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Miku Flick was a 2012 rhythm game created by Sega and Crypton Future Media. It was released for the iOS operating system. The game is similar in style to the Project DIVA series of Hatsune Miku games and was released in Japan on March 9, 2012 and internationally on April 9, 2012. A sequel with more songs titled "Miku Flick/02" was released worldwide on August 10, 2012. Support for both games ended on July 19, 2016.


The original Miku Flick was the first Hatsune Miku-related game series to not feature any other Vocaloids. Additionally, background videos were not rendered in real-time as with other games, but were pre-rendered and displayed as a simple movie.
After selecting a song, the display shows hiragana characters that are set up like Japanese flip phones. As lyrics appear horizontally from the right of camera, players must match their timing and the hiragana characters in order to successfully hit the target note. Players do this by tapping on the matching icon and then flicking in an up, down, left, or right direction that matches the specific syllable shown.
In the English version of the game, the hiragana characters show as romanized letters, which includes the alphabet which is familiar to English readers.

Song List

Miku Flick consisted of 14 songs. Players began with 3 songs and would unlock a new song after clearing an unplayed song. After reaching 12 unlocked songs, players were requested to complete all 12 songs on Easy or Normal difficulty in order to unlock "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -DEAD END-". After clearing this song, and after the credits, "Magical Sound Shower" is the final song to be unlocked.

Song Name Producer
Loving VOC@LOID OSTER project
moon iroha(sasaki)
World is Mine ryo
Time Limit North-T
Finder (DSLR remix - re:edit) kz
Vegetable Juice ラマーズP
Melt ryo
Electric Angel ヤスオ
Love Words DECO*27
Romeo and Cinderella doriko
StargazeR 骨盤P
Your Diva azuma
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku cosMo
Magical Sound Shower HIRO (music) & Kusemono-P (lyrics)

Miku Flick/02 had a total of 74 songs. 10 songs were available upon first launch of the game, while the remaining 64 songs were available as paid downloadable content.

Song Name Performed By Producer
Love is War Hatsune Miku ryo
Hajimete no Oto Hatsune Miku malo
Meltdown Kagamine Rin iroha(sasaki)/kuma(alfred)
Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder Kagamine Len Nori-P
Just Be Friends Megurine Luka Dixie Flatline
Clover♣Club Hatsune Miku Yuuyu
magnet Hatsune Miku
Megurine Luka Ryuusei-P
Promise Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin samfree
Uraomote Lovers Hatsune Miku wowaka
The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku cosMo
Multiple Future Quartet ~QUARTET THEME~ Hatsune Miku Kusemono-P

DIVA Pack 01

Kocchi Muite Baby Hatsune Miku ryo
Yellow Hatsune Miku kz
Colorful X Melody Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin Team MOER

Duet Pack 01

Cantarella Hatsune Miku KAITO WhiteFlame
Gemini Kagamine Len Kagamine Rin Dixie Flatline
Colorful X Sexy Megurine Luka MEIKO Team MOER

Summer Pack 01

Dear cocoa girls Hatsune Miku Kamimae Akira, Hata Aki
No, no Alien Megurine Luka Iyaiya-P
Soi Yassa!! Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Shuujin-P

Dance Pack 01

Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪ Hatsune Miku ika
Luka Luka★Night Fever Megurine Luka samfree
Nightmare☆Party Night Hatsune Miku Kuchibashi-P

Autumn Pack 01

Tsugai Kogarashi KAITO MEIKO Shigotoshite-P
Gigantic Girl Hatsune Miku 40meterP
Rin Rin Signal -Append Mix- Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Dios/Signal-P

Tear Pack 01

Kokoro Kagamine Rin Toraboruta-P
VOiCE -DIVA MIX- Hatsune Miku Lovely-P
Hinekuremono Hatsune Miku ryo

Winter Pack 01

Requiem for the Phantasma Hatsune Miku Deadball-P
When the First Love Ends Hatsune Miku ryo
Strobe Nights Hatsune Miku kz/yae

Guitar Pack 01

Puzzle Hatsune Miku Kuwagata-P
Meiteki Cybernetics Megurine Luka otetsu
Sekiranun Graffiti Hatsune Miku ryo/Dixie Flatline

Japan Pack 01

Jugemu Sequencer Hatsune Miku Vocaliod-P
Iroha Song Kagamine Rin Ginsaku
Amata no Mai -Dance of many- Hatsune Miku Hikutsu-P

Anniversary Pack 01

Yume Yume Hatsune Miku DECO*27
Innocence Hatsune Miku Kazu-P
World's End Dancehall Hatsune Miku Megurine Luka wowaka

Farewell Pack 01

Honto wa Wakatteru Hatsune Miku Funakoshi-P
Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo Hatsune Miku doriko
SPiCa -39's Giving Day Edition- Hatsune Miku Toku-P/kentax vs Toku-P

Star Pack 01

Double Lariat Megurine Luka Agoaniki-P
*HELLO, PLANET. (I.M.PLSE-EDIT) Hatsune Miku sasakure.UK
from Y to Y Hatsune Miku JimmyThumb-P

Dark Pack 01

Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro Hatsune Miku Hachi
Houkai Utahime -disruptive diva- Hatsune Miku Machigerita-P
Saa, Docchi? Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Hinata Haruhana

Lovely Pack 01

Miku Miku-kin ni Gochuui♪ Hatsune Miku Hayaya-P
Koi Iro Byouto Hatsune Miku OSTER project
Nekomimi Switch Hatsune Miku daniwellP

Rock Pack 01

Kodoku no Hate -extend edition- Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Hikari Shuuyou
Rolling Girl Hatsune Miku wowaka
Toumei Suisai Hatsune Miku Yasuo-P

mirai Pack 01

on the rocks MEIKO KAITO OSTER project
No Logic Megurine Luka JimmyThumb-P
Mousou Sketch Hatsune Miku 40mP

Thankyou Pack 01

The secret garden Hatsune Miku Kamimae Akira, Hata Aki
39 Hatsune Miku sasakure.UK/DECO*27
Sono Ichibyuo Slow Motion Hatsune Miku ryo

MikuFlick Pack 01

Romeo and Cinderella Hatsune Miku Doriko
Electric Angel Hatsune Miku Yasuo
Finder (DSLR remix-re:edit) Hatsune Miku kz

MikuFlick Pack 02

Melt Hatsune Miku ryo
StargazeR Hatsune Miku Kotsuban-P
moon Hatsune Miku Hakka + iroha (sasaki)

MikuFlick Pack 03

World is Mine Hatsune Miku ryo
Anata no Utahime Hatsune Miku azuma
Time Limit Hatsune Miku North-T

MikuFlick Pack 04

PoPiPo Hatsune Miku Lamaze-P
Koi Suru VOC@LOID Hatsune Miku OSTER project
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu Hatsune Miku cosMo


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