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OtapediaRomeo and Cinderella (song by Hatsune Miku)

"Romeo and Cinderella" (ロミオとシンデレラ), was released on April 6, 2009 and was composed by doriko. Its thumbnail was illustrated by nezuki. The song tells the story of a girl who has fallen in love with her "Romeo" much to her parents' disapproval. And while she compares her story to that of Juliet's forbidden romance, she wants to have a Cinderella-style happy ending.

Romeo and Cinderella mentions several fables besides Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella. These include Shita-kiri Suzume, The Honest Woodman, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The song has reached over 7 million views on Nico Nico Douga allowing it to enter the Hall of Legend. It remains one of doriko's most well-known songs among fans. The promotional video (PV) shows Miku dressed in a seductive red-purple dress and was so popular that it became one of the first Hatsune Miku figurines to be released without her default costume.

doriko has since released a sequel to the song titled "Me and Juliet" (Watashi to Juliet, 私とジュリエット). "Me and Juliet", while not as popular as its predecessor, has roughly 150,000 views on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

Producer's Comments

The lyrics this time come mainly from an old story of a good girl or something.

The song has appeared in the following albums:

  • Hatsune Miku Best ~impacts~
  • MOER feat. Hatsune Miku -2nd anniversary-
  • ロミオとシンデレラ
  • VOCALOID BEST from ニコニコ動画 (あか)
  • 花束~the best of doriko feat. Hatsune Miku~
  • Hatsune Miku 5th Birthday Best ~memories~
  • The Legend of 超絶調声師
  • Download feat. Hatsune Miku ft. newly arranged version.
  • Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2015" OFFICIAL ALBUM
  • Hatsune Miku Project mirai Complete
  • Re:Start

and the following concerts:

Additionally, the song has appeared in the following games:

Song Information

  • doriko (music, lyric)
  • Hatsune Miku (vocals)
  • Kiru (guitar)
  • nezuki (illustration)


    Published by Dwango Second Division under JASRAC
    JASRAC Works Code: 162-2447-7
Kanji Romaji Translation
私の恋を悲劇のジュリエットにしないで watashi no koi wo higeki no jurietto ni shinaide Don’t make my love into Juliet’s tragedy
ここから連れ出して koko kara tsuredashite... Take me away from here…


The constant references to fairytales show the mind of a young girl still in love with fantastical stories of love, but the reality around her shows her coming of age, or at least her developing maturity. The lyrics discreetly imply she has given oral sex and later gone all the way with her lover. Her fairytale references are simple in their usage, Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy ends with their deaths, so she denies being Juliet to obtain a happy ending. Cinderella comes from wanting to leave something for her beloved to come after her, she even understands that the real Cinderella must not have “dropped” her glass shoe either, but left it behind too. The final fairytale she mentions is The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which she changes into “the Cinderella that lied too much”, and claims she would be eaten by the wolf so he should come to save her before that happens. The lie she refers to comes from the previous verse, where she references the Lady in the Lake, acting under her parents' demands instead of sincerely. One could assume that her parents are planning to marry her to someone she doesn’t love, and that is the wolf she fears, and why she wants the person she actually loves, her Romeo, to take her away from where her home.


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