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OtapediaDoma - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Doma is a member of the Twelve Demon Moons and is Upper Moon Two in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. Doma has a muscular, toned body which is easily seen by his skin-tight red turtleneck with blood dripping patterns. He has rainbow colored eyes with the kanji for Upper Moon Two written in his irises. His spiky hair is around shoulder length and is a silvery gold color. He is sometimes seen with a black and gold crown-like hat and a black coat. He also wears loose tan colored pants with a pinstripe design. He is also usually seen with a pair of sharp gold fans engraved with a lotus design, which he uses as his primary weapon.

"Wassup wassup? How pitiful, I'm a nice guy, so I can't just leave you alone."
—Doma to Gyutaro, Demon Slayer Chapter 96


  • Race: Demon
  • Age: Physically 20, mentally 100+
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 96
  • Status: Deceased


Doma was born with beautiful and rare rainbow colored eyes. Because of this unusual trait, his parents thought that he was able to hear the voices of God and was groomed to be the religious leader of the Eternal Paradise Cult, a position that he held until his death. When he was a child, his mother became crazy and stabbed his father to death because of the many affairs his father had. His mother then committed suicide by poisoning herself right in front of him. Despite these gruesome sights he only felt annoyed by the mess and the smell of blood, wanting to clean his room before the bad smell stuck. For not one moment did he feel sad over the death of his parents. When he became 20 he met Muzan Kibutsuji who transformed him into a Demon.

As a Demon, Doma becomes stronger by feasting on many, many female humans who, according to Doma, better to eat because they have many nutrients inside them that are used to nurture babies. We first see Doma when he is still the Upper Moon Six while he is in the middle of eating a geisha. Later he becomes even stronger and rises to the position of Upper Moon Two. He dies because of the lethal amount of poison he absorbed through Shinobu Kocho’s body followed by Kanao Tsuyuri beheading him. After dying he is seen in some sort of afterlife talking to Shinobu Kocho, where he displays his first human emotions of love, developing feelings towards Shinobu Kocho.


Doma is always smiling and acts very friendly, but this cheerful, caring nature is simply a facade. He states that he cares for his fellow Upper Moons and even cries when he learns that Akaza died, though, in fact, he doesn't feel anything for them. Even when he was human, Doma didn't feel any type of human emotion. He was aware that this fact was abnormal and compensated for it by lying and learning to fake his emotions, making him able to trick many people. He doesn't appear to feel pain, though he sometimes seems to desire it, showing some masochistic tendencies. When he was asking Muzan Kibutsuji what sort of punishment he should be given for his failure, he seems to show some excitement when considering the possibilities.

Skills and Abilities

  • Enhanced Regeneration: When Akaza punched off both his lower jaw and his upper head and he swiftly regenerated himself with no effort, even stating the fatal attack to be a friendly gesture.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Doma never once showed the slightest bit of pain, discomfort and panic at being wounded. He stayed nonchalant, calm and continued fighting or talking as though nothing happened.
  • Absorption: Doma is able to completely absorb and devour an entire human body without eating them, having completely broken down and incorporated Shinobu Kocho's body into his own within only a few seconds after killing her.
  • Blood Demon Art: Mostly attacks which create and produce ice and frost using his own flesh and blood.
  • Wilted Hanging Garden: Doma moves his fans producing numerous attacks which move rapidly to create gusts of razor-sharp attacks.
  • Freezing Fog: A gust of wind made by Doma's fan which created a cloud of ice particles, freezing objects that come into contact with it including the lungs if it was inhaled.
  • Lotus Ice: Doma creates various ice lotuses to attack or ensnare his opponent.
  • Scattering Lotuses: Doma makes several slashes of snowfall and ice to tear through his opponent's flesh.
  • Arctic White Princesses: Doma creates two female humanoid figures out of ice that blow cold wind, similar to Freezing Fog, but with a much larger and wider range.
  • Wintry Icicles: Doma creates multiple ice spears to impale his target from far away.
  • Lotus Vines: Doma creates a blizzard of lotus petal shaped shards of ice which tears his opponents to shreds.
  • Crystal Prince: Doma produces miniature ice replicas of himself to battle his opponents. He is able to make three at once and all of them possess the same power as Doma himself and are capable of using any of his Blood Demon Arts.
  • Hoarfrost・Waterlily Bodhisattva: Doma's strongest Blood Demon Art. He creates a large Bodhisattva ice statue to attack and destroy his targets. The statue is capable of creating powerful cold gushes of wind, easily freezing someone to death.


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