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Katana Maidens ~ Toji no Miko video 1
Katana Maidens ~ Toji no Miko video 2
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Produced by Genco and animated by Studio Gokumi with 3D CGI from Graphinica, Toji no Miko is an original anime series that follows a group of “Toji,” sword-wielding shrine maidens tasked with exterminating the demonic “aradama.”

Although Toji are authorized to wear swords and serve in a police unit, they are still students learning their craft at one of the five academies the government has set up throughout the country: the Renpu Girls’ Academy in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Minoseki Academy in Gifu Prefecture, the Ayanokoji Martial Arts School in Kyoto, the Heijo Institute in Nara Prefecture, and the Osafune Girls’ Academy in Okayama Prefecture. These schools not only train Toji, but also those who support and assist the Toji in their missions.

The series premiered on Jan. 5, 2018 and is set to run for 24 episodes. A manga adaptation by Sakae Saito started serialization on Oct. 26, 2017 in Kadokawa’s Monthly Shonen Ace, and a mobile game by Square Enix is set to come out in 2018.

The opening theme, “Save You Save Me,” and the ending theme, “Kokoro no Memoria,” are performed by the six main characters voiced by Kaede Hondo, Saori Onishi, Azumi Waki, Hina Kino, Risae Matsuda, and Eri Suzuki.

Broadcast Information

  • Tokyo MX: Saturdays from Jan. 6 at 1:05 am
  • MBS: Saturdays from Jan. 6 at 2:55 am
  • BS11: Mondays from Jan. 8 at 1:00 am
  • AT-X: Fridays from Jan. 5 at 9:30 pm


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Official Info


Kanami Eto (CV: Kaede Hondo)

“Let’s have a match again sometime!”
A second-year student at Minoseki Academy’s junior high department, Kanami wields the katana Chidori. She is usually surrounded by friends due to her bright, optimistic personality. She is obsessed with kenjutsu and loves comparing her strength with others. Her style is Yagyu Shinkage-ryu.

Mai Yanase (CV: Azumi Waki)

A classmate and friend of Kanami, Mai is the oldest daughter of the owner of the Yanase Group conglomerate. She is caring toward her friends and often acts like an older sister. At school, she is a skilled swordfighter and a real hard-worker. She fights in Hokushin Itto-ryu with the katana Magoroku Kanemoto.

Hiyori Jujo (CV: Saori Onishi)

“I’m just doing what I have to do.”
A junior third year at Heijo Institute, Hiyori is a level-headed, stoic girl with a strong sense of duty. Once she decides something, she will stick with it no matter what. She fights in Yajima Shinto-ryu, a style focusing on speed, and wields the katana Kogarasumaru.

Sayaka Itomi (CV: Hina Kino)

“Fighting is all I know.”
A first-year student at Renpu’s junior division, Sayaka is a genius swordfighter wielding the Myoho Muramasa. She completes her mission with ease and precision but has a hard time communicating with others. Her style is the Onoha Itto-ryu.

Kaoru Mashiko (CV: Risae Matsuda)

“What a bother.”
A first-year high schooler at Osafune, Kaoru likes to reserve her energy outside battle. A power fighter who wields the enormous Nenekirimaru with ease despite her fragile looks, she fights in Yakumaru Jigen style. She doesn’t show it, but she puts great trust in Ellen.

Ellen Kohagura (CV: Eri Suzuki)

“Well then, mission start!”
Kaoru’s classmate and partner, Ellen was born to a Japanese father and an American mother. She is a mood maker who brings a smile to people’s faces and has a habit of giving nicknames to people she meets. Fighting in the Taisha-ryu style, she wields the Echizen Yasutsugu.

Yukari Origami (CV: Asami Seto)

The current head of the Origami Family, a clan that has been in charge of katana and noro, an impurity in iron sand that comes out during the refining process and also the material aradama are made from. A wielder of two katanas, Yukari is the chief of the National Police Agency Special Sword Administration Bureau who is considered a great hero for her deeds during the Sagami Bay Tragedy.

The Origami Family’s Elite Guards:
Maki Shido (CV: Yumi Uchiyama)
Suzuka Konohana (CV: M.A.O)
Yomi Satsuki (CV: Mai Fuchigami)
Yume Tsubakuro (CV: Inori Minase)


  • Director: Koudai Kakimoto
  • Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
  • Original Character Design: Yoshinori Shizuma
  • Character Design: Yuko Yahiro
  • Chief Animation Director: Kenji Ota, Yuko Yahiro
  • Music: Yukari Hashimoto
  • Action Director: Tomohiro Kamitani
  • Art Director: Masaru Sato
  • Art Setting: Mamio Ogawa
  • Prop Design: Noritaka Suzuki