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OtapediaDAIBA de DIVA (Hatsune Miku Event)

The Hatsune Miku DAIBA de DIVA series of events have been held for around 4 weeks each participating year at Tokyo Joypolis in Odaiba, Tokyo. It has been held in conjunction with the Hatsune Miku video game series "Project DIVA" to advertise upcoming releases or milestones.
During the event, the indoor amusement park has Hatsune Miku-themed decor, limited edition merchandise, Miku-themed foods and drinks, special toys in arcade crane games, and even run multiple mini-concerts every day.
Admission to Tokyo Joypolis is 800 yen for adults and 300 yen for students. Admission with an unlimited ride passport is 3,900 yen for adults and 2,900 for students.


The events are organized by Crypton Future Media, Joypolis, piapro, and Sega. On the 1st floor, the mini-concert is held on the main stage and is all-standing. Beverages are expressly forbidden on the main stage area and are only to be consumed on the higher floors of the venue. Photography and video recording on any device is also forbidden.


The 2012 event ran from July 14 to September 2 and featured Weekender Girl (kz, HachiojiP), ODDS and ENDS (ryo), and Time Machine (1640mP - 164, 40mP). It was held to celebrate the upcoming release of Project DIVA f. The mini-concert was held every from 3:09 PM and 7 PM and lasted approximately 15 minutes. There was a "PlayStation Vita Experience Corner" from 11 PM to 9 PM that allowed fans to try out Project DIVA f for themselves.


This event ran from February 27 to April 6 (a total of 39 days). The upcoming release of Project DIVA F 2nd was the theme for this year. The event was a step up from the previous one in that there were many more Miku-themed games and points of interest for fans.
The Special Show consisted of the game's opening theme DECORATOR by kz (livetune). It was held daily from 12 PM, 3 PM, and 6 PM and only lasted about 5 minutes.
The Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd Experience corner was fitted with 8 PSVita consoles to allow many more fans to experience the game for themselves.
Halfpipe Tokyo is fitted with TV monitors and while experience the thrill-ride, fans were able to watch music videos of Miku.
The Photo Studio gave fans a unique sticker photo experience where they could choose a Project DIVA-related frame to go with the sticker photos. Non-passport users could experience this for 800 yen per session.
The Cafe offered a variety of foods such as the "Leek and beef tongue hot dog meal" (950 yen), "KAITO&MEIKO curry set" (1,300 yen), "Hatsune Miku parfait" (900 yen), and the "DIVA F 2nd cappuccino" (700 yen). All purchases received a special "Project Diva"-designed coaster.
In the merchandise area, fans could buy various Miku-covered goods like clear files and throat lozenges.


2015's event ran from March 24 to April 24 to celebrate Project DIVA X for the Sony PlayStation Vita.
There was a special live mini-concert that occurred three times a day but featured 3 different songs per session. The Halfpipe Tokyo songs were also randomized from a selection of 12 songs. New to the event was the Carnival Corner which had known amusement attractions with Vocaloid skins over the usual boards. Prizes included postcards, heart-shaped postcards, and mini-stand plastic popups. This year's cafe featured "Miku's blue sauce omelet pilaf" (1,200 yen), "KAITO and MEIKO's chocolate crepe" (900 yen), "Rin/Len banana soda" (750 yen), and "Luka]'s tuna masala curry" (1,300 yen).
Original T-shirts were also available in the gift store as were marshmallows, and travel cases.


2017's event ran from October 21 to November 24 and celebrated Future Tone DX for the arcade. Foods included "Miku's deluxe green curry" (1,350 yen), "Rin/Len French toast" (950 yen), and "Miku mint latte" (750 yen) with purchases also receiving a free coaster. The live stage had three sessions from 2 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM with each one having a different 3-song set. Far more goods were on sale for this year including mini statuettes, keychains, badges, and mugs.


In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project, Sega launched a special concert titled "DAIBA de DIVA Super Live 2019" on July 2, 2019. Tickets for the concert were only available at the Lawson convenience store.
From January 20 to March 9, 2020, Joypolis will host the "Hatsune Miku DAIBA de DIVA Mega39's" event which will culminate in a massive concert to celebrate the upcoming Switch title of the same name.


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