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In the near future, Earth is being ravaged by mysterious giant creatures known as “Huge” who threaten to wipe out humanity. In an effort to take out the “Huge,” the world has united and developed weapons to fight against them called “CHARM” (Counter Huge ARMs) through a combination of science and magic. Possessing the highest synchronization rate with CHARM and being the best candidates to wield them, teenage girls called “Lilies” are trained at “Garden” academies throughout the world in order to fight against the Huge and protect humanity from utter destruction.


Assault Lily Bouquet is an anime adaptation of the Assault Lily mixed-media franchise that began as a line of 1/12 scale action figures created by doll maker Azone International and the creative group acus, the theme of which centers around battles waged by beautiful girls with weapons. The anime is being directed by Shouji Saeki at studio Shaft and includes Keita Nagahara as the assistant director, character designs by Mieko Hosoi and Kazuya Shiotsuki, Kanta Suzuki as the action director, prop designs by Hiyori Denforword Akishino and Hiromichi Ishida, and music by Akito Matsuda.

The anime was originally scheduled to premiere in Japan in July 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It officially premiered in Japan on Oct. 1 on TBS TV, BS-TBS, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and other channels. It is available for streaming in Japan through Amazon Prime Video and is being streamed internationally through Funimation.


Riri Hitotsuyanagi (Voiced by: Hikaru Akao)
Due to losing her home to the Huge, Riri dreams of becoming a Lily and passes the test to be enrolled at Yurigaoka Girls’ Academy. She has a friendly personality and is easily liked by others.

Yuyu Shirai (Voiced by: Yuko Natsuyoshi)
A skilled Lily who represents Yurigaoka Girls’ Academy. She has a stoic and strict personality. Due to a certain incident, she began to distance herself from others.

Kaede Johan Nouvelle (Voiced by: Mikako Izawa)
A talented girl who passed the entrance exam to Yurigaoka Girls’ Academy with the highest grade. She came from a wealthy noble family and has a straightforward personality.

Fumi Futagawa (Voiced by: Rimi Nishimoto)
A “Lily otaku” with extensive knowledge about Lilies and CHARM as well as battle tactics. She is usually quite reserved but changes to a positive demeanor when the top of Lilies is brought up.

Tazusa Ando (Voiced by: Risa Tsumugi)
A Lily who grew up in the multinational corporation G.E.H.E.N.A. which is famous for its research into the Huge. She doesn’t talk much which gives her an unfriendly demeanor, but at her core she has a gentle personality.

Thi Mai Yoshimura (Voiced by: Haruki Iwata)
A genius Lily from Vietnam who hates practice. She has a never-ending cheerful attitude and easygoing personality and doesn’t get upset with others. She is a moodmaker who is reliable in helping others feel better.

Kuo Shenlin (Voiced by: Sana Hoshimori)
An elegant Lily from Taipei, she has been enrolled at Yurigaoka Girls’ Academy since kindergarten. She has a kind personality but isn’t afraid to speak up against what she thinks is wrong. She is roommates with Wang.

Wang Yujia (Voiced by: Hikaru Tohno)
Wang lacks confidence in herself due to her upbringing and being the middle child with two high-achieving sisters. She is quiet and not good at expressing emotions, so she is often misunderstood as being angry. She is roommates with Kuo.

Miriam Hildegard von Globius (Voiced by: Karin Takahashi)
A Lily from Germany who is a part of the Yurigaoka Girls’ Academy Arms Department, she researches and develops CHARM. She is very service oriented and often helps her upperclassman with their daily research.

Moyu Mashima (Voiced by: Inori Minase)

Araya Endo (Voiced by: Akira Sekine)

Ichi Tanaka (Voiced by: Aya Suzaki)

Shizu Ito (Voiced by: Ayaka Nanase)

Shiori Rokkaku (Voiced by: Rie Takahashi)

Soraha Amano (Voiced by: Minami Tsuda)

Kusumi Egawa (Voiced by: Sayaka Harada)

Shinobu Izue (Voiced by: Juri Nagatsuma)

Ena Banshoya (Voiced by: Rika Tachibana)


Opening Theme Song: "Sacred World" by RAISE A SUILEN
Ending Theme Song: "Edel Lilie" by Hikaru Akao as Riri Hitotsuyanagi

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Official Info


  • Director: Shouji Saeki
  • Animation Character Designer: Mieko Hosoi
  • Sub-Character Designer: Kazuya Shiotsuki
  • Chief Animation Directors: Kazuya Shiotsuki, Sayuri Sakimoto, Kentaro Tokiwa
  • Assistant Director: Keita Nagahara
  • Action Director: Kanta Suzuki
  • CHARM Designer: Hiyori Denforword Akishino
  • Huge Designer: Hiromichi Ishida
  • Art Directors: Kouji Maruyama, Marie Kitai
  • Color Design: Jin Hibino
  • CG Directors: Hisato Shima, Kyohei Oikawa
  • Director of Photography: Naoki Eto
  • Editing: Rie Matsubara
  • Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
  • Music: Akito Matsuda
  • Animation Production: Shaft

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