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Yggdrasil, a DMMORPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Game) released in 2126, proved a hit with players thanks to its highly immersive quality. After 12 exciting years, the game’s servers are set to be shut down leaving some of its most dedicated players mourning the loss of their online home. One of the game’s most successful guilds, Ainz Ooal Gown, once boasted as many as 41 members but now only 4 remain. Elder lich Momonga, acting as guild leader, singlehandedly maintains the guild’s headquarters, The Great Tomb of Nazarick, and prepares to bed in until the game shuts down.

When the time arrives, Momonga is surprised to find that the game world hasn’t vanished at all but has been recreated as an alternate reality where the NPCs are now autonomous creatures while he remains trapped inside his game avatar and unable to access his control options or to log out of the game. With no means of escape, Momonga decides to set out and look for others like him, taking the name Ainz Ooal Gown as a sign to former players, and ventures forth on a quest to find out what’s really going on.

Overlord is adapted from the light novel by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. Originally serialized online and subsequently licensed by Enterbrain, there are currently 12 volumes in the series which has also been licensed for English language publication by Yen Press. Overlord has also been adapted as a manga by Satoshi Oshio and Hugin Miyama serialized in Kadokawa’s Comp Ace.

Anime Adaptation

Overlord was first adapted as a TV anime by Madhouse that aired between July 7 and Sept. 29, 2015. Season 1 covered light novel volumes 1 to 3 and was followed by an OVA bundled with the 11th volume of the light novels as well as 2 compilation movies, Overlord: The Undead King (Overlord: Fushisha no Ou) released Feb. 25, 2017, and Overlord: The Dark Warrior (Overlord: Shikkoku no Senshi) released March 11, 2017.

Overlord II, the second season of the TV anime, was announced at a preview screening of the second compilation movie, Overlord: The Dark Warrior (Overlord: Shikkoku no Senshi). Broadcasts began on Jan. 9, 2018.

The opening theme for the first season was “Clattanoia” by OxT, and the ending theme “L.L.L” by Myth & Roid who also sang the theme song for the compilation movie, “Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy.” For the second season, Overland II, OxT once again sing the opening theme, “Go Cry Go,” and Myth & Roid the ending titled “Hydra.”


Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga (Japanese: Satoshi Hino / English: Chris Guerrero)
The series protagonist, Mononga was a simple salaryman who enjoyed playing the DMMORPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Game) Yggdrasil, and was the only remaining member of one of the game’s most successful guilds, Ainz Ooal Gown, at the time the game’s servers were due to be shut down. However, Momonga discovers that the game world has not vanished after it was supposed to end but has been recreated as an alternate reality where he is stuck in his avatar without the use of his in-game functions or the ability to log out. Changing his name to Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga decides to look for others like him and discover the truth behind the mystery.

Albedo (Japanese: Yumi Hara / English: Elizabeth Maxwell)
One of the most powerful NPCs in Nazarick and the overseer of the Floor of Guardians, Albedo takes the form of a beautiful woman with horns and angel wings. Due to the modifications Ainz made to her settings, Albedo has fallen deeply in love with him (much to Ainz’s consternation) and any perceived slight against her beloved sends her into a rage. She secretly desires that Ainz take back his original name of Momoga out of hatred for the other “Supreme Beings” who left their NPCs behind when they abandoned the game.

Shalltear Bloodfallen (Japanese: Sumire Uesaka / English: Felecia Angelle)
Shalltear Bloodfallen is the Guardian of floors 1, 2, and 3 of Nazarick and takes the form of a beautiful vampire girl. Like Albedo she is also in love with Ainz which causes a degree of tension between them though they have agreed to a kind of truce in sharing him even if they still vie for the top spot in his affections. Shalltear Bloodfallen is also the game’s most powerful floor guardian because of her optimizations in both magical fighting and close combat.

Aura Bella Fiora (Japanese: Emiri Kato / English: Jill Harris)
Twin sister of Mare, Dark Elf Aura Bella Fiora’s most distinctive trait is that each of her eyes is a different color. Dressed in male clothing due to a whim of her player, Aura guides the sixth floor of Nazarick along with her brother and in contrast to him has a cheerful, energetic disposition. Aura, a beast taming specialist, is armed with a long, bladed whip.

Mare Bello Fiore (Japanese: Yumi Uchiyama / English: Megan Shipman)
Mare guards the sixth floor of Nazarick along with his twin sister Aura. Like Aura, he has eyes of different colors and is dressed in a female style because of a player’s whim. Also a Dark Elf, Mare specializes in druid magic and is the opposite of his sister in terms of personality, shy and timid with emotionless eyes.

Demiurge (Japanese: Masayuki Kato / English: Jeff Johnson)
Demiurge is the Guardian of Nazarick’s seventh floor and takes the form of a demon wearing a suit and glasses, and has a long metallic tail on his behind. The most evil Guardian in Nazarick, Demiurge is fiendishly intelligent and actively enjoys watching the suffering of others even going so far as to commit heinous acts of experimentation on prisoners. Demiurge is also a chief strategist and gets on best with Mare who understands the dark side but has a rivalry with Sebas.

Cocytus (Japanese: Kenta Miyake / English: Bryan Massey)
Taking the form of a giant bipedal insect, Cocytus guards the fifth floor of Nazarick and is armed with the power of cryokinesis. Good friends with Nabaeral, Cocytus has the warrior spirit and respects anyone who feels the same.

Sebas Tian (Japanese: Shigeru Chiba / English: Ed Blaylock)
Sebas looks like a distinguished older gentleman, but is actually a Dragonoid. Nazarick’s head butler, Sebas is also the commander of the Pleiades Combat Maids who are not Guardians but have a similar power level and specialize in unarmed combat. Sebas’ strong sense of justice, which he shares with his creator Touch-Me, sets him at odds with devious Guardian Demiurge.

Pandora’s Actor (Japanese: Mamoru Miyano / English: Eric Vale)
Pandora’s Actor was created by Momonga himself and is charge of Nazarick’s finances. A high level Doppelgänger, Pandora’s Actor has no face save for an egghead with three dark holes in it. Although Momonga created him as a combination of everything he found “cool,” Pandora Actor’s appearance now embarrases him, but he does have the ability to shed his Nazi-esque uniform and adopt the powers and appearances of others. Secretly allowed to call Ainz father, Pandora’s Actor is as intelligent as Albedo and Demiurge with similar power to most Floor Guardians.

Yuri Alpha (Japanese: Hiromi Igarashi / English: Whitney Rodgers)
A Dullahan, Yuri Alpha is the Vice-Captain of the Pleiades Combat Maids and like Sebas Tian abhors senseless killing of humans. Her attitude may be schoolmarmy but the other members of the squad look up to her.

Narberal Gamma (Japanese: Manami Nakamura / English: Anastasia Muñoz)
The most human-looking of the Pleiades Combat Maids, Narberal Gamma is Momonga’s companion in his exploration of the New World. Like most in Nazarick, Narberal is extremely prejudiced against humans which becomes a problem when she receives unwanted attention from human males.

CZ2128 Delta (Japanese: Seto Asami)
A member of the Pleiades Combat Maids, CZ2128 Delta is an automaton with futuristic weapons. Her expression never changes and her eyes betray no feeling, but she likes cute things and hates cannibalism so she’s relatively safe to humans.

Lupusregina Beta (Japanese: Mikako Komatsu / English: Alexis Tipton)
A werewolf with a bright and cheerful personality, Lupusregina Beta is a member of the Pleiades Combat Maids who pretends to be friendly with humans but is really brutal and cunning. Carrying a staff, Lupusregina is a druid who knows healing magic and has a habit of telling lewd jokes.

Solution Epsilon (Japanese: Sakura Ayane / English: Mallorie Rodak)
Solution Epsilon is the most dangerous member of the Pleiades Combat Maids and takes the form of a slime. Loving to devour humans alive, Solution can protect or dissolve things she absorbs and gets along well with Shalltear because of their similar tastes.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (Japanese: Kei Shindou / English: Tia Ballard)
A member of the Pleiades Combat Maids, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is an insect-summoner who loves eating the arms of men.

Zaryusu Shasha (Japanese: Hiroki Touchi / English: Josh Grelle)
Zaryusu Shasha is a Green Claw Lizardman and the younger brother of Shasryu. He wields the sword known as Frost Pain and was once a traveller, returning with knowledge of how to cultivate fish. Whilst on a mission to unify all the Lizardman tribes, Zaryusu Shasha meets his future wife, Crusch Lulu.

Crusch Lulu (Japanese: Sora Amamiya / English: Amanda Lee)
Crusch Lulu is the wife of Zaryusu Shasha and the acting Chieftain of Red Eye Lizardmen. An albino, Crusch might have been abandoned at birth but her parents decided to raise her anyway. A powerful magic user she rebelled against her father when he committed fratricide to protect his people and eventually met and fell in love with Zaryusu Shasha when he arrive on a mission to unify the Lizardmen against Ainz.

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself (Japanese: Kiyono Yasuno / English: Jessica Peterson)
Third Princess of the Kingdom, Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself is known as the “Golden Princess” thanks to her beauty and seeming kindness bringing great reforms, but her benevolence is a front masking her sociopathic personality. The only person she tolerates is Climb, though she regards him as a “puppy”.

Climb (Japanese: Ryota Ohsaka / English: Coby Lewin)
Saved by princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself when he was a starving street urchin, Climb is now a royal bodyguard and is completely devoted to the princess little suspecting her true nature. His white full body armour was a present from his mistress, but in truth Climb has little fighting technique and only makes up for it with strength of will. Eventually he convinces Sebas to teach him and also enjoys a close friendship with Gazef and Brain as well as other Blue Rose members.

Brain Unglaus (Japanese: Kouji Yusa / English: Chad Halbrook)
A former warrior, Brain Unglaus is a mercenary who sees himself as a rival to Gazef and lost the will to live after his men were slaughtered by Shalltear Bloodfallen but regains some of his fighting spirit after meeting Climb and seeing how he has improved thanks to Sebas’ teaching.

Japanese Cast

Satoshi Hino: Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga
Hara Yumi: Albedo
Sumire Uesaka: Shalltear Bloodfallen
Emiri Kato: Aura Bella Fiora
Yumi Uchiyama: Mare Bello Fiore
Masayuki Kato: Demiurge
Kenta Miyake: Cocytus
Shigeru Chiba: Sebas Tian
Mamoru Miyano: Pandora’s Actor
Hiromi Igarashi: Yuri Alpha
Manami Nakamura: Narberal Gamma
Seto Asami: CZ2128 Delta
Mikako Komatsu: Lupusregina Beta
Sakura Ayane: Solution Epsilon
Kei Shindou: Entoma Vasilissa Zeta
Hiroki Touchi: Zaryusu Shasha
Sora Amamiya: Crusch Lulu
Kiyono Yasuno: Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself
Ryota Ohsaka: Climb
Kouji Yusa: Brain Unglaus

English Cast

Chris Guerrero: Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga
Elizabeth Maxwell: Albedo
Felecia Angelle: Shalltear Bloodfallen
Jill Harris: Aura Bella Fiora
Megan Shipman: Mare Bello Fiore
Jeff Johnson: Demiurge
Bryan Massey: Cocytus
Ed Blaylock: Sebas Tian
Eric Vale: Pandora’s Actor
Whitney Rodgers: Yuri Alpha
Anastacia Muñoz: Narberal Gamma
Alexis Tipton: Lupusregina Beta
Mallorie Rodak: Solution Epsilon
Tia Ballard: Entoma Vasilissa Zeta
Josh Grelle: Zaryusu Shasha
Amanda Lee: Crusch Lulu
Jessica Peterson: Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself
Coby Lewin: Climb
Chad Halbrook: Brain Unglaus

Creative Team

Original Light Novel: Kugane Maruyama, so-bin
Director: Naoyuki Ito
Series Composition: Yukie Sugawara
Character Design: Satoshi Tasaki, Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Sub-character, Monster & Prop Design: Taiki Imamura, Koji Sugiura, Junji Okubo, Masahiko Suzuki, Momoko Maehara
Art Direction: Shigemi Ikeda / Yukiko Maruyama
Music: Shuji Katayama
Sound Direction: Fumiyuki Go
Animation Production: Madhouse

Broadcast Information

AT-X: Tuesdays at 12:30 pm from Jan. 9
Tokyo MX: Wednesdays at 12:30 am from Jan. 10
MBS: Wednesdays at 2:30 am from Jan. 10
Aichi TV.: Wednesdays at 1: 35 am from Jan. 10
BS11: Thursdays at midnight from Jan. 11

Official Links

Website (Japanese)
Twitter (Japanese)


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