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Hatsune Miku GT Project

Studie GLAD Racing is a motorsports team which participates in the GT300 race division of the Super GT racing series. In 2008, Good Smile Company became their pimrary sponsor and they subsequently used a car that featured illustrations of Hatsune Miku. In 2010 Good Smile Company formed GOODSMILE RACING (GSR) which took over as the racing team's owner. The new subsidiary also produces model cars and related goods whose sales support the racing team. One such product is the Hatsune Miku GT Project.

The Hatsune Miku GT Project centers around the concept of "a racing team run by fans". The project has been a part of the greatest motorsport race in Japan - the SUPER GT GT300 class series - ever since it was launched in 2008 by GOODSMILE RACING. The Hatsune Miku Racing Ver. design is used in the project's trademark machine.

Each fan is able to directly support the team through the Personal Sponsor System. This system is what sets it apart and is the reason Personal Sponsors from all over the world pledge their support to the racing team every year. The team members use streaming platforms to share with the fans details about the races, the season and events they partake in.

Racing Miku designs and figures

Racing Miku 2010 version (illustration by redjuice): Her costume is white-colored in the middle and orange to the sides, also having a few red details, which is Good Smile Racing’s color. She has a mechanic feeling to her, as she’s handling an impact wrench.

Racing Miku 2011 version (illustration by Murakami Yuichi): Her costume is white-colored in the middle and black to the sides, also having a few green lines, which is Hatsune Miku’s color. This time closer to a Racing Queen, she holds a parasol.

Racing Miku 2012 version (illustration by GAN): Her costume is mostly white, and part of her skirt and shirt are transparent. Her socks are half black and half white, and she holds a race flag.

Racing Miku 2013 version (illustration by Saitom): Her central piece, a fashionable leotard, is white, while her socks and arm sleeves are black. She has transparent skirt-like piece around her waist, and dons the classic Miku green necktie. 2013 also EV Mirai Racing Miku, who wears a half-removed black & white racing jumpsuit and a silver top.

Racing Miku 2014 version (illustration by Oguchi): Completely dressed in white, some of her details are in red, black and green and, around her waist, turbine blade-like parts can be found. This year’s EV Mirai wore only a white jacket, a bikini and boots, showing most of her skin.

Racing Miku 2015 version (illustration by Taiki): She wears a white dress with golden elements and a frilly yellow skirt. The details on her overall costume resemble a suit of armor, as the artist’s theme for the drawing was “Princess Knight.” Her figure accessories include a flag and a parasol, while her Nendoroid developed the Knight theme, also giving her a shield.

Racing Miku 2016 version (illustration by Mai Yoneyama): Her costume is white, with red, yellow and orange details. Both her hair and socks are fashioned in a gradient of warm and cold colors. An alternative version, Team Ukyo ver, has her in a black and green biking uniform, holding a mountain bike.

Racing Miku 2017 version (illustration by Tony): Themed after a fairy, she has translucent blue wings on her back, and the central colors of her costume are white and various tones of pastel green.

Racing Miku 2018 version (illustration by Hiro Kanzaki): A mischievous-looking racing queen, her costume distances itself from white, now making use of darker greens for her top, arm sleeves and socks, and a light green for her skirt and fur. She sports a golden staff representative of Good Smile.

Racing Miku 2019 version (illustration by Annindoufu): Wearing a white frilly skirt and a top detailed with a light green checkered pattern, B&W gloves and socks, the details across her are pink-colored, as are the ribbons she wears. A design which takes more from the first Racing Miku ones, rather than from recent designs.


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