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OtapediaOkami-san wa Taberaretai

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Tatsumi is a PE teacher unlucky in love who happens to save one of his female students, Hinako Okami, after she gets her skirt stolen by a rumored skirt-stealing bandit. Little does he know though that Hinako set the whole thing up to get closer to him! Hinako soon makes her feelings known through her aggressive advances, leaving him unsure of how to separate his responsibilities as a teacher with his private life, especially when Hinako won’t take no for an answer!


Okami-san wa Taberaretai began as a manga by Musubi Onigiri that is serialized as a webcomic on ComicFesta. The anime adaptation was announced online in 2019. It is being directed by Kazuhiro Toda at studio Peak Hunt with character designs by Kei Sankaku and costume designs by LAZZ who is also credited as the chief animation director. The anime premiered in Japan on Sep. 6 on Tokyo MX and ran for three 15-minute episodes.


Tatsumi Okazu (Voiced by: Yo Suzushiro)
Height: 183 cm
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: 7/1
Tatsumi is a passionate PE teacher who is liked by students. He is ignorant in the ways of romance and becomes overwhelmed by Hinako’s assertiveness. Rei is his friend and confidant.

Hinako Okami (Voiced by: Iroha Haruno)
Height: 152 cm
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: 3/13
Hinako is a female student with a cool, lone-wolf type of personality. She tends to act out due to Tatsumi taking such a liking to her.

Rei Kobayama (Voiced by: Kazuma Hoshino)
Height: 174 cm
Blood Type: AB
Birthdate: 4/7
Rei is a mysterious school nurse. Tatsumi bothers him every time something happens.


Ending Theme Song: "Koi no Okami" by Saki Hazuki

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Official Info


  • Original Creator: Musubi Onigiri
  • Director: Kazuhiro Toda
  • Character Designer: Kei Sankaku
  • Chief Animation Director: LAZZ
  • Art Director: Mame
  • Color Design: Saku Suzuki
  • Costume Design: LAZZ
  • Director of Photography: Mito Kanda
  • Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Sound Production: Studio Mausu
  • Production: Suiseisha
  • Animation Production: Peak Hunt

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