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VOCALOID (hereafter stylized as Vocaloid) is the term for voice synthesis technology that was developed by Yamaha. Sung lyrics can be created by inputting the melody and lyrics into the software, which then converts into a playable audio file that has been sung by a sampled human voice.
Companies that have accepted a license agreement with Yamaha can produce their own singer libraries that contain sampled sounds and sell them as commercial products in combination with the Yahama software. VOCALOID and its shorthand Japanese form, ボカロ are registered trademarks of Yahama Corporation.

Summary and History

With the Vocaloid software, it is incredibly cheap and easy to create expressive music without the need for hiring an actual vocalist. However, as the software only handles vocals, additional software is required in order to create musical arrangements that accompany the vocals.
Since an actual human's voice is sampled per voicebank library, more natural-flowing singing elements can be synthesized, including pitch changes, vibrato settings, and other melodic embellishments.

The Vocaloid project began in March 2000 under the name "DAISY". After three years of collaborative research with Yahama and the Universitat Pompei Fabra (UPF) Music Technology Group in Barcelona, Vocaloid signal processing was developed.
Vocaloid was first announced in February 2003 and in 2004, the first packaged product for personal computers using Vocaloid technology was released by the firm ZERO-G in the United Kingdom. Since then, Vocaloid-compatible sound libraries have been released by vendors all over the world, including Japan.
Version upgrades have since been released; VOCALOID2 (2007), VOCALOID3 (2011), VOCALOID4 (2014), and the latest version VOCALOID5 which was released in 2018.

Originally developed to be used as backup vocals, Vocaloid was actively used for main vocals soon after its initial release. Since 2007, when Hatsune Miku using VOCALOID2 technology was released, many songs using Vocaloid software as main vocals were released on the Internet and the software gained global exposure. Since then, record labels have been increasingly receptive to accepting artists who primarily use Vocaloid for vocals. In 2010, "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis feat. Hatsune Miku" became the first album using Vocaloid for vocals to reach 1st place in the Oricon weekly albums chart.

Origin of Name

The name Vocaloid was created by combining the term "vocal" with the suffix "oid", which denotes form or resemblance. An example of its use is the word "humanoid" (similar to a human). In this way, "Vocaloid" has the meaning of "being similar to vocals". The name was determined early in development although many fans incorrectly consider Vocaloid to merely be the juxtaposition of "vocal" and "android". Simply put, Vocaloid is the name of the software itself, and any voice libraries using names or character art are supplemental to the software itself.

Released Vocaloid Products

There have been numerous voicebanks using the Vocaloid technology released by many different companies to varying degrees of success. Indeed, Crypton Future Media's Hatsune Miku release has proven to be the most popular of the Vocaloid voicebanks thus far.


ZERO-G was the first British manufacturer to launch Vocaloid products.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
LEON Vocaloid English January 15, 2004
LOLA Vocaloid English January 15, 2004
MIRIAM Vocaloid English July 1, 2004
PRIMA Vocaloid2 English January 14, 2008
SONIKA Vocaloid2 English July 15, 2009
TONIO Vocaloid2 English July 13, 2010
AVANNA Vocaloid3 English December 22, 2012
Dex Vocaloid4 English November 20, 2015
Daina Vocaloid4 English November 20, 2015

Crypton Future Media

Crypton Future Media is a Japanese company that sold Vocaloid products using the first Vocaloid engine together with ZERO-G.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
MEIKO Vocaloid Japanese, English November 5, 2004
KAITO Vocaloid Japanese, English February 17, 2006
Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Japanese, English, Chinese August 31, 2007
Kagamine Rin/Len Vocaloid Japanese, English December 27, 2007
Megurine Luka Vocaloid Japanese, English January 30, 2009


PowerFX is a Swedish manufacturer that sells software based on the Vocaloid2 engine. It is distributed by Crypton Future Media for sales within Japan.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
SWEET ANN Vocaloid2 English June 29, 2007
BIG-AL Vocaloid2 English December 22, 2009
OLIVER Vocaloid3 English December 21, 2011
YOHIOloid Vocaloid3 Japanese, English September 10, 2013
Ruby Vocaloid4 English October 7, 2015

Internet Co.

Internet Co. is a long-established desktop music (DTM) manufacturer in Japan who soon after entered the Vocaloid production industry.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
Gakupoid Vocaloid2 Japanese July 31, 2008
Megpoid Vocaloid2 Japanese, English June 26, 2009
Lily Vocaloid2 Japanese August 25, 2010
Gachapoid Vocaloid2 Japanese October 8, 2010
CUL Vocaloid3 Japanese December 22, 2011
kokone Vocaloid3 Japanese February 14, 2014
Chika Vocaloid Japanese3 October 16, 2014
Otomachi Una Vocaloid4 Japanese July 30, 2016


AH-Software is a Japanese software sales company.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
Hiyama Kiyoteru Vocaloid2 Japanese December 4, 2009
Kaai Yuki Vocaloid2 Japanese December 4, 2009
SF-A2 Miki Vocaloid2 Japanese December 4, 2009
Nekomura Iroha Vocaloid2 Japanese October 22, 2010
Yuzuki Yukari Vocaloid3 Japanese December 22, 2011
Tohoku Zunko Vocaloid3 Japanese June 5, 2014
Kizuna Akari Vocaloid4 Japanese April 26, 2018
Haruno Sora Vocaloid5 Japanese July 26, 2018


Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
VY1 Vocaloid2 Japanese September 1, 2010
VY2 Vocaloid2 Japanese April 25, 2011
Mew Vocaloid3 Japanese October 21, 2011
Tone Rion Vocaloid3 Japanese December 16, 2011
Aoki Lapis Vocaloid3 Japanese April 5, 2012
ZOLA PROJECT Vocaloid3 Japanese June 21, 2013
Meruri Vocaloid3 Japanese December 24, 2013
Ano Kano Vocaloid3 Japanese March 3, 2014
Galaco NEO Vocaloid3 Japanese August 5, 2014
CYBER DIVA Vocaloid4 English February 5, 2015
Sachiko Vocaloid4 Japanese July 27, 2015
Arsloid Vocaloid4 Japanese September 23, 2015
Unity-chan! Vocaloid4 Japanese January 14, 2016
Fukase Vocaloid4 Japanese, English January 28, 2016
CYBER SONGMAN Vocaloid4 English October 31, 2016
Nemu Yumemi Vocaloid4 Japanese February 16, 2017
AZUKI Vocaloid4 Japanese July 12, 2017
MATCHA Vocaloid4 Japanese July 12, 2017
Mirai Komachi Vocaloid4 Japanese May 24, 2018
Amy Vocaloid5 English July 12, 2018
Chris Vocaloid5 English July 12, 2018
Kaori Vocaloid5 Japanese July 12, 2018
Ken Vocaloid5 Japanese July 12, 2018


1st PLACE is a Japanese music production company.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
IA Vocaloid3 Japanese January 27, 2012


EXIT TUNES is a Japanese record label owned by Pony Canyon.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
MAYU Vocaloid3 Japanese December 5, 2012


gynoid is a Japanese record label.

Name Engine Available Languages Initial Release
v flower Vocaloid3 Japanese May 9, 2014
Shinfa Vocaloid3 Chinese, Japanese February 10, 2015
Meika Hime, Meika Mikoto Vocaloid5 Japanese March 30, 2019


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