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OtapediaThe Silver Guardian (Season 2)

Also Known As

Gin no Guardian
Yin Zhi Shoumuren
Yín Zhī Shǒu Mù Rén


Suigin Riku is just an ordinary high schooler with a crush on the school’s most popular girl, Rei Riku. That is, until Rei gets trapped in the popular game Grave Buster. Guided by Twin Star, Suigin follows her to the game’s world and joins the battle against tomb raiders, becoming the last tomb protector in order to save Rei.


The Silver Guardian is based off the immensely popular Chinese web comic titled Yin Zhi Shoumuren created by Meng Ling, illustrated by Yuebing, and written by Xun Min. Published by Tencent, it started serialization on February 9, 2015 and has over 418 million views worldwide.

Anime Adaptation

The series received a 12-episode anime adaptation airing from April 1 to June 17, 2017. Directed by Masahiko Okura and produced by Haoliners Animation League (Emon) as the studio’s first anime project, the series features “Mamori Tsunagu” by Rin Akatsuki as its opening theme and “The Game” by RiyO as its ending song.

A second season was announced in June 2017 and premiered in January 2018. Like the first season, it is produced by Haoliners Animation League with music by Minako Seki and character design by Yoshiaki Tsubata (also chief animation director). Haoling Li, the founder of Haoliners Animation League, is chief director and scriptwriter of the season, and former episode director Ken Ando is taking over as director. Keeping the opening theme of the previous season, “Mamori Tsunagu” by Rin Akatsuki, the second season uses “Kimi Kimi Kimi” by classmate as its ending theme.

The Silver Guardian is licensed by FUNimation in North America.


Suigin Riku (Japanese: Jun Fukuyama / English: Kyle Phillips)
A high schooler who loves playing games, Suigin is an excellent player with good observation skills and good eyes. In order to save his secret love, Rei, he dives into the world of Grave Buster and decides to become the last tomb protector. He is also one of the six Billion Players in the game.

Rei Riku (Japanese: Yuka Saito / English: Amber Lee Connors)
Perfect in every sense, Rei is a model student and the most popular girl in Suigin’s high school. She meets Suigin in the popular virtual game Grave Buster. Rei is the adopted daughter of Yuki Riku, Suigin’s grandfather and the maker of Grave Buster.

Temujin (Japanese: Atsuki Tani)
One of the Billion Players also called “The Fearsome Men Who Devour Everything” in Grave Buster, Temujin is a mysterious man and the leader of Totems, an organization that gathers ability users. He is interested in Suigin and Rei for some unknown reason.

Twin Star (Japanese: Ami Koshimizu / English: Monica Rial)
Suigin’s guide and a “land monster,” one of the monster types appearing in Grave Buster, Twin Star is a pair of twins called Shin and Wei. They melt together to form Twin Star’s human form, a mischievous young girl with waist-length bright jade hair.

Farin (Japanese: Nozomi Nishida / English: Brittney Karbowski)
A member of Gold Hunters, a tomb raider group led by Wild Wolf, Farin is an honest girl who hates underhanded tactics. As an Attacker type specializing in close combat; her main weapon is “Electric Sword.”

Yuki Riku (Japanese: Takayuki Sugo)
A world-renown game designer and Rei’s stepfather, Yuki Riku is the last descendant of the Tomb Guardians, a tribe whose members have special abilities. He is also the biological grandfather of Suigin.

Nishikaze (Japanese: Kana Asumi)
A member of the hooded ability users’ group Totems, Nishikaze is a mysterious girl with an expressionless face. She wears an eyepatch that says “18” and uses the Steal called “Demonic Mirror.”

Randengyoku (Japanese: Soichiro Hoshi)
One of the VIP members of Precious and the leader of the Silverback Thieves, Randengyoku is near to becoming a Billion Player.


Supervising Director & Scriptwriter: Haolin Li
Director: Ken Ando
Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Yoshiaki Tsubata
Color Design: Kunio Tsujita
Art Director: Tomoya Asami
Art Setting: Seiji Nishimoto
Director of Photography: Tatsuo Noguchi
2D Works: Tomoki Murakami
Editing: Keiko Onodera
Music: Minako Seki


Jun Fukuyama: Suigin Riku
Yuka Saito: Rei Riku
Atsuki Tani: Temujin
Ami Koshimizu: Twin Star
Nozomi Nishida: Farin
Takayuki Sugo: Yuki Riku
Kana Asumi: Nishikaze
Soichiro Hoshi: Randengyoku

Kyle Phillips: Suigin Riku
Amber Lee Connors: Rei Riku
Monica Rial: Twin Star
Brittney Karbowski: Farin

Broadcast Information

Available online through VideoMarket, music.jp, DMM.com, minto, Niconico Live, Niconico Channel, J:COM On Demand, Milplus, VideoPass, docomo Anime Store, Hikari TV, GYAO/GYAO Store, Rakuten Showtime, U-NEXT, Flat Douga, Janbari TV Premium, Tsutaya TV, Happy! Douga, VIDEX.jp, Amazon Video, dTV, MovieFull, Cocoro Video, QTV Douga, Tenohira Douga, iTSCOM On Demand, TOKAI On Demand, Anime Houdai, OnGen Movie, Crunchyroll, and FUNimation Entertainment (dubbed)

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