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OtapediaKyogai - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Known as the Drum Demon (鼓の鬼) was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons holding the position of the lower moons until he was kicked out for being to weak. He makes his debut in Chapter 20 in the manga, and Episode 11 of the anime. The Drum Demon faces against Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke, and Zenitsu during the Drum House Arc in Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer Voiced in japanese by Junichi Suwabe, and Steve Blum in english.

Kyogai was known to be a writer, focusing on his talent for writing. He was lectured by an unknown individual over the quality of his writings after becoming a Demon, stating that he was bored and didn’t have the skills to teach people. Eventually losing the ability to eat humans, which caused him to search for humans possessing rare blood. Before able to eat the humans, he is stopped by the Tongue Demon and the Horned Demon living in the same mansion who dislodged the drum on his back.


He has the look of a human with black hair like a devil, exhibits grayish skin and has razor-like teeth. His eyes are crimson red blood and dark blue circles and he has concealed his irises while he pulls his eyes up to the back of his head, covering the kanji for number six. He has the unique physical characteristic of drums protruding from his neck, arms, thighs, front arm, and back.


Kyogai was playing the drum on his left shoulder while Tanjiro Kamado and his party visited an unconscious boy tossed out of the Drum Room. He walked by the space where Tanjiro and Teruko were in, irritated by the existence of all the invaders in his area, slamming the drum on his right shoulder as the former tried to attack him, which shifted the room's direction. Upon Inosuke Hashibira's entrance, the Drum Demon immediately hit his right shoulder, then again, his adversary skillfully held his composure and used the remaining two as footholds. Kyogai pounded the drum twice on his stomach while Tanjiro and Inosuke quarreled, each cycle initiating a slicing assault like claw attack. He then pounded his shoulder drums constantly, leaving his rivals to float in a disorganized heap. When he walked in Inosuke's path, he was taken to various rooms, along with everybody else.

Kyogai elsewhere was concerned with collecting "rare blood," his right eyeball moving forward to show that he once belonged to the Twelve Demon Moons. In the midst of his roaming he happened to Tanjiro, hitting a drum to turn the space upside down, struck another to unleash his claw strike, along with a slew of others to immobilize his foe. Threateningly he groaned when Tanjiro got up, considering the combination of different and old injuries.

Continuing to hit his drums to drive his Demon Slayer opponent away from him, Kyogai's childhood experiences forced him to crack, activate his Rapid Drumming strategy, and ignite a vortex of effects. This attempt proved futile, apart from a scratch on the cheek, Tanjiro evaded a series of papers that dropped from a rack on the wall, which shocked the former Demon Moon. Despite his continuing slash attacks and further changes in room alignment, Kyogai's opponent continued to close on him and then some Breath of Water technique. The former Demon Moon was also shocked when, before being dismembered, Tanjiro praised his Blood Demon Art. He asked the youth if he really felt his methods were effective, which was true, but he was told it was inexcusable to eat humans. Kyogai faded into oblivion and remembered how Tanjiro had seen the meaning in all his efforts, tears streaming down his face.


For a Demon Kyogai, is quiet and serious, murmuring about whatever upsets him. If someone barges into his house, he eliminates anybody who gets in his way. When overly annoyed, Kyogai will raise his voice over the frustration, and taunt his enemies.
Kyogai first became a Demon and claimed that the blood of Kibitsuji would render him far more powerful. His power, though, only became powerful to some degree incapable of gaining strength by consuming more men. He was cast out by his master for this failure, and thrown out of the Twelve Demon Moons group. In order to appeal to his master and prove his worth, he became fascinated with drinking a special type of blood, named the "Marechi."

In reality Kyogai just wishes to be appreciated for his abilities. Just trying to enjoy his writing with men, and was saddened when told to give up on it. He is trying to prove something like this to the Twelve Demon Moons, to save himself from embarrassment. Tanjiro realizes his ability that helps Kyogai's spirit to rest peacefully.


  • Blood Demon Art - Kyogai is a Demon, and uses a demon technique that revolves around using his body and various drums that have effects on his mansion.
  • Drumming - The blood Demon art of Kyogai centers around free manipulation and control of the room within his castle. He is able to flip the space he's in from left to right by pounding his left and right shoulder drums. His right leg keeps things moving forward while his left leg backwards and a 3 slash assault is triggered by the drum on his arm. The one on his back teleports him to another manor house.
  • Rapid Drumming - By increasing the speed of his drumming techniques, his powers increases from a three slash attack to five.


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