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OtapediaSpider Demon Family - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

The Spider Demon Family are a group of Demons from the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. They are an anomaly because normally Demons are known not to form groups. While they considered themselves a family the clan was at best highly dysfunctional and at worst abusive and sadistic within their own relatives, usually committing torturous forms of maltreatment. There was little sign of true love or trust among its members and as Tanjiro Kamado put it, it was a false bond reeking with mistrust, anger and fear.


A clan of Spider demons residing in Natagumo Mountain. Led and created by the Lower moon five Rui, of the Twelve Demon Moons. They are the main antagonists in the Natagumo Mountain Arc in the series. Each member of his clan is pressured to serve a particular role of a family in keeping with the idea of what Rui considers to be a family. Father and mother are meant to protect their children and give their life while their youngest brother is shielded by the older brother and sister. That is what Rui truly believes makes a person in these sacrificial situations. Rui claimed that these sacrificial-like positions were what actually made up a family, and did not understand at all the idea of family love that a true family shares with each other. He pressures members of his family to go along with these positions by using fear, humiliation, and coercion to make them subordinate to him, causing Rui to conclude that the toxic relationships formed by this approach were a real and strong "bond" between them.

Certain family members included the eldest Sister, younger brother, younger brother, and younger sister before they “perished”. When they refused or failed to meet the expectations of their role within the family, they were personally disposed of by Rui.

Spider Demon Family

  • Father Spider Demon(父) - He is physically the largest of the spider “family”. His skin dark brown, and face resembling a spider with several eyes with spider pincers on both of his cheeks. He seems to be the most devoted to his role as a father when battling Tanjiro and Inosuke. Repeatedly telling them to stay away from his family. Shown to be abusive towards the “wife” without stating his reasons for doing so. During combat, he possesses the ability to metamorph by shedding his outer skin into becoming more powerful. In this form, his physical power and regeneration is increased, also becoming more durable compared to his original form. The father spider demon faces against Tanjiro and Inosuke, who is later saved by Giyu.

  • Mother Spider Demon(母) - The mother Spider Demon has milky white skin, long eyelashes, voluptuous body and teal colored nails. She wears a lengthy kimono exposing her chest and tied with a patterned obi. Being abused by the “Husband” spider demon, and developing a fear for Rui, she fully embraced death by Tanjiro. She is revealed to be the youngest demon of the family and coping with her previous memories as a human. In combat, she utilizes spiders by attaching her victims with spiders threads and forcing her targets to move however she wants like a marionette. Bringing out the full physical power of her controlled puppets, she uses this ability to even control the corpse of a former demon to fight.

  • Older Brother Spider Demon(兄) - The older Spider Demon brother takes the form of a giant spider, with a human head. He has the same facial characteristics as his father, having red spots on white skin. His pupils are a gleaming dark scleras teal. His real nature is shown to be sadistic, taunting the physical abuse the Demon was placed through by the mother spider Snarky. He loves being part of the spider family while talking to his non real "family."
    The older brother's method of combat is unorthodox, utilizing his poison to strike his objectives. He also shows the ability of using his poison to turn humans into spiders. The humans turned to spiders lose their intelligence, only retaining their human head, and become subservient to the master. This demon fights against Zenitsu when he comes to the mountain in order to save Nezuko.
  • Older Sister Spider Demon(姉) - She was originally a lone demon who decided to team up with Rui to survive out of fear of the Demon Slayers. Her physical characteristics are identical to those of Rui, since she has a pale white skin complexion that suits her eyes. Her eyes are completely white with gray pupils and have a red dot compared to the rest of the family. This look is entirely different from her original state, which has been shown to be physically transformed by Rui as a prerequisite for becoming part of the spider family. She is shown to be afraid of her "family," frequently avoiding conflict when her "father" abused her "mother."
    She uses a technique that entangles her targets in a cocoon filled with acidic fluids. Dissolving the clothes of the victim and eventually the target, consuming them afterwards. She is caught running away by Shinobu, and even tries to talk her way out of her unfavorable situation unsuccessfully.


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