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Also Known As

Miira no Kaikata


One day, average high schooler Sora Kashiwagi gets yet another unusual present from his self-proclaimed adventurer father from Egypt: A coffin with a letter saying, “I found an interesting mummy and decided to send it to you!” Sora is initially scared as his father’s past gifts were often dangerous, but he decides to take care of the cute palm-sized mummy and names him Mii-kun.


Written and illustrated by Kakeru Utsugi, How to Keep a Mummy is a manga series published on Futabasha’s webtoon platform Comico Japan. It began serialization in 2014 and currently has four tankobon volumes published. The series is also available on Crunchyroll.

Anime Adaptation

An anime adaptation by 8-Bit premiered on Jan. 11, 2018 and is set to run for 12 episodes. It is directed by Kaori and written by Deko Akao, with character design by Takahiro Kishida and music by Kenichiro Suehiro and MAYUKO, featuring “Fushigi no Tabi wa Tsuzuku no sa” by five-member idol unit Tsuri Bit as the opening theme and “Rosetta Stone” by 11-member idol group Iketeru Hearts as the ending theme. The series is co-produced and licensed by Crunchyroll.


Sora Kashiwagi (CV: Mutsumi Tamura)
Sora leads the life of an average high schooler, until one day, he gets Mii-kun from his self-styled “adventurer” father. It might just be his father’s influence, but he feels different from most people. Despite his initial wariness toward Mii-kun based on past mishaps, he warms up to him. Although not an ace student, he’s very good at household chores and caring for others.

A mummy straight from Egypt, Mii-kun’s identity, age, and gender are shrouded in mystery. He is very friendly to people. He doesn’t speak, but barks sometimes. What lies under his bandages? It’s a secret~

Tazuki Kamiya (CV: Keisuke Komoto)
Sora’s best friend who often helps Sora with studying. Although he can be sadistic at times and loves to tease Mii-kun, he’s actually very compassionate. Thanks to Sora, he is also well-versed in mysterious creatures, later adopting one himself.

A little oni Tazuki found on his way home. He’s free-spirited and gluttonous.

Asa Motegi (CV: Himika Akaneya)
Sora and Tazuki’s classmate and a cheerful, energetic girl. She is super strong (especially when scared) and has a fear of lizards. She keeps the dragon Isao.

A mysterious little dragon that found its way into Asa’s house, who initially mistakes him for a lizard…

Taichi Tatsuaki (CV: Seiichiro Yamashita)
Sora’s schoolmate. He seems to have an underlying problem that causes violent outbursts.

A baku (mythical Japanese creature that devours nightmares) with super soft fur covering its entire body. Although he looks incredibly cute, Mukumuku can move at a supersonic speed.

Kaede Kashiwagi (CV: Ai Kayano)
Sora’s aunt. She is a multi-faceted creator whose occupations include writer, model, and more. While she’s usually calm, her personality drastically changes when she has glasses on.

Sora’s family’s dog. He is a well mannered, friendly pup.


Director: Kaori
Producer: Jun Nasuda
Series Composition: Deko Akao
Character Design: Takahiro Kishida
Chief Animation Directors: Kenichiro Katsura, Hideki Sakai, Tomoko Fukunaga
CG Producer: Yuji Ikuhara
Color Design: Sakura Komatsu
Art Director: Kei Ichikura
Art Setting: Tomoyasu Fujise
Director of Photography: Kasumi Togo
Music: MAYUKO, Kenichiro Suehiro
Music Production: Groove
OP Theme Performance: Tsuri Bit
ED Theme Performance: Iketeru Hearts
Animation Production: 8-Bit


Mutsumi Tamura: Sora Kashiwagi
Keisuke Komoto: Tazuki Kamiya
Himika Akaneya: Asa Motegi
Ai Kayano: Kaede Kashiwagi
Seiichiro Yamashita: Taichi Tatsuaki

Broadcast Information

TBS: Fridays at 1:58 am (ep. 11 airs on Mar. 23 at 2:00 am)
ITV: Fridays at 1:36 am
BS-TBS: Sundays at 1:00 am
TBS Channel 1: Mondays at 1:00 am (repeats: Sundays at 3:00 am)

Online Streaming

Crunchyroll, Docomo Anime Store, Docomo Anime Store Niconico Store, Fuji TV On Demand, J:COM On Demand, VideoPass, MilPlus, Anime Houdai, U-NEXT, Hikari TV, Flat Douga, Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, Happy! Douga, Tsutaya TV, Bandai Channel, GYAO! Store, GYAO!, Niconico Channel, Niconico Live, Videx, Rakuten TV

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