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OtapediaRolling Girl (song by Hatsune Miku)


"Rolling Girl" (ローリンガール), was released on February 14, 2010, and reached 2nd place in the Weekly VOCALOID Ranking in its first week of release. It was produced by wowaka and was his 9th song. The song has gained over 7 million views on Nico Nico Douga and over 3 million views on wowaka's official Youtube channel. The song was immensely popular when released and made it into the Hall of Fame in less than three days.
Rolling Girl remains one of wowaka's most-listened-to songs and one of the fans' favorites.

Producer's Comment

This time I've made a song about falling and rolling. It's been a while since I've made a song with a band sound.

Song Information

Rolling Girl has featured in the following books:

  • Piano Solo Yasashiku Hikeru 2 collection. (piano sheet music)
  • VOCALOID Best Selection series. (sheet music)
  • VOCALO☆Band Score

the following albums:

  • EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis feat. Hatsune Miku
  • Unhappy Refrain
  • VOCALOID Super BEST -impacts-

and the following concerts:

Rolling Girl has also appeared in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- (series), Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade, Miku Flick, Miku Flick02. Its appearance in the Project DIVA series is notable as being one of the top-ranking songs with an extremely difficult note chart. Many videos online show tutorials on how to pass it.


Kanji Romaji Translation
もう一回、もう一回 mou ikkai, mou ikkai one more time, one more time
「私は今日も転がります。」と "watashi wa kyou mo korogarimasu" to "here I am rolling again today"


Rolling Girl, as with all of wowaka's songs, has abstract yet thought-provoking lyrics. The song speaks of a lonely rolling girl who is unable to reach her distant dreams and eventually stumbles, falls, then just keeps rolling. Many times across the song someone asks if she’s had enough, and she answers that she’s just holding her breath for now, but there’s still a lot ahead of her still. Some fans have thought holding her breath was a metaphor for dying and associated the song with suicide, but the purpose of holding one’s breath biologically is to conquer fear, to calm oneself down when they’re panicking. Rather than choosing death, she is preparing herself to continue pressing forward. Only at the end of the song where the unknown secondary character opens a monologue of asking and answering themselves, saying “Have you had enough? You have, you’re getting tired, aren’t you?” and instead of the answer of “I’m holding my breath” being between quotes, the “narration” states that her breathing has stopped, possibly meaning that she kept rolling (which in the context means following her unreachable dreams) until she died.
The changes she undergoes during the song are presented in the lyrics with subtlety. At first, she gives up early, searching for what she did wrong and starts rolling again. Later, she rolls not caring for making mistakes. Whatever happens, happens, sometimes mistakes happen when you roll downhill she realizes. Two times across the song it is mentioned that she is rolling while piling up (Japanese term: kasanenagara) something: First, she piles up meaning into words, then she piles up meaning into silence and, on the final verse, she rolled while strumming smiles (Japanese: kanadenagara) into words. What this could mean is open to interpretation, but the implication is that she has found music that puts a smile into words. Considering that right after this moment she comes to her alleged death, it could be seen as her finally finding what she had rolled for, and thus being able to rest in peace.


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