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OtapediaIto Junji: Collection

Also Known As

Ito Junji: Collection


Junji Ito Collection is an anthology TV anime series adapting several short stories by the prolific horror mangaka. All the stories featured in the first season of the anime are taken from either the 11-volume Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection or single volume Fragments of Horror. The 12-episode series will adapt two stories per episode including: “Souichi’s Convenient Curse / Hell Doll Funeral” (episode 1), “Fashion Model / The Long Dream” (episode 2), “Boy at the Crossroads / Slug Girl” (episode 3), “Shiver / Marionette Mansion” (episode 4), “The Ongoing Tale of Oshikiri Collection / Cloth Teacher” (episode 5), and “Window Next Door / Gentle Goodbye” (episode 6). Ito’s seminal work, Tomie, will also be adapted as two OVAs released in April and May 2018 bundled with the second and third volumes of the DVD & Blu-ray sets.

Anime Adaptation

Co-produced by Crunchyroll, Junji Ito Collection was first announced on Junji Ito’s official page in Asahi Shimbun in June 2017. Season 1 will run for 12 episodes followed by 2 OVAs and will be simulcast in 8 languages via Crunchyroll.

The opening theme song for the season 1 is “Shichitenbatto no Blues” by The Pinballs while the show’s ending theme, “Tagai no Uchu,” is performed by JYOCHO.


Tomie (Japanese: Rie Suegara)
Tomie is the most beautiful woman on Earth. An eternal, immortal woman, she leads the men captivated by her beauty to their doom but takes her time planning cruel death for the ones she longs to call her own. Some she turns to mince meat, others she burns…

Fuchi (Japanese: Mami Koyama / English: Terri Doty)
Long, thin face and thick eyebrows - when Fuchi opens her mouth she flashes her shark-like teeth. Ethereal, Fuchi is a fashion model - you may think she looks like a monster, but she knows she’s beautiful…

Handsome Man at the Crossroads (Japanese: Hikaru Midorikawa)
A handsome man dressed in black whose strange dark energy captivates all who see him. He drives women mad with his cruel divinations, driving them towards their strange deaths as if cursed...

Souichi (Japanese: Yuji Mitsuya / English: Austin Tindle)
Souichi is an evil elementary school boy who dares you to meet his horrifying gaze. He spends his days sowing ill feeling, tricking people with straw effigies to force them towards a sorry end… Soon you too may meet his painful eyes…

Toru Oshikiri (Japanese: Hiro Shimono)
A high school boy who lives alone in a mansion so vast even he doesn’t know how many rooms it has. This strange space seems to exist in another dimension where people disappear and murder is a frequent occurrence…

Japanese Cast

Yuji Mitsuya: Souichi
Hiro Shimono: Oshikiri, Kawai Kota
Kaori Nazuka: Yuko, Tamae, Mie Fuji
Hikaru Midorikawa: Handsome Man at the Crossroads
Mami Koyama: Fuchi
Rie Suegara: Tomie
Yoshimasa Hosoya: Koichi, Oda, Aoyama
Yuka Saito: Sayuri, Midori, Rie, Kinuko Hidaka
Hiroyuki Yoshino: Kuroda, Ryunosuke
Hajime Iijima: Father (ep. 1), Miyake, Yamauchi, teacher (ep. 3). father-in-law / monk (ep. 3)
Megumi Okada: Mother (ep. 1), Yuko’s mother (ep. 3), Rina’s mother (ep. 4), neighbor (ep. 6), mother-in-law (ep. 6)
Risa Mizuno: girl (ep. 1), nurse (ep. 2), Suzue Takada, Rina, Sumire
Daisuke Hirakawa: Yamada, Makoto
Daisuke Namikawa: Kuroda, Kazuhiko Kitawaki / Jean-Pierre
Romi Park: woman (ep. 3)
Ryohei Kimura: Yasufumi, Hiroshi Sakaguchi
Tomokazu Sugita: Hideo
Nobunaga Shimazaki: Kazuhiko Kitawaki
Yoko Hikasa: Ruriko

Additional Cast:
Kaji Yuki
Shintaku Maki
Takamori Natsumi
Mizuhashi Kaori
Ikeda Akida
Ito Kentaro
Goda Hozomi
Kondo Takashi
Seki Toshihiko
Hara Masakazu
Matsubara Tanishi
Uchida Aya
Nabatame Hitomi
Neya Michiko

English Cast

Austin Tindle: Souichi
Garret Storms: Oshikiri, Kawai Kota
Kristen McGuire: Yuko, Tamae, Mie Fuji
Terri Doty: Fuchi

Creative Team

Original Manga: Junji Ito
Director / Character Design: Shinobu Tagashira
Script / Series Composition: Kaoru Sawada
Animation Director: Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Art Direction: Hiromasa Ogura
Photography: Katsuaki Kamada, Mayuko Aoki
Color Design: Yukiko Ario
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Sound Direction: Hozumi Gouda
Animation Production: Studio Deen

Broadcast Information

Wow Wow: Fridays at 10:30 pm from Jan. 5
AT-X: Wednesdays at 11:30 pm from Jan. 10

Online Streaming

Actvila, Abema TV, DMM.com, Video Market, Family Video, Rakuten TV, Nico Nico Douga, Hulu, dTV, Anime Houdai, U-Next, Videx JP, Rakuten Download, GIGA.TV, D-Anime Store, Flat Douga, J:Com On Demand, Au Video Pass, Milplus, Tsutaya TV, Happy Douga, Happy Anime, GYAO Store

Official Links

Website (Japanese)
Twitter (Japanese)
Junji Ito’s Haunted House (Japanese)
Sonorama (Japanese)
Nemuki+ (Japanese)


  • Princess Cafe Collaboration: February 2018
  • Preview Screening: Feb. 4, 2018

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