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OtapediaNakime - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Nakime (鳴女 Nakime) or the mysterious Biwa demon (琵琶鬼 Biwa Oni) is a Demon who lives in the Dimensional Infinity Fortress which Muzan Kibutsuji uses as his base of operations in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. She was originally a Demon who called other Demons into the fortress on Muzan Kibutsuji orders but after Hantengu dies she becomes the new Upper Moon Four of the Twelve Demon Moons.

When Nakime first appears, she is seen as a young woman with long dark brown hair and long bangs which ended past her chin, covering her eyes. There are no obvious changes to her body showcasing that she is a Demon apart from her sickly pale grey skin and slightly pointed, blue nails. She wears a plain back kimono with a white lining, her obi being a brown and tan striped pattern and tied in a way that her ribbon is long. She is always seen with her wooden biwa which she uses as her main weapon. Since her face is covered the first time she appears the most noticeable feature of her is the bright red lips which is a clear contrast to her pale skin and dark hair. After she becomes Upper Moon Four her long hair is now spread like large tree roots onto the wall behind her and she moves her bangs to the side, giving her a middle parting. We can now see that she has only one large eye in the middle of her face. Her eye is colored pink with the kanji for Upper Moon Four written on her iris. The upper portion of her face is covered in large veins surrounding her large single eye.

"He has not arrived yet."
—Nakime to Akaza, Demon Slayer Chapter 98


  • Race: Demon
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 51
  • Anime Debut: Episode 26
  • Status: Deceased


Nothing is known about her past as a human but she first appears inside the Dimensional Infinity Fortress strumming her biwa to summon the Lower Moons. She is once again seen strumming her biwa to summon the Upper Moons to a meeting when Upper Moon Six Daki and Gyutaro dies. We can see parts of her personality as a cold and straightforward woman, only responding when asked a question and answering as short as possible. She next appears as the new Upper Moon Four replacing the deadHantengu, using her improved Blood Demon Arts to locate the positions and hideouts of the Demon Slayers. She manages to locate Kagaya Ubuyashiki's mansion allowing Muzan Kibutsuji to meet him, causing the rest of the Demon Slayers to arrive and transports them all into the Dimensional Infinity Fortress. She is later seen battling Obanai Iguro and Mitsuri Kanroji who can't land any attacks on her because of her Demon Blood Art which allows her to control the environment. She is then controlled by Yushiro who uses his mental powers to make her change the environment to be suitable for the Demon Slayers. Muzan Kibutsuji then tries to take back control but realises he can't while fighting the [pillars] at the same time and decides to kill Nakime by destroying her head, before he is put to more disadvantages.


Nakime was a very mysterious character, when she first appeared she didn't speak a word, merely strumming her biwa to summon the Lower Moons for a meeting. She makes no reaction whatsoever when Muzan Kibutsuji starts killing all the Lower Moons and she does not display any sort of jealousy when Lower Moon One Enmu receives blood from Muzan Kibutsuji. She shows very little emotion and only speaks when necessary. When talking she is always straight to the point and blunt, cutting off Upper Moon Two Doma when he was inviting her. Although she wasn't even a Lower Moon she seems to understand Muzan Kibutsuji’s thoughts without him speaking, transporting the other Twelve Demon Moons as well as himself to places without being prompted. Towards Muzan Kibutsuji she shows great respect, stating that she is very honored when he praises her on the growth of her power.

Skills and Abilities

  • Blood Demon Arts (血鬼術 Kekkijutsu): Dimensional Infinity Fortress (異空間無限城 Ikukan Mugen Jo): Even though Nakime's Blood Demon Art wasn't a combat orientated one when compared to the rest of the Upper Moons, her ability was still very strong. In some ways, although her attack power wasn’t as high it was more useful than the Upper Moons as Muzan Kibutsuji used the Dimensional Infinity Fortress as his base of operations since she alone could control and manipulate the entire fortress at will like it was one of her limbs.
  • Fortress Manipulation: Nakime possessed the ability to manipulate and control a seemingly infinite multidimensional fortress just by strumming her biwa. She was capable of bringing anyone she wanted into the fortress and could create entrances and exits anywhere she desired. After spreading her hair like a tree root onto a nearby wall inside the fortress, she could control the fortress's positioning as she liked. In exchange for rooting her into one place she became immobile, making her an easy target but since she could shift and change the positioning of various rooms and walls it made her very difficult to kill.
  • Eye Detachment: Later, after becoming Upper Moon Four and receiving more blood from Muzan Kibutsuji, she displayed the new ability to create and detach several eyeballs from her body. This power allowed her to spy on others from within the fortress. With this new ability, she was able to successfully find and locate the positions of nearly all members of the Demon Slayer Corps as well as the hidden mansion of Kagaya Ubuyashiki.


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