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OtapediaSecret Police (song by Hatsune Miku)

"Himitsu Keisatsu" (秘密警察), known by its official English title as "Secret Police" was released on November 9, 2010. It was composed by Buriru-P, performed by Hatsune Miku and is Buriru-P's most notable work. The song is fast-paced and has repetitive lyrics that poke fun of corporations such as the NSA or similar agencies with a history of spying.

Secret Police has amassed 1.3 million views on Nico Nico Douga.

A novelized version of the song was published on November 17, 2012. Secret Police File:01 -Escape- was originally slated for release on November 19, 2012, but the days after its initial announcement, the publishers formally announced the real release date.

Producer's Comments

More than 760,000 people entertained, thanks!!

Song Information

Lyrics: Buriru-P
Composition: Buriru-P
Published by Crypton Future Media under JASRAC
JASRAC Works Code: 701-6483-5

Secret Police has appeared in the following albums:

Hatsune Miku also performed this song as a part of her set list during the Summer Sonic Festival 2013 event that was held in Tokyo. She also performed the song as part of the "JOIN ALIVE 2015" event.

Secret Police has appeared in the following games:

The song was fairly late to be released in a game but upon the announcement of its inclusion in the game Project DIVA f, fan interest in the game sky-rocketed. Although the song is quite fast (approximately 174 beats per minute), the note chart itself is not considered to be too difficult, and even moderately-skilled players can pass the song without worry.


Kanji Romaji Translation
我ら 秘密警察 政府直属 国家保安部なのだ! warera himitsu keisatsu seifu chokuzoku kokka hoanbu na no da! We are the secret police, a committee for state security under direct control of the government!
秘密警察 闇に紛れる スパイ活動 取り締まり himitsu keisatsu yami ni magireru supai katsudou torishimari The secret police are lurking in the dark, spying and watching
朝から 晩まで オマエを 監視する(みる) asa kara ban made omae wo miru They're watching you constantly, all day and all night


Secret Police is a fast-paced and repetitive, while also slightly satirical song, that is commenting on how all aspects of our lives are constantly being monitored. While there is likely no "secret police" that are constantly watching the actions of all Japanese citizens, there is no doubt that in this digital age, that many of our actions are being recorded and monitored in some way or other.
Alternatively, this song’s setting could be in the Soviet Union, and refer to the KGB, a secret service that worked as internal security, intelligence, and secret police. Their modus operandi consisted of sending spies, both legally and illegally, to the target countries and having them collect information from the population, officials and news, referenced in the song as “while live you carelessly, our comrades continue increasing, your neighbors and colleagues, your lover and family, all of them are watching you”.
The song says the secret police will infiltrate your surroundings and use whatever method it takes to make you confess. “Torture, intravenous drug injections or even taking your loved one as a hostage”, making it clear human rights can and will be violated if needed for their mission.
The most peculiar part of this song is the chorus, "asa kara ban made omae wo miru" (they're watching you constantly, all day and all night), which is sung distortedly as "asa kara ban made omae wo MIU". While this strange pronunciation has no particular meaning, this unusual pronunciation is very distinct and popular with fans, who either find it cool, cute or both.


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