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OtapediaHakumei to Mikochi


Hakumei to Mikochi video 1
Hakumei to Mikochi video 2
Hakumei to Mikochi video 3

Also Known As:
Kinou no Akane
Ashimoto no Arukikata
Kobito Hiyori
Hakumei and Mikochi
Tiny Little Life in the Woods

Slice-of-Life | Fantasy | Seinen

Set in an adorable and peaceful fantasy world full of lush greenery, Hakumei to Mikochi follows the peaceful forest-dweller lives of two teeny tiny girls named Hakumei and Mikochi. Standing only nine centimeters (3.5”) tall, they build their homes in tree trunks, make leaf umbrellas, and even hitch rides with beetles as they enjoy their little life together.

Written by Takuto Kashiki, Hakumei to Mikochi is a Japanese manga series that premiered in 2011 in the Enterbrain seinen magazine Fellows!, now known as Harta. There have been five tankobon volumes released as of February 2018. A TV anime adaptation premiered on Jan. 12, 2018 and an original video animation will come in the second Blu-ray/DVD volume to be released in June. The anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is available to stream on HIDIVE with subtitles in English, Latin American Spanish, and Portuguese.

*Hakumei (ハクメイ) | CV: Risae Matsuda (New Game!)*
Frizzy-haired Hakumei loves the outdoors and is a skilled repair woman. She lives with Mikochi.

Mikochi (ミコチ) | CV: Shino Shimoji (Kemono Friends)
Homebody Mikochi has straight black hair and a theoretical streak. She makes and sells preserved food and daily necessities. She lives with Hakumei.

Konju (コンジュ) | CV: Aoi Yuki (Aho Girl)
Konju is a minstrel who plays a harp in stores or streets. She has wavy pigtails.

*Sen (セン) | CV: Chika Anzai (Gintama.)*
Sen is a cat-eared researcher researching the concept of “life.” She lives inside the bones of George in a swamp east of Makinanu. She ties her hair in a ponytail and is obsessed with bones.

Anime Cast
Risae Matsuda: Hakumei (ハクメイ)
Shino Shimoji: Mikochi (ミコチ)
Aoi Yuki: Konju (コンジュ)
Chika Anzai: Sen (セン)
Kenta Sasa: Fusenmaru
Mai Nakahara: Hakuyo
Masaya Matsukaze: Iwashi
Hiroshi Tsuchida: Katen
Megumi Ogata: Kobone Master
Masahito Yabe: Sekimenmaru
Akeno Watanabe: Sendai no Master

Anime Staff
Director:** Masaomi Ando (Scum's Wish, School-Live!)
Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida (Bakuman., D.Gray-man, Girls und Panzer, K-On!)
Art Director: Daiki Kuribayashi (Chaos;Child)
Background Art: KUSANAGI (Accel World)
Art Supervision: Nobuhito Sue (Date A Live)
Art Setting: Eiko Tsunado, Nobuhito Sue (Please Teacher!)
Color Design: Yumi Nagi (School-Live!)
Character and Prop Designer: Tomoko Iwasa (Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl)
Music Composer: Evan Call (Chronos Ruler)
Director of Photography: Sena Nakagawa (Monster Musume)
Editing: Yukie Oikawa (Morita Editing Room) (Noir)
Sound Director: Satoki Iida (Angel Beats!)
Music Production: Lantis (Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya)
Animation Producer: Yuji Higa (Assassination Classroom)
Chief Animation Directors: Tomoko Iwasa, Mayuka Itou
Animation Studio: Lerche (Konohana Kitan)

Anime Theme Songs
Opening: “Urar" by Chima
Ending: “Harvest Moon Night" by Shino Shimoji and Aoi Yuki

Anime Broadcast
Broadcasting on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TVA, TVQ, and BS 11.

Anime International Streaming
The series is available to stream on HIDIVE.

Official Links
Official Anime Site (Japanese)