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Babi Electric Town is a gathering place for outsiders from all over the world where everything is operated by electricity. Young Hemingway works in one of the shops there called Inazma Delivery, a transportation service for all kinds of goods. One day, a lost alien named Bytheway arrives at the shop and asks to be taken back to his home planet, but with organizations going after Bytheway, the two are not going to have an easy time…


Inazma Delivery is a situation comedy by Kanaban Graphics, the same studio that created Usavich. It also shares its staff with Usavich: Satoshi Tomioka is responsible for direction and storyboards, Aguri Miyazaki for character design, and all sounds, voices, and music are provided by Hironori Ueno.

The first season “Same to no Souguu-hen” (“Encounter with the Shark Arc”) consisting of ten 2-minute short episodes (and a bonus exclusive to the Blu-ray) aired from December 2016 on the music channel Space Shower TV with a second season subtitled “Dougyousha Attack-hen” (“Attacked by Fellow Delivery Guy Arc”) following in December 2017.


A young black pig working at Inazma Delivery. He’s usually kind, but his personality undergoes a dramatic change when he accelerates too much, turning into a devil behind the wheel. He will rise up to any challenge if it’s to get the package to its destination.

A mysterious, freeloading alien living at Inazma Delivery, Bytheway wears a shark kigurumi. He’s very childish and pushes Hemingway around all the time, but he also runs to his aid with his array of suspicious space gadgets, should the situation call for it. He starts dancing when feeling happy.

A member of a mysterious organization that targets extraterrestrial life forms. Although his name might suggest otherwise, he’s actually a guy. He’s a bit dumb as he always tries to make a decision but ends up undecided every time. He stubbornly tries to capture Bytheway, but his attempts tend to result in him being chased in only underwear.

A big, violent guy who works at Destroyer Delivery. He’s super powerful: If he likes something, he will get his hands on it no matter what, but if he doesn’t, he will send it flying, even if the object in question is a black hole.

A mysterious man who works as the head of a recycle factory, TatsuroRobo can fly with the jet built in his butt, shoot from his fingers, or use his rocket punch. He looks like a mecha from an anime, but who is piloting it…? He loves looking at photo collections featuring large, plump women.

David the English teacher
A teacher who appears in the English conversation program Hemingway always watches on TV. He teaches lots of useful expressions.

The transport of Inazma delivery. It looks like a regular van, but under Hemingway’s driving skills, it becomes much faster and more maneuverable.

Catherine’s beloved car. It’s armed with anti-alien weapons, machine guns, and even missiles.

Destroyer Delivery’s transport. This huge modified truck is equipped with a handful of arms similar to those of an excavator’s for keeping other vehicles away.


Original Plan & Script: Kanaban Graphics
Director & Storyboard: Satoshi Tomioka
Character Design: Aguri Miyazaki
Vocals/Music/Sound Effects: Hironori Ueno
Production: ©Inazma Project

Broadcast Information

Space Shower TV: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Hulu: full season 1, new episode every Saturday
U-Next: full season 1, new episode every Saturday
SoftBank Anime Houdai: full season 1, new episode every Saturday
Docomo Anime Store: full season 1
Official YouTube channel: all season 1 episodes
Nico Nico Douga: full season 1 in one video
Rakuten TV
Amazon Prime Video
Tsutaya TV
Hikari TV
Shizuoka Asahi TV

Blu-ray/DVD Releases

Blu-ray Creators Edition Vol. 1
DVD Regular Edition Vol. 1

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