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Rider of Black (Astolfo) - Fate


Astolfo is the Rider-class Servant of the Black Faction, and the Servant of Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia and later Sieg during the Great Holy Grail War depicted in Fate/Apocrypha. He is one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne and is said to be the most handsome among them. During his past life, he was an adventurer who traveled the world collecting treasures. Many legends were created based on his exploits.

Astolfo is very optimistic and joyful, and fully enjoys the pleasures of the world, choosing to often remain in physical form when not in battle. He tends to make decisions in the moment based on his heart and feelings rather than what the end result will be for him. He has a close relationship with Sieg and helps him to escape the castle. He later becomes his Servant after his Master, Celenike, is killed by Mordred.


Astolfo has an androgenous appearance and is often confused for a girl. He dresses in fancy garb that includes a white mantle, black top, and armored skirt. He enjoys dressing like a girl because he likes things that are cute. He has light pink shoulder-length hair with a long braid that runs down his back and is adorned in ribbons. He also has a distinctive yaeba tooth that peeks out of his mouth.


Similar to a typical Rider-class Servant, Astolfo doesn’t have any defining abilities and relies on his Noble Phantasms in battle. As a Servant and one of Charlemagne’s paladins, his strength is considered weak.

Noble Phantasms

La Black Luna: Anti-Army class. Also known as Magic Flute That Calls Panic. A large hunting horn given to Astolfo by the good witch Logistilla of Avalon. It emits a powerful sound that knocks enemies back with the force of an explosion over a wide area. Its form is regularly a small horn that Astloflo wears on his belt but it increases in size when he activates it.

Casseur de Logistille: Anti-Unit (Self) class. Also known as Destruction Declaration. A thick leather tome of magic also given to Astolfo by the witch Logistilla, it has the ability to protect the user by negating any magecraft. However, Astolfo normally doesn’t remember its true name in order to activate it unless it is a moonless night.

Trap of Argalia: Anti-Unit class. Also known as Down with a Touch! An ornate golden lance originally belonging to Argalia which Astolfo came across during one of his exploits. Though not as powerful as other Noble Phantasms, it is able to dematerialize the part of a Servant’s body that it hits and return it to spirit form.

Hippogriff: Anti-Army class. Also known as Otherworldly Phantom Horse. A Phantasmal Beast that is a cross between a griffin and a mare, the Hippogriff is Astolfo’s mount. Aside from being swift and agile, it has a powerful demolishing attack and is able to dimension shift in short bursts due to its nature as an impossible creature that should not exist.


Astolfo is summoned by Celenike to fight for her in the Great Holy Grail War, and he wastes no time in trying to get to know everyone in the Black Faction. Later, he finds an escaped homunculus boy (who would eventually take on the name Sieg) and helps to hide him away from the others. With help from Archer of Black (Chiron), he is able to heal Sieg. He takes compassion on Sieg and vows to help him achieve his freedom. After a battle with members of the Red Faction, he returns to the castle while the others are busy and sneaks Sieg out. However, as they are escaping through the woods they are found by a Master of Black, Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia, who accidently kills Sieg. With help from Siegfried, however, Sieg’s life is restored and Jeanne takes him under her custody. The Black Faction finds out of Astolfo’s activities and he is punished by his Master, who enjoys violating him in depraved ways.

He is later released and takes part in attacking the Hanging Gardens, though he is shot down by its defenses. He also battles against Saber of Red (Mordred) but is outclassed by her and is saved by Sieg. Not long after, however, Celenike shows up and uses a Command Seal to order him to kill Sieg. He tries to fight against the command but cannot. Before he can complete the command, however, Mordred appears and kills Celenike. With his Master gone, Astolfo makes a new pact with Sieg and becomes his Servant.

After the Greater Grail is stolen by Shirou, he and Sieg join Sisigou, Mordred, and the Yggdmillennias to battle against him. Using his Noble Phantasm Casseur de Logistille, he is able to protect them on their approach to the Hanging Gardens and goes on to take out the Gardens’ defenses. During their assault on the Gardens, he is given one of Achilles’ Noble Phantasms, which he later uses to save Sieg during his battle with Lancer of Red (Karna). He and Sieg then race on his Hippogriff to find Jeanne, who has gone after Shirou, but he is caught in a trap and Sieg goes on without him. After Sieg defeats Shirou, he awakens with Sieg inside the Greater Grail. With his final command, Sieg orders Astolfo to go and bring joy to the world.

Other Appearances

Aside from Fate/Apocrypha, Astolfo appears in several other works within the Fate universe including Fate/Grand Order as the Servant of Ritsuka Fujimaru, Fate/Extella Link as the Servant of Hakuno Kishinami, and Capsule Servant.

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