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OtapediaGakuen Babysitters

Also Known As

School Babysitters


Brothers Ryuichi and Kotaro Kashima are orphaned when their parents are killed in a plane crash. Yoko Morinomiya who lost her son and his wife in the same crash offers to take the boys in, but she has one condition. Yoko is the head of the Morinomiya Academy, and older brother Ryuichi finds himself the school’s latest babysitter in return for receiving free board and tuition.

Anime Adaptation

Gakuen Babysitters is adapted from the manga by Hari Tokeino which has been serialized in LaLa since 2009. The anime adaptation was announced in the May 2017 issue of LaLa. The first season began airing in January 2018 and spans 12 episodes.

The opening theme for the first season is "Endless happy world" by Daisuke Ono, with Hyorotto Danshi’s "Oshiete yo" featured as the ending theme.


Ryuichi Kashima (Kotaro Nishiyama)
Orphaned alongside his younger brother Kotaro after his parents were killed in an air crash, Ryuichi is taken in by Yoko Morinomiya who runs the Morinomiya Academy. In exchange for free accommodation and tuition, Ryuichi is expected to help out with the school’s daycare facilities as part of the babysitting club. An admirable young man, Ryuichi loves his little brother and is determined to take care of him now that their parents are gone. He enjoys his babysitting duties and is popular with the children.

Kotaro Kashima (Nozomi Furuki)
Kotaro is Ryuichi’s little brother and is mostly taken care of alongside the other small children at the babysitting club. He loves his big brother but is generally quiet and spends most of his time reading picture books on his own.

Hayato Kamitani (Yuichiro Umehara)
Hayato is a classmate of Ryuichi’s and an ace player on the school’s baseball team as well as the son of science teacher Shizuka Kamitani. Generally laconic and expressionless, Hayato loves his own little brother Taka but chooses to show it through repeatedly smacking him on the head.

Taka Kamitani (Yuko Sanpei)
Taka is the younger brother of Hayato Kamitani and one of the kids in the Morinomiya daycare alongside Kotaro. A crybaby and one of the naughtiest children in the nursery, Taka is often struck by his stern big brother Hayato but secretly loves and admires him.

Kirin Kumatsuka (Konomi Kohara)
The oldest toddler in the daycare, Kirin Kumatsuka is also the most precocious and is insatiably curious. Smarter than the other kids, she is always elegant and polite and never without her beloved giraffe plushie. Her mother, Yayoi, is the school’s drama teacher while her dad, Satoru, is a freelance photographer.

Takuma Mamizuka (Ayaka Saito)
Son of Umi, the school’s P.E. teacher, and her actor husband Kousuke, Takuma is the older of the Mamizuka twins and is happy and cheerful like his mum. He is always seen hanging out with his shy little brother Kazuma.

Kazuma Mamizuka (Atsumi Tanezaki)
The younger of twins, Kazuma is the brother of Takuma and the son of the school’s P.E. teacher Umi and her husband Kousuke, an actor. Unlike Takuma, Kazuma is extremely shy and often tearful. He is rarely seen away from his brother and often mimics him when interacting with the other kids in the daycare.

Midori Sawatari (Kaede Hondo)
Daughter of teacher Yukari, Midori Sawatari is the youngest child in the daycare. She is very attached to Yoshihito Usaida.

Yoshihito Usaida (Tomoaki Maeno)
The only full time employee of the babysitting club Yoshihito Usaida is also a graduate of the Morinomiya Academy himself. Though he is often to be found napping, Yoshihito does genuinely care for the kids in the daycare.

Yoko Morinomiya (Tomoko Miyadera)
Yoko Morinomiya is the chairwoman of the Morinomiya Academy. Having lost her son and daughter-in-law in the same air crash which claimed the lives of Ryuichi’s parents, Yoko offered to take the boys in on the condition that they help out in the school’s daycare facility. Though she seems strict and severe, Yoko has a deeply caring personality and is committed to helping Ryuichi and Kotaro in her own way. Kotaro has nicknamed Yoko “shaggy” because of her distinctive hair.

Maria Inomata (Satomi Akesaka)
Maria Inomata is a top student in the school’s advanced class. Socially awkward and outwardly severe she finds it difficult to interact with other people and becomes depressed easily.

Yuki Ushimaru (Kaede Hondo)
Painfully shy but kind, Yuki Ushimari is a classmate of Ryuichi’s and has developed a one sided crush on him. She is convinced that she is no good with small children.

Tomoya Yagi (Toshiyuki Someya)
A second year student in the Morinomiya Academy’s special advanced class, Tomoya Yagi is regarded as the school’s pretty boy but gets a nosebleed every time he visits the babysitting club.

Chukichi Nezu (Motohiro Ota)
One of six siblings, Chukichi Nezu is a member of the special advanced class at Morinomiya Academy and has gotten special permission from the school to get a part time job and help support his family.

Hiroyuki Inui (Yoshimasa Hosoya)
A year above Ryuichi, Hiroyuki Inui is a pure hearted boy with a crush on teacher Yukari Sawatari. Despite initially regarding the daycare kids as “annoying” and referring to Midori as a “poop factory”, Hiroyuki eventually becomes fond of Kotaro and often helps him out in secret.

Umi Mamizuka (Ayaka Saito)
The P.E. teacher at Morinomiya Academy, Umi is the wife of popular actor Kousuke and the mother of twins Kazuma and Takuma.

Kousuke Mamizuka
The husband of Umi, Kousuke Mamizuka is a famous actor and the father of twins Kazuma and Takuma, often worrying that his work prevents him spending enough time with his sons.

Yayoi Kumatsuka
Yayoi Kumatsuka is the drama teacher at Midorinomiya Academy and the mother of Kirin. Her husband, Satoru, is a freelance photographer.

Yukari Sawatari
A teacher at Morinomiya Academy, Yukari Sawatari is married to an archeologist who is often away on digs for months at a time. She is the mother of Midori - the only infant in the daycare.

Shizuka Kamitani
Shizuka Kamitani is the science teacher at Morinomiya Academy and the mother of Hayato and Taka. She is also the ex-wife of the boys’ father, Taizou Hebihara.

Taizou Hebihara
The chemistry teacher at Morinomiya Academy, Taizou Hebihara is the former husband of science teacher Shizuka and the father of Hayato and Taka.

Tsugumi is a cousin of Hayato and Taka who arrived at the daycare when his mother was taken ill.

Creative Team

Original Manga: Hari Tokeino
Director: Shusei Morishita
Series Composition / Scripts: Yuuko Kakihara
Character Design / Animation Direction: Mina Osawa
Art Director: Yukihiro Shibutani
Color Design: Yuuko Fukuda
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Ruka Kawada
Animation Production: Brains Base
Production: NAS

Broadcast Information

Tokyo MX: Mondays at 11:00 pm from Jan. 7
Sun TV: Wednesdays at 2:00 am from Jan. 10
BS11: Wednesdays at 2:30 am from Jan. 10

Online Streaming:

Amazon Prime Video
GYAO! Store
J:Com On Demand
Tsutaya TV
Nico Nico Douga
Happy Douga
Bandai Channel
Hikari TV
Video Pass
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Rakuten TV


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