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Snow Miku is a winter-themed version of Hatsune Miku and the mascot of the annual Snow Festival that takes place in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Beginning in 2010, Snow Miku has since expanded to her own eponymous festival that runs alongside Sapporo, including events such as snow sculptures, decorated trains, collaborations with local shops, etc.


The first Snow Miku event took place in February 2010 along with Sapporo's 61st annual Snow Festival. A snow sculpture of Hatsune Miku was made by Crypton Future Media. Based on the sculpture, the character Snow Miku was designed for a Nendoroid figure and to act as a mascot for Sapporo and for a Nendoroid figure.


Snow Miku featured a recoloring of Hatsune Miku with a white, silver, and blue palette. In the next year, her design was upgraded to include earmuffs, mittens, and a scarf. Since 2012, the design for Snow Miku has been decided by an annual illustration contest.

In 2014, a secondary design contest was also held to decide Snow Miku's pet. The winning entry was a rabbit design based on the Hokkaido Snow Hare (Lepus timdus ainu). Named Rabbit Yukine, he would continue to appear alongside Snow Miku in years since. Snow Miku 2014 was also the first version to have a theme song, once again setting a precedent for all future versions.


Each year's Snow Miku festival holds a variety of events, including a public display of snow sculptures, a special train decorated with the image of Snow Miku, and collaborations with local cafes and shops. Certain years also include a live concert where Hatsune Miku makes an appearance via a projection.

Snow Miku Versions

The following is a list of all current Snow Miku versions. From 2012 onwards, a theme is chosen for that year's Snow Miku from which a public design contest is then held on piapro. After a winning design is chosen, an established artist is asked to create an illustration which then serves as the main visual for that year's Snow Miku event. The design always relates to Hokkaido's winter in some way and usually includes an item to be held by Snow Miku.

From 2014 onwards, there is also a concurrent design contest for Yukine, and a theme song is chosen as well.


The first version of Snow Miku features a simple winter-themed recoloring of Hatsune Miku. Her hair is a lighter shade of blue with snowflake prints. Her shirt is white and her necktie is blue with a snowflake print as well. Her sleeves, skirt, thigh highs, and headgear are silver with blue trim.


Design Theme: Fun Snow Play edition.
Design: Same as 2010 but with the addition of white earmuffs, mittens, and scarf with a snowflake print.


Design Theme: Snow Miku decorated with a jewel resembling snow or ice.
Design Winner: Nanaka (菜々香)
Design: A fluffy, blue, fur-trimmed coat and blue boots. She has a blue hairbow where an ice-colored gem is attached.
Item: Silver shovel.
Common name: Fluffy Coat ver. (ふわふわコート / fuwafuwa kooto).
Fan nickname: Fuwako-chan.


Design Theme: Sweets of Hokkaido with an image of snow or ice.
Design Winner: Nijita (虹汰)
Design: Based on a strawberry daifuku, a rice cake with a sweet filling. She wears a pure white, hooded robe with a red interior, and a strawberry leaf on top of the hood.
Item: Oriental paper umbrella.
Common name: Ichigo Shiramuku Miku (いちご白無垢ミク).
Fan nickname: Muku.


This year is the 5th anniversary of Snow Miku.
Design Theme: Magical girl with the image of Hokkaido winter and magical wand.
Design Winner: dera_fury (でら)
Pet Design Winner: nekosumi
Design: A magical girl with a large white witch hat and royal cloak.
Pet Design: Rabbit Yukine, a white snow hare with small beady eyes and gray-tipped ears.
Item: Snowglobe staff.
Common name: Magical Snow ver.
Fan nickname: Majimaji
Theme song:

Japanese Romaji Translation Artist
好き!雪!本気(マジ)マジック Suki! Yuki! Maji Majikku Love! Snow! Really Magic Mitchie M


Design Theme: Plants of Hokkaido winter.
Design Winner: Taran (たらん)
Pet Design Winner: Hayuki (羽雪)
Official Illustrator: Nardack
Design: A design based on the koropokkuru, a race of small beings from Ainu folklore (hence her nickname). She has lily-of-the-valley hair ornaments, a birch headset, a white snowbell-shaped skirt, and ribbons based on rowan berries.
Pet Design: A vest and ribbon with a lily-of-the-valley flower.
Item: A large leaf umbrella or a lily-of-the-valley flower.
Common name: Snowbell ver.
Fan nickname: Pokkuru-chan, Suzuran Miku (Lily of the Valley Miku)
Theme song: Snow Fairy Story by 40mP


Design Theme: Fun winter sports of Hokkaido winter.
Design Winner: Otogi Kotatsu (御伽こたつ)
Pet Design Winner: Otogi Kotatsu (御伽こたつ)
Official Illustrator: mamenomoto (豆の素)
Design: Her hat has an owl motif with owl eyes and ears. She wears a skiing/snowboarding outfit with goggles, gloves, and a sports jacket.
Pet Design: Muffler hat with goggles, scarf, and ski boards.
Item: Snowboard or ski pole.
Common name: Snow Owl ver.
Fan nickname: Fukurou (Owl)
Theme song:

Japanese Romaji Translation Artist
雪がとける前に Yuki ga tokeru mae ni Before the Snow Melts doriko


Design Theme: Stars/constellations of Hokkaido winter.
Design Winner: Nishina (西名)
Pet Design Winner: LF
Official Illustrator: comet
Design: A blue dress and hairbows with stars and constellations printed on them.
Pet Design: A scarf with constellations printed on them.
Item: A magical wand.
Common name: Twinkle Snow ver.
Fan nickname: Twinkle-chan.
Theme song:

Japanese Romaji Translation Artist
スターナイトスノウ Sutaa Naito Sunou Star Night Snow n-buna and Orangestar


From this year onward, the design contest for Snow Miku includes Rabbit Yukine as well instead of having a separate contest.
Design Theme: Animals of Hokkaido winter.
Design Winner: Taichadon (鯛ちゃどん)
Official Illustrator: Yasumo
Design: Based on the Hokkaido red-crowned crane, she has white hair and wears a white kimono whose sleeves have a feather pattern.
Pet Design: Cape with gohei (ritual wand).
Item: Kagura Suzu, a handheld instrument consisting of tiered bells.
Common name: Crane Priestess ver.
Fan nickname: Tanchou Miko (タンチョウ巫女).
Theme song:

Japanese Romaji Translation Artist
四角い地球を丸くする Shikakui Chikyuu wo Maruku suru Round Off the Square Earth TOKOTOKO


This year is the 10th anniversary of Snow Miku.
Design Theme: Princess with the image of Hokkaido winter.
Design Winner: -LF-
Official Illustrator: KEI
Design: A princess motif with a silver tiara, earrings, amulet, multi-layered dress, cape, and slippers.
Pet Design: Neck ruff with a silver crown and a cane.
Item: Crystal staff.
Common name: Princess.
Fan nickname: Princess (プリンセス).
Theme song: AI (アイ) by DECO*27


Design Theme: Musical instrument of Hokkaido winter.
Design Winner: Maple (メープル)
Official Illustrator: hanekoto
Design: A marching band outfit with a french horn. She wears a small feathered hat, blue uniform with tassels and bowties, a pleated skirt, and boots.
Pet Design: A tophat with bowtie, cape, and a horn.
Common name: French Horn ver.
Fan nickname: Horn-chan (ホルンちゃん).
Theme song:

Japanese Romaji Translation Artist
ぽかぽかの星 Pokapoka no hoshi Cozy Planet Harumaki Gohan


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