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OtapediaKing's Raid: Successors of the Will

Alternate Titles

キングスレイド 意志を継ぐものたち
King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugu Monotachi


A hundred years ago, Demon King Angmund was defeated by King Kyle, bringing an age of peace to the Kingdom of Orvelia. However, demons are now reappearing around the world. Kasel is an apprentice knight whose friend Clause is sent to investigate one such appearance, but he never returns. Kasel, along with a team of allies, is sent by Great Sage Dominicus to find Clause and recover a sealed holy sword that can save the kingdom.


King's Raid: Successors of the Will is based on the popular free-to-play RPG mobile game King’s Raid created by South Korean indie game developer Vespa. The anime adaptation was announced in April 2020. It features a different story than the game and several new characters, with the voice cast from the game reprising their roles. It is directed by Makoto Hoshino with series composition by Megumi Shimizu, character designs by Tatsuya Arai , music by Masahiro Tokuda, and animation by OLM and Sunrise Beyond. It premiered in Japan on Oct. 2 on TV Tokyo. The anime will run for 26 episodes and has been picked up by Funimation who is streaming it in North America and the British Isles.


Kasel Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa)
An apprentice knight with the Kingdom of Orvelia, Kasel trains day and night to become strong and able to protect everyone. He grew up with Frey and Clause and feels they are his family. He goes off on a quest to find Clause after he disappears.

Frey Voiced by: Ai Kakuma)
A priestess who serves the goddess Lua, Frey grew up with Kasel and Clause. She is tender-hearted and devoted to her religion. She accompanies Kasel on his quest to find Clause.

Cleo Voiced by: Ari Ozawa)
A Wizard of the Tower of the Sage, Cleo grew up under the tutelage of Dominicus and became a magical prodigy. She rarely leaves the tower and is a problem child who causes trouble. She accompanies Kasel and the others at the recommendation of Dominicus.

Wizard of the Tower of the Sage. Growing up under the wise man Dominix, she is a magical genius, but she has rarely lived outside the sage's tower and is a problem child who causes trouble every time. At the direction of the wise man Dominix, he departs with Carcel and others. It is full of expectations of the outside world that I have only seen in books.

Roi Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi)
Roi becomes Cleo’s escort after being asked by Dominicus. In the past, he belonged to a group of assassins but escaped the group for unknown reasons and lived in hiding. He is calm and highly observant of those around him.

Lihito (Voiced by: Ryota Suzuki)
The leader of Black Edge, a group of dark elf heroes, he and his soldiers help the Kingdom of Orvelia for the right price. However, deep down he has a hatred of Orvelians who oppressed his people and killed his parents, and he is on the hunt for revenge.

Lipine (Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjo)
Lihito’s sister and a member of Black Edge, Lipine, like her brother, has vowed revenge on the Orvelians who killed her parents and harbors a deep-seated hatred for them that rivals anyone else in Black Edge.

El Moriham (Voiced by: Shunsuke Sakuya)
An Orvelian aristocrat, El Moriham has lost his title of Chancellor and is fighting to get it back with help from Black Edge.

Clause Voiced by: Takuma Terashima)
A knight with the Kingdom of Orvelia, Clause is an honest man with a strong sense of justice who wants to protect everyone and is highly regarded by those in the kingdom. He grew up with Kasel and considers him his family. After a demon is spotted in the King’s Forest, he is sent to investigate but is yet to return.

Theo Voiced by: Shun Horie)
Theo is a knight who served the Principality of Gray 100 years ago and swore allegiance to Princess Jane Gray.

Dominicus Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu)
The Great Sage of Orberia and the Lord of the Tower of Sages, Dominicus is over 100 years old though still looks youthful due to his magical powers. He has a deep connection to King Kyle, the King of Orvelia from 100 years ago, and he participated in the battle of Demon King Angmund. He works to achieve world peace.

Marduk Voiced by: Kentaro Ito)
Marduk is a magician who has woken up from a 100-year sleep and whose goal is to revive the Demon King Angmund.

Kyle Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze)
Kyle was a wise and courageous king who ruled Orvelia a hundred years ago. He disappeared after the battle with Demon King Angmund.

Maria Voiced by: Sakura Nakamura)
Maria is a mysterious witch who appeared with the demons. She is cynical and has a hatred for the goddess Lua.

Scarlet Voiced by: Mitsuki Nakae)
Scarlet is the only daughter of the king of Orvelia and is the commander of the knights. Though a princess, she is courageous and doesn’t hesitate to ride into battle to protect the kingdom.

Demia Voiced by: Mika Kanda)
A female knight, Demia is powerful and dignified and is prepared to do any task for the kingdom or Princess Scarlet.

Pabel (Voiced by: Yuki Inoue)
A human wizard with the soul of an ice dragon, Pabel fought alongside King Kyle 100 years ago against Demon King Angmund, though he is much older than even that.

Azal (Voiced by: Taishi Murata)
A member of Black Edge, Azal is a dark elf who is emotional but a good mood maker.

Tam (Voiced by: Gen Sato)
A member of Black Edge, Tam is a sprightly dark elf boy.

Zukka (Voiced by: Yomu Tadokoro)
A member of Black Edge, Zukka is a dark elf who has a calm, quiet personality and protects those around him.

Kaura (Voiced by: Shinobu Matsumoto)
Kaura is an elder of the Orc Alliance with the power of lightning.

Lorraine Voiced by: Emi Hirayama)

Selene Voiced by: Juri Nagatsuma)

Jane Voiced by: Moe Toyota)

Elise Voiced by: Riho Iida)

Ophelia Voiced by: Takako Tanaka)

Reina Voiced by: Yuki Takada)


Opening Theme Song: "Legendary Future" by fripSide
Ending Theme Song: "Stick Out" by KOTOKO

International Streaming

Funimation (North America, British Isles)

Official Info


  • Original Creator: Vespa
  • Director: Makoto Hoshino
  • Series Composition: Megumi Shimizu
  • Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Tatsuya Arai
  • Monster Designer: Yu Yoshiyama
  • Art Directors: Shigemi Ikeda, Yukiko Maruyama
  • Color Design: Makiko Kojima
  • Director of Photography: Takeshi Hirooka
  • Editing: Naoki Watanabe
  • Music: Masahiro Tokuda
  • Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Animation Production: OLM, Sunrise Beyond

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