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OtapediaHand Demon - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

The Hand Demon (手鬼) is a notorious demon known in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. The Hand Demon is known to have killed thirteen of Sakonji Urokodaki’s apprentices, most notably Sabito and Makomo. Covered in multiple arms, even using hands to stand he became known as the Hand demon. 47 years before the story takes place, he was captured by Sakonji Urokodaki. Voiced in Japanese by Takehito Koyasu, and in the English dub version by Kirk Thornton. The Hand Demon first debuted in Chapter 6 of the manga, and Episode 4 of the anime series.

“The Era!! The Era has Changed!”
—Hand Demon, Demon slayer episode 4


He appears as large, veiny, with olive green skin and red fingernails. His bright yellow eyes have cross hatch shaped pupils, and overall hulking appearance. Before growing in size, he used to look like a normal Demon. He has multiple thick arms, and a hidden mouth under his arms. He developed many arms, and his mouth of jagged teeth was notably enormous. He developed so many arms that he was not only forced to stop wearing his clothing, but instead to shield himself usings his hands, even started using his hands to balance on a form of handstand to walk.


The Hand Demon is ruthless and bears a grudge against humans, mercilessly attacking and killing those who flee. Notably having a great hatred towards Sakonji Urokodaki for cursing him and trapping him in the wisteria prison, he vowed to kill all of his apprentices. The Hand Demon is also sadistic, describing how he murdered the children to Tanjiro Kamado. In spite of his merciless ability to kill, he is afraid of death, covering his entire body in hands to protect himself.
However his past showed that he was a scared child showing that he only wanted his older brother to hold his hand. Allowing Tanjiro to hold his hand during his final moments, shedding tears of gratitude.


The Hand Demon was turned by Kibutsuji Muzan into a Demon during the Keio period of the Edo Period and proceeded to kill and eat at least one human, that being his elder brother. A young Sakonji Urokodaki soon tracked him down and seized him, and imprisoned him on Fujikasane Mountain to serve as one of the Demons of hindrance to the final selection. He carries Urokodaki's strong hatred for denying him of his dignity, which has kept him going through the years, murdering all the Urokodaki disciples he might discover. He was ultimately vanquished during the Final Selection Arc by Tanjiro Kamado.

Final Selection Arc

The Hand Demon threatens several possible Demon Slayers, murdering and attacking each. The aforementioned Demon, manipulating his limb-based body structure, extends out a limb to nab the unfortunate soul, only to have it dislodged by Tanjiro's Water Wheel technique. The Demon takes note of his invader, and mentions that he was another "cute fox” revealing that he was familiar with the mask Tanjiro is seen wearing from somewhere.

The Hand Demon reaches out toward him with several of its arms, only for Tanjiro to avoid them at the last second. The cunning Demon then tries to catch his opponent off-guard with a surprise attack from below ground as his limbs are removed too by Tanjiro’s katana. This is also side stepped, but the unfazed demon extends to the falling youth a massive arm, which is counteracted by a firm headbutt. Indicating that he has no more hands to use, the frantic Demon decides to strengthen the defenses around his neck, after moments later Tanjiro's unleashes his Breath of Water based attack.

As the blow hits, the Hand Demon notices it is making the same sound as the one Sakonji had, crying out the name of Sakonji in terrified rage. The strike bypasses the many-handed adversary entirely reaching the head, while the Demon panics about his nearing demise. Thinking Tanjiro will gaze upon him with contempt as he dies, he's surprised to see the eyes of the youth lined with sadness instead. The Demon raises an arm to his foe, who politely clasps it, hoping that when he reincarnates, he will never again become a Demon weeping as he remembered his life, the Demon Hand disintegrates into emptiness.


  • Shapeshift: Has the ability to grow countless arms and is able to manipulate them freely. The hands are able to stretch and have the power to attack opponents at a distance, even from underground to surprise the target. Due to consuming many opponents after surviving for a long time, the hand demon grew in size.
  • Hardening: Confident in the hardness of his neck, which was able to block against Sabito’s blade breaking his katana. Counter attacking and defeating the apprentice of Sakonji.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Similar to others of the Demon race, the Hand Demon is able to regenerate itself indefinitely. Only by being beheaded to a Demon slayer’s katana or exposure to sunlight is able to kill him.


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