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OtapediaKanao Tsuyuri - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Kanao Tsuyuri (栗花落カナヲ) is a talented young female demon slayer in Kimetsu no Yaiba ( Demon Slayer) series. A mysterious girl who always smiles calmly, but rarely talks on her own accord, and is often hard to grasp her emotions. She was first introduced as a quiet young girl gazing at a butterfly showing no interest or emotions after passing the final selection. She learned to utilize the breathing technique by imitating her peers, quickly learning the total concentrating breathing, easily surpassing the final selection with a purely overwhelming fighting power. Because of this, she was one of the five to survive the final selection. She is the adoptive sister of Kanae Kocho and Shinobu Kocho, the former tsuguko of the latter sister.

“As long as it’s given a chance, a person’s soul will open up, so don’t worry”
—Kanae Kocho to Kanao Tsuyuri, Demon Slayer


  • Age: 16
  • Height: 156cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Birthday: May 19 (Given by Shinobu)
  • Birthplace: Mukojima
  • Hobby: Blowing bubbles
  • Favorite Foods: Blue colored, Ramune
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 6
  • Anime Debut Episode 4
  • Japanese Voice Actor: Reina Ueda


Kanao is a youthful little girl that has large gentle eyes with irises that go from pink to lilac. She has long black hair tied with a butterfly pin fastened into a ponytail to the right side. Her bangs are made up into a straight fringe covering her straight eyebrows, and chin length side bangs that curve down from above her ears.

Wearing a white cloak above her demon slayer uniform, and a knee length skirt instead of a hakama. As Kanao reappears after the Entertainment District Arc events, her look changes when she avoids wearing a white cape and opts instead to wear only her simple Demon Slayer outfit. Kanao's hair still appears to have changed colour after her fight with Doma, because the tips now turn from black to purple. After the battle, Kanao starts wearing Shinobu Kocho's hairpin instead of Kanae's as the latter is broken as a result of her combat, and she also loses the ability to see out of her right eye as she uses the final form of Breath of Flower to defeat the Upper Moon.


Due to her traumatic past, she has an indecisive and quiet personality. She is seen gazing at a butterfly, ignoring the other participants during the Final Selection. Calm and collected, she has repressed her emotions to the point where she is unable to make decisions by herself. Kanao continued to show no feeling or desire for years. Notwithstanding that, after seeing what the demons did to the loved ones of Aoi, Kiyo, and Shinobu, Kanao developed a strong dislike of demons purely out of her own will. Shinobu originally ordered Kanao to quickly cut off the heads of the demon without hesitation, because Kanao had no desire of her own. In order to fix this problem, she uses a coin flip to decide her path when she isn’t sure of what to do. When Tanjiro approached her to say farewell, she repeatedly replied “goodbye” in a mechanical manner, and eventually used the coin to decide her fate. Ultimately, however, Kanao still established her own determination to fight. Despite her apparent lack of emotion or ambition, Kanao ignored the desires of Shinobu and Kanae and took the final decision of her own volition, which would mean that her will had begun to improve.


  • Enhanced Eyesight - Possessing sharp eyesight, her eyesight is at the level to accurately predict attacks based on subtle movements in the opponent's shifts in the muscles. She is able to easily dodge attacks and counter during battle. She is able to further enhance her eyes by using a special technique involving full concentration breathing which Kanao uses to further increase her already incredible reaction speed.
  • Vermillion Eye - A unique technique which only Kanao Tsuyuri can perform. A strategy that improves Kanao's traveling visual acuity by converging the blood flow with "full concentration breathing", which stimulates physical functions to the eyeballs. The adversary's movements tend to be slow-motion when used. Since the intentional over-secretion of chemicals in the brain is pushed into an emergency state, time itself seems to be prolonged. It is inferred it is possible to take the immense benefit of having a more precise time of attack with the super-fast reaction obtained by this state. It goes without saying, though, that the pressure on Kana's optic nerve is also massive, and the retinal blood vessels widen to the point of bursting, as well as the optic disc gets stained with vermilion. Because of this the probability of blindness increases in proportion to the technique's time of use.
  • Full Focus Breaths - Mastered the ability to remain in total breath concentration for over 24 hours. Living in the butterfly's estate with the hashira Shinobu Kocho, she spends most of her time focusing on training.
  • Breath of the Flower - (花の呼吸) As the successor to Shinobu and personally trained by Shinobu and Kanae, she possesses exceptional talent in combat. Breath of flower is a style derived from the breath of the water.


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