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Alternate Titles

Beelzebub-jō no Okinimesu Mama


Fallen Angel Mullin has just landed his dream job working with the queen of Pandemonium, Beelzebub. However, though Beelzebub inspires fear and respect throughout the land, she’s actually an adorable young lady who loves all things fluffy and cute! As Mullin gets closer to Beelzebub while dealing with these strangely inefficient demons, what sort of chaos will ensue? Could this be a…love story…?


As Miss Beelzebub Likes is adapted from the comedy manga series written and illustrated by matoba which is currently running in Monthly Shonen Gangan. The anime adaptation was announced in the May 2018 edition of Monthly Shonen Gangan and will premiere in October 2018. The series’ opening theme will be performed by Sangatsu no Phantasia, while the ending will be a character song.


Beelzebub (Voiced by: Saori Onishi)

Beelzebub is the queen of Pandemonium where fallen angels who have become demons conduct their business. Though skilled at her job, Beelzebub’s notions of romance are stuck at the preschool level. She’s completely obsessed with fluffy things and even has fluffy pets in her bedchamber.

Mullin (Voiced by: Rikuya Yasuda)

Mullin is a new employee in Pandemonium and an attendant to Beelzebub. Though he really looks up to her, Mullin has difficulty reconciling his idea of Beelzebub with the fluffy reality.

Belphegor (Voiced by: Misaki Kuno)

Belphegor has extreme anxiety and frequently needs to use the bathroom. She has an unrequited crush on Azazel but is so shy that she runs away whenever she sees him!

Azazel (Voiced by: Satoshi Hino)

Azazel looks tough at first glance but is actually kind of shy and a really nice guy. He thinks Belphegor keeps running away because she’s afraid of him and really wants to make friends with her one day.


Sargatanas is Astaroth’s attendant. Her expression may be severe but she loves cute things. Although she’s an efficient worker, when it comes to love Sargatanas is a total novice.


Astaroth regards himself as Beelzebub’s little brother. He’s a habitual shirker chided by his attendant Sargatanas but has still managed to become the temporary head of the finance department.


Eurynome is a handsome young man who always has a scowl on his bespectacled face. He is often to be found in the library.


Dantalion is a literature junkie and chief librarian at the Pandemonium library. He often falls asleep at work after staying up all night reading but is extremely good at recommending books to customers. Dantalion looks young but who knows how old he really is…


Molech is a total clown who does as he pleases and always talks in a big, loud voice. He’s convinced himself he’s “friends” with Dantalion and often goes to the library to hang out with him.

International Streaming

  • Crunchroll

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  • Original Creator: matoba
  • Director: Minato Kazuto
  • Series Composition/Scriptwriter: Yoriko Tomita
  • Character Designer: Etsuko Sumimoto
  • Music: Kanon Wakeshima, naotyu-
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Animation Production: Liden Films
  • Opening Theme Song Artist: Sangatsu no Phantasia


Autumn 2018 Anime

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