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Taito who produced hit games such as Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, Darius, and Space Invaders was a key figure in the early days of video games. They stood shoulder to shoulder with other Japanese giants such as Konami, Namco, and Sega and in fact began exporting its games to other countries before anyone else. Several Taito properties have been hailed as important and/or revolutionary forces in the industry. To this day the Space Invaders serve as an iconic emblem of the era of mid-1970s video games.

Taito Arcades

Currently, the company maintains a series of "Taito Game Stations" arcade centers across Japan. On top of that, they also manufacture toys, plush dolls, and UFO Catcher prizes. They themselves recognize and are proud of this fact, stating that “TAITO STATION is one of the leading names in Japanese arcade gaming. Featuring the latest selection of arcade games, prize games boasting popular anime and manga memorabilia, ultra-realistic and high-tech virtual games, photo sticker booths and more! A fun, uniquely Japanese experience is guaranteed!”.

Taito and Hatsune Miku

Taito's range of UFO Catcher machines has included dozens of Hatsune Miku prizes as rewards. Every year, the company will release at least 5 different Miku prizes ranging from plush toys to acrylic figurines and event keychains.

One of the more popular prizes is the "Hatsune Miku Seasonal" figurines. These plastic figurines are easy to win in comparison to bigger prizes.

Winter 2016

The "Hatsune Miku Figure Original Winter Outfit version" was released in December and was illustrated by Hechima. Miku wears a pure white coat and beanie with ribbons. The figurine was so popular that it helped create the seasonal variety of Hatsune Miku figurines.

Spring 2018

In April 2018, Taito announced the "Hatsune Miku Figure Original Spring Outfit version" illustrated by Hiro Kangiki. Kangiki performs as Hiroyuki ODA and is a very well known Miku trance producer. The figurine features Miku in light-colored clothing and wearing a backpack. She points to her face which shows a beaming smile.

Summer 2018

The "Hatsune Miku Figure Original Summer Outfit version" was announced in July 2018 and was illustrated by Naoki Saitou. Saitou has his own YouTube channel where he teaches viewers how to draw. The Summer version figurine shows Miku posing with a deflated water float and she wears a white dress with pockets covered with the figure of an anchor.

Autumn 2018

"Hatsune Miku Figure Original Fall Outfit version" was illustrated by Mika Pikazo and released in October. Mika Pikazo is a famous illustrator who became interested in South American artwork and features colorful designs. She is most famous for creating the illustration of Kaguya Luna, a Virtual YouTuber similar to Kizuna AI. Since then, she has collaborated with Crypton Future Media in designs for Miku. Her version of Miku has her wearing a bright red top, brown skirt, and bright yellow stockings. Miku is also carrying a suitcase.

Besides the Seasonal series, Taito often collaborates with Crypton to produce Miku figurines wearing the Taito staff uniform. Over 5 of these figurines have been available as prizes and she is often seen holding the alien from the Space Invaders franchise. Her most recent version was released in April 2019, and became an instant success.

Hatsune Miku plush toys are also a fan favorite and every year will see at least 3 different varieties of them. In 2019, Taito released a birthday version, Summer mascot version, Autumn & Winter version, and the "Cute plushie" series. The "Cute" series is approximately 10 centimeters tall and can be used as a keychain. They come in a variety of facial expressions including closed eyes, and with a big smile.

Many UFO Catchers also have Hatsune Miku T-shirts, mousepads, lucky charms, microfiber towels, and beach towels. T-shirts come in a variety of colors and styles and all are prize-specific and are not sold in retail stores. While mousepads, charms, and towels are also not available in retail stores, many second-hand stores will sell the items for a fraction of the price it may take to win them at the arcade. As such, stores such as Mandarake will often stock many UFO Catcher prizes so that fans can easily purchase the items.


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