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OtapediaMeiko Haigo (voice of MEIKO)

Meiko Haigo (拝郷 メイコ, May 6, 1978) is a female singer-songwriter from Tokyo.
Her real name is Haigo Meiko (拝郷 芽衣子, same reading).


In 1995, Meiko formed a copy band “Mama Mango” with her friends, runner-up in Yamaha's “High School Competition Band Battle”. She then joined the vocal unit “Fragrance Balance”. At the same time, she also began writing lyrics.
In 1996, Fragrance Balance won the special jury award at Yamaha’s The 5th MUSIC QUEST JAPAN FINAL.
The group debuted their single “Tomato Soup” on November 7, 2001, with YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. In the same year, Meiko performed solo at Yotsuya Skylight before the CD was released.
Fragrance Balance disbanded in 1997. Later, she was active in various events such as live concerts, street performances, TV shows and so on. She worked on commercial songs ピンキーちょうだい (Give me your pinky!) and どれどれの木 (dore dore no ki, The Whichever Tree). She also performed live in EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.

She is the voice provider for the Vocaloid MEIKO. The character MEIKO's name is derived from Haigo's name. When music videos first started being uploaded to Nico Nico Douga, Haigo would frequently blog about it, enjoying her moment in the spotlight for this new technology.
Her contract with YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. ended in 2006. In December of the same year, she established her own label “nanno record” promoted by NIchion Inc.

Meiko is still active in the music scene and frequently performs live mini-concerts in front of small audiences, including at lounges, cafes, and clubs all across Japan. At least twice a month, she will perform at venues that require an entry fee. Many of these events range from 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen and are less intimate than when she performs at lounges.

On November 10, 2019, to celebrate the software MEIKO's 15th anniversary, a public event "MEIKO 15th Year Anniversary ~Fleur rouge~" was held. The event also featured special guests Naoto Fuuga (voice of KAITO) and Yuu Asakawa (voice of Megurine Luka).
Tickets were on sale for 9,680 yen and were almost immediately sold out.
The event consisted of a discussion time, where the three performers discussed Vocaloid and how it had impacted their lives, as well as talking one-on-one with the audience at times. There were also live performances of KAITO and Luka songs, but the main focus was MEIKO and almost 40 minutes of music was performed by Haigo herself.
The event was held at STUDIO EARTH in STAR RISE TOWER, located in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Attendees of this all-standing event were treated with a specially designed glass that featured MEIKO (Vocaloid) with the text "15th Year Anniversary" imprinted on it.



どれどれの唄 (Whichever Song) (2005.07.09) - Animated music video produced by Studio Ghibli
もしも私がお母さんになったら (If I Become a Mother) (2003.09.25) - Meiko Haigo and Pitch Talks
メロディ (Melody) (2002.11.20)
やさしいちから (Gentle Power) (2002.02.06)
トマトスープ (Tomato Soup) (2001.11.07)


ホシノモト (Within a Star) (2017.11.10)
BROOCh (2012.06.08)
HELLO TREE (2009.09.04)
ウタカタクロール (Ethermal Crawl) (2007.01.31)
日々是青色 (Every Day is Blue) (2005.07.20)
ソイトゲヨウ (Married for Life) (2003.11.19)
ミチカケ (Waxing and Waning) (2002.03.06)

Other Albums

“Alice in wonderword” (2011.06.15) as Alice
東京カフェスタイル #1 stories (2012.04.25) as a member of f.e.n (female ensemble network)
“ガールフレンド・フロム・キョウト” (2012.11.07) as 恋の惑星

Other Music


石嶺聡子 ”バイバイ” (1998.10.28) - with her real name, lyrics only
安藤禎央 ”永遠” (2006.04.25) - lyrics and vocals


“ピンキーちょうだい” for Frente Co., Ltd.
“やっぱ牛乳でしょ” for 全国牛乳普及協会
The Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings
“グライダー” (Dreaming2006 campaign song) for NST Niigata Sogo Television, Co., Ltd.
“ラクベジ野菜と乳酸菌” for Nippon Del Monte Corporation
“うわさのリボンブラ体操” for WACOAL HOLDINGS CORP.
“カラフルドーナツ、シェイキーポップ「私に」篇” for Mister Donut


“変身” theme song: “蒼い花” from the album “日々是青色”

TV Appearances

K-mix Maison de Ami 102号室
東海ラジオミッドナイトスペシャル 拝郷メイコのツキノモノ
K-MIX 8×8 拝郷メイコのRADIO TREE


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