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Also Known As

gdgd Men’s Party


Light and Yomi are young boys who enjoy, more than anything, playing video games! One late night, when everyone else is asleep, Light receives a mysterious invitation from a strange boy named Alpha, who was sent on behalf of someone named King. Suddenly, they find themselves being sucked into another world! Once there, they discover they’ve been summoned to go on a quest to rescue Princess Melody, who has been whisked away by a demonic lord named Maoh. Light is all for it, but Yomi is less enthusiastic… Either way, both set off alongside Alpha, who turns out to be a humanoid robot that can help them raise their levels so they can succeed at their mission.


GdMen (also known as gdgd Men’s Party) is an original story created by director Sota Sugahara. It is a comedic fantasy adventure series that is a fully computer animated project and is considered a spin-off to Sota’s previous series gdgd Fairies. Familiar video game tropes and references to popular series will be a running theme in the show. At the moment, it has no manga series or other media under its name.

Broadcast Info

gdMen began airing on Tokyo MSX and AT-X on Jan. 9, 2018. The opening theme is “Bousou Teikoku Chikuouki” by Eri Kitamura, while the ending theme is “Duality” by BB-Voice. It is also available for streaming on services like Amazon Video, U-NEXT, dTV, Niconico, and Crunchyroll.


Light (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Light is an enthusiastic gamer in middle school who prefers a sword as his fantasy weapon. He has the sort of excited and aggressive type of personality that makes him run headfirst into anything! He’s also described as a typical city otaku.

Yomi (CV: Kazutomi Yamamoto)
Like Light, Yomi is also a gamer in middle school, though he is younger than his friend. His choice of weapon is a slim staff with an orb. He has an almost permanently sleepy expression and prefers using less words than the normal kids his age. He dislikes trouble and is especially fond of macaroons.

Alpha (CV: Yuusuke Kobayashi)
Alpha is a humanoid robot of artificial intelligence who considers himself witty and possesses the ability to raise the levels of the inhabitants in that world. He is quite handsome and not particularly fond of humans. Not only does he serve the royal family, but he is also fiercely loyal to King.

Melody (CV: Natsuko Hara)
Melody is a princess that has been kidnapped by Maoh. Currently, she is imprisoned in a stark single cell. She spends all day imagining that she’ll finally be rescued. Due to being addicted to the internet, she also has a vast amount of knowledge about various things.


Yoshitsugu Matsuoka: Light
Notable Roles: Takuru Miyashiro (Chaos;Child), Masamune Izumi (Eromanga Sensei)
Kazutomi Yamamoto: Yomi
Notable Roles: Yumoto Hakone (Cute Earth High Defense Club LOVE!), Tsuyoshi Nakanojou (Nichijou - My Ordinary Life)
Yuusuke Kobayashi: Alpha
Notable Roles: Ryougi (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations), Su Won (Yona of the Dawn)
Natsuko Hara: Melody
Notable Roles: Amaterasu (Onigiri), Mirai (Crane Game Girls)


Director: Sota Sugahara (Gdgd Fairies)
Script: Ryoichi Mori (Gdgd Fairies the Movie: Is It Alright For Such a Movie…?)
Sound Director: Soichiro Kubo (Kokekkou-san)
Production: Strawberry Meets Pictures, Fan Company
Character Design: Akira Isou
Animation Studio: Strawberry Meets Pictures (gdgd Fairies), Fan Company (Konna Watashi-tachi ga Nariyuki de Heroine ni Natta Kekka www ‘Narihero www’)
3DCG Director: PonpokoP