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OtapediaPIckles the Frog: The Color of Feeling

Alternate Titles

かえるのピクルス - きもちのいろ -
Kaeru no Pickles - Kimochi no Iro -


A heartwarming, soothing, cheerful story about Pickles the Frog and his many friends and daily adventures.


Pickles the Frog: The Color of Feeling is an anime based on Nakajima Corporation's "Pickles the Frog" character. It is being directed by Yukinobu Asai at Sunny Gapen and features character designs by Natsuko Echizen and scripts by Touko Machida. The anime also features a star-studded voice cast featuring 50 vocal stars including Masako Ikeda, Megumi Okina, Miku Kanemura, Naoto Kine, Subaru Kimura, Hiroki Nanami, Akari Nibu, Megumi Hayashibara, Saori Hayami, Hiroko Moriguchi, and Miho Watanabe. It premiered in Japan on Oct. 4 on BS12 and will run for 12 episodes. Each episode is 2 minutes in length.


Opening Theme Song: “Hopping On” by Naoto Kine

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Official Info


  • Director: Yukinobu Asai
  • Character Designer & Animator: Natsuko Echizen
  • Scriptwriter: Touko Machida
  • Animation Production: Sunny Gapen

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