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Slice-of-Life, Cats, Pets


Mameneko is a slice-of-life series that follows the everyday happenings of cats Azuki and Daizi whose cat-loving owner is an office worker in her 30s. She lives with her father, mother, grandfather, and glasses-wearing older brother whom the cats have nicknamed Japanese word for glasses, “Megane.” He adopted a Shiba Inu dog after his owner passed on named Mamenosuke. Mamenosuke has spent his entire life around cats, so he considers himself a cat as well.


Mameneko began as a manga written by manga artist Nekomaki on July 3, 2013. It is published by Sakurasha. As of July 2017, it has been collected into eight volumes. The manga series was adapted into an anime series directed by Yuzo Yamamoto which debuted in January 2018 in Japan.


Azuki (あずき) | CV: Suzuna Kinoshita
Azuki is a female cat who seems like she’s the older sister type but is far more cautious and cowardly. She could eat maguro tuna all day, every day. She is voiced by Suzuna Kinoshita.

Daizu (だいず) (CV: Hitomi Ueda)
Daizu is a male cat that’s always following after Azuki so much he might as well be called her shadow. He is voiced by Hitomi Ueda.

Owner (飼い主さん) (CV: Satomi Akesaka)
Referred to as “Owner” by her two cats Azuki and Daizu, she is in her 30s and works in an office. She lives with several of her family members as well as her older brother’s Shiba Inu dog. She is voiced by Satomi Akesaka.

Hadairo (肌色) (CV: Kohei Mitoma)
Hadiro is the grandfather of the owner of Daizu and Azuki. He lives together with everyone and loves sugared red beans. He is voiced by Kohei Mitoma.

Moja (もじゃ) (CV: Yo Taichi)
Despite living with two cats together with everyone else, Moja, the 62-year-old mother of the cats’ owner and a housewife, hates cats. She is voiced by Yo Taichi.

Megane (メガネ) (CV: Wataru Kato)
Nicknamed Megane, the Japanese word for “glasses,” by the cats Azuki and Daizu, he is a 35 year old and older brother of the cats’ owner. Above all else he loves magical girls in anime and tokusatsu heroes. He’s not all that manly. He adopted Mamenosuke when his owner passed on. He is voiced by Wataru Kato.

Tatami Room Dad (座敷おやじ) (CV: Shimura Takahiro)
He is a 59-year-old man and father of the cats’ owner. He doesn’t have much of a presence within the family. He is voiced by Shimura Takahiro.

Mamenosuke (豆之介) (CV: Tasuku Hatanaka)
Mamenosuke is a Shiba Inu dog that grew up around cats since he was a puppy so he thinks of himself as a cat. Megane, the older brother of the cats’ owner, adopted him when his owner passed on. He is voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka.


Hitomi Ueda: Daizu
Suzuna Kinoshita: Azuki
・Notable roles: Mitsuki Yukimura (Ousama Game the Animation)
Kohei Mitoma: Hadairo
・Notable roles: Robert Wallson (The Eden of Grisaia)
Satomi Akesaka: Owner
・Notable roles: Reina Suzuki Wake Up, Girls!), Yang Ming (Maken-Ki! Battling Venus)
Wataru Kato: Megane
Yo Taichi: Moja
・Notable roles: Kanae Hoozuki (Witch Craft Works), Albus (Grimoire of Zero)
Shimura Takahiro: Tatami Room Dad
・Notable roles: Akiteru Tsukishima (Haikyu!! series), Izumo Kusanagi (K series)
Tasuku Hatanaka: Mamenosuke
・Notable roles: Yuma Tsukumo (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal), Denki Kaminari (My Hero Academia)


Director: Yuzo Yamamoto (Cho Zenmai Robo Patrush)
Series Composition: Yuzo Yamamoto
Producer: Yuzo Yamamoto
Art Director: Yoshinobu Yamada
Sound Director: Ryo Hayakawa
Animation Studio: Charaction (Boku no Imouto wa "Osaka Okan")
Recording Studio: Studio Inspire
Music Production: Studio A-Cat, Onlead

Theme Songs

“MIKE" by Ayaka Segawa

Broadcast Information

Tokyo MX: Every Tuesday at 1:05 am

Online Streaming in Japan

Niconico Douga, Bandai Channel, U-Next, Video Market, d TV, d Anime Store, and GYAO!

International Online Streaming

None announced

Official Links

Anime Site (Japanese)
Twitter (Japanese)