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The Pillars (sometimes called Hashira) in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series are the nine most powerful swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps. The term “hashira” itself translates to pillar as well, often referring to the type of pole used to hold or support a building or other structure -- which is exactly what the Pillars do. The members of the Pillars are what hold up the Demon Slayer Corps. Within the Demon Slayer Corps there are hundreds of members, but the Pillars are a special elite group.

”Those who are lower status than the Pillars may be killed at a frightening rate but they are different. The Pillars are the one sustaining the Demon Slayers.”
—Narration, Demon Slayer Chapter 45

The Demon Slayer Corps is an organisation that was formed by the Ubuyashiki family sometime after Muzan Kibutsuji became a Demon during the heian period (794 to 1185). Muzan Kibutsuji is related to the Ubuyashiki family, so when he turned into a Demon their family was cursed and many died due to illness. The current head of the Ubuyashiki family went to see a priest who told them they would have to kill the Demon to be able to get rid of the curse. The Ubuyashiki family then dedicated their lives towards killing Muzan Kibutsuji and formed the Demon Slayer Corps. Although they are an organisation with a very long history they aren't officially recognised by the government. Their missions are always done covertly without the aid of other organizations outside of the Corps.

To be able to join the Demon Slayer Corps and become a Demon Slayer, a person must first pass the Final Selection. This test is used as an entrance exam and it is possible that the examinee could die. During the selection, they must survive for seven days and seven nights on a mountain with hostile Demons wandering about without the help from anyone from the outside world. After surviving for seven days, they then have to pay the cost for the Demon Slayer uniform, have their body measured and their ranks engraved, and then finally choose the ore that will be used to forge their Nichirin blade. The ore then gets sent to the hidden blacksmith village, where it takes about ten to fifteen days to be completed. These special blades are forged using Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore, which are unique metals that have absorbed sunlight and are mined from the highest mountains that are closest to the sun. The Nichirin blades are also called the Color Changing Swords, since the color of the blade changes depending on each individual owner. However, after the blade has changed color, it will not change again, even if a different person wields it. Lastly, each member of the Demon Slayer Corps is given a Kasugai Crow, which is used for communication and reporting/exchanging information.

Known Pillars

  • Kanae Kocho: Former Flower Pillar
  • Shinjuro Rengoku: Former Flame Pillar
  • Sakonji Urokodaki: Former Water Pillar
  • Jigoro Kuwajima: Former Thunder Pillar


Each of the Pillars have enough strength to single handedly kill a Lower Moon Demon. They all greatly respect their leader Kagaya Ubuyashiki (often referred to as “Oyakata-sama”, or Master by the Pillars), the 97th leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, as they kneel to greet him when he arrives at their meetings. The first Pillar to speak and greet him has the right to be the spokesperson for the rest of the meeting. The Pillars and the head of the Corps gather once every six months for a “Pillar Meeting”, where they discuss various problems and their future paths.


There are two known methods stated on how to become a Pillar. A record of fifty Demon kills is required, but by slaying one of the Twelve Demon Moons fulfills the requirement. This type of effort requires almost five years worth of training, though the exceptionally talented might take only two or so years to do so. For example Muichiro Tokito became a Pillar only two months after picking up the sword.

All Pillars have mastered their own breath style, allowing them to each become a master swordsman with the ability to do Total Concentration Breathing all day and night -- even while they are asleep. This gives them the power, stamina, and reflexes needed to fight strong Demons. The Pillars are each assigned a specific area that they are required to patrol. Their patrolling includes gathering information about the Demons and improving their swordsmanship. It has been noted that Demon Slayers who are able to use the Breath of Flames and the Breath of Water -- the major Breaths -- have become Pillars in every era.

There is also the possibility of becoming a Tsuguko (Successor) like Kanao Tsuyuri. A Pillar has the right to choose anyone, with no restriction on the number, to become their successor. To be able to become a Tsuguko, however, the person has to be quite talented to be able to catch the eye of a Pillar. The Tsuguko will be personally trained by the Pillar, allowing them to gain more strength with the expectation that they will become the next Pillar.

Ranks Within the Demon Slayers Corps

  • 10th: Mizunoto
  • 9th: Mizunoe
  • 8th: Kanoto
  • 7th: Kanoe
  • 6th: Tsuchinoto
  • 5th: Tsuchinoe
  • 4th: Hinoto
  • 3rd: Hinoe
  • 2nd: Kinoto
  • 1st: Kinoe


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