for Upper Moon Six. When she is fighting, rather than wearing a heavy kimono she wears very little material. She fights in an outfit that would most likely be her undergarments as well as her flower patterned obi tied around her stomach which she uses to fight.

"If you make any noise, I'll crush your innards into smithereens!"
—Daki to Makio, Demon Slayer Chapter 73


  • Race: Demon
  • Age: 100+years (Mentally)
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 73
  • Status: Deceased


Daki was born in Rashoumongashi, the Red Light District's lowest caste area where sick prostitutes, geisha, etc. were sent and left to die since they couldn't work anymore. She was given the name Ume and was an extremely beautiful girl. Ume was raised by her older brother Gyutaro since her mother was mentally unstable and ended up dying due to illness while she was still young. Since Ume was incredibly beautiful she was scouted to work in one of the most prestigious brothels in the area. She was then taught proper education and and skills to become a proper oiran. At the age of 12 her success all came to an end when she stabbed the eye of a samurai while her brother was away working. Since her brother wasn't present to protect her, she was then tied up and burned alive and left to die in a ditch. Her brother then carried her burnt body around town searching for help. The pair were then found by the Upper Moon Six of the time Doma who offered to help by turning them into Demons. After becoming a Demon Daki grew strong enough to kill and eat seven Pillars and gained the attention of Muzan Kibutsuji who allowed them to join the Twelve Demon Moons. She later dies after being beheaded by Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira.


Daki is prideful and becomes extremely angered when ordered by other people. When she was a human she had an honest personality that was easy to influence causing her to become very harsh like her older brother, following his words of ‘take before you’re taken and collect’. She is very uncaring and cruel to the people around, causing some of the other oirans to get into accidents and even bullying them to death. Since she is extremely harsh to those lower than her she is greatly feared by the other workers. The only two people she really cares for are Muzan Kibutsuji and her older brother. She shows deep respect for Muzan Kibutsuji immediately falling into a bow when he appears. Although she cares and loves her brother she is seen insulting and blaming him at times when things aren't going well. Despite living for many hundred of years she is sometimes very childish and is seen throwing tantrums. When Tengen Uzui cuts off her head and doesn’t believe that she is Upper Moon Six she starts crying and whines to her brother to come and help her.

Skills and Abilities

  • Enhanced Regeneration: Like all Demons, Daki has a high regeneration ability able to regrow her cut of sashes in seconds. Since she is Upper Moon Six she would’ve received blood from Muzan Kibutsuji meaning her regeneration rate is greatly enhanced.
  • Sash Detachments: Daki can create sentient sash detachments from her own body. They are able to think for themselves and communicate with the main body even when they are apart, as seen when she sent the sashes to guard and protect her storehouse and when she created another living sash to monitor Hinatsuru who she suspected was a spy.
  • Shapeshifting: Daki has the ability to morph and change her neck to have the properties of a cloth sash. She transformed her neck into a long sash to avoid being decapitated by Tanjiro Kamado.
  • Cell Merging: Daki can merge her body with her older brother Gyutaro, which in turn enhanced her own abilities.
  • Psychic Connection: Daki has the ability to share her senses and mind with her elder brother and allowing him to control her body by implanting one of his eyes into her forehead. She sends him information through this link in order to coordinate their attacks. At the same time, this ability also enhances all of Daki's own abilities and enhances her own sense of sight, due to being implanted with one of her brothers own eyes. This is seen when she was able to easily keep up with Zenitsu Agatsuma while he was using his Breath of Thunder Techniques.
  • Blood Demon Art (血鬼術 Kekkijutsu): Daki's Blood Demon Arts are all mostly based on her power to create and grow flexible, sharp sash like tentacles from her own body. These sashes are noted to possess the sharpness of swords but still retain the flexibility of cloth.
  • Multilayered Sash Slash (八重帯斬り Yae Obigiri): Daki creates multiple simultaneous sash attacks in order to cut her opponent.


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