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A Certain Magical Index III video 1

Alternate Titles

Toaru Majutsu no Index III


High school senior Touma lives in a world where supernatural abilities are possible. In fact, he possesses one such power in his right hand, called “Imagine Breaker.” Though strange powers are the norm given that those in the scientific and magical communities have managed to gain access to them (albeit through starkly different means), Touma’s powers seemed to have piqued the interests of those from both sides. After all, a power that can cancel out others powers (along with his own luck) is a powerful and unusual occurrence.

Even so, Touma is dead set on leading a relatively normal life, but when you’re living in Academy City, nothing is ever so simple. Thanks to his luck (or lack thereof), he meets a mysterious nun from the Church of Necessary Evil, who is literally considered a walking encyclopedia since she’s memorized the very forbidden contents of 103,000 grimoires.

From there, Touma and Index begin to discover both secrets and people in Academy City that can help and harm them. It doesn’t help that they keep getting caught up in the power struggle between the scientific and magical communities, either…


Originally, this fantasy series began as a light novel that was written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura. Published by ASCII Media Works from April 2004 to October 2010, it ended with a total of 25 volumes. A sequel titled New Testament: A Certain Magical Index, written and illustrated by the same duo, was published by ASCII Media Works in March 2011 and is currently ongoing. The series also has a manga adaptation that is written by Kazuma and illustrated by Chuya Kogino. It has been serialized in Monthly Shonen Gangan since April 2007. Both the light novel and manga series are licensed by Yen Press in America.

Since its creation, the series has also enjoyed three games, several side-stories in both light novel and manga forms, plus an animated film.

The anime adaptation has had two seasons so far, with 48 episodes made in total since its debut in October 2008. The third season will premiere on Oct. 4, 2018. The opening theme will be “Gravitations” by Maon Kurosaki, while the ending theme will be performed by Yuka Iguchi.


Touma Kamijo (Voiced by: Atsushi Abe)

A high school senior in Academy City, Touma comes across as more ordinary than his peers. He is considered a Level 0 Esper; but despite this, he possesses an unusual power in his right hand called “Imagine Breaker,” which cancels out both supernatural abilities and his own luck. He is skilled at street fighting, and when it comes to a crisis, he has impeccable judgement and is incredibly decisive. Because of his strong sense of justice, he also cannot stand abandoning those in need. He strives to live a normal life, but is usually caught up in the messes of both the magic and science communities.

Index Librorum Prohibitorum (Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi)

A sister of Necessarius, the Church of Necessary Evil, Index is small in stature with a baby face, white hair, and blue eyes. Because of her photographic memory, Index has the contents of 103,000 grimoires memorized, which grants her immense and highly sought-after knowledge. Her white robes, which have special gold embroidery, prevent harm from coming to her. She’s nicknamed “Hungry Sister” because she is in love with eating and seems to always feel hungry. Among other topics, Index is skilled when it comes to different languages, but she’s utterly hopeless when it comes to science, especially as it pertains to machinery.

Mikoto Misaka (Voiced by: Rina Satou)

The daughter of a rich family, Mikoto is a 14 year old who resides in Academy City. Out of the seven Level 5 Espers in the area, she ranks third amongst them. Able to freely manipulate electricity and electromagnetism, she also has a trademark move that involves flinging metal objects at deadly speeds, which is how she got her nickname “Railgun.” Not your average rich girl, she has a rough and brash personality. Though she does come across as a tomboy, she also has a secret fondness for fancy things and cute clothing.

Accelerator (Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Out of the seven Level 5 Espers in Academy City, Accelerator is regarded as the most powerful. He possesses an ability that allows him to manipulate the vector values of anything he touches, which has innumerable uses. This ability also reflects ultraviolet rays, which is why he appears albino with his pale skin, white hair, and red eyes. Accelerator has actively participated in questionable experiments with the sole mission of creating the very first Level 6 Esper.

Shiage Hamazura (Voiced by: Satoshi Hino)

The former leader of a group of Level 0 Espers called Skill-Out, Shiage left the group after failing a mission that involved being defeated by Touma and Accelerator. He is now the chauffeur of Team ITEM, though his jack-of-all-trades status allows him to work other small jobs for them that can include everything from lock-picking to forging documents. Despite this, he doesn’t put much stock into what he can accomplish, and has an obvious inferiority complex.

International Streaming

  • Funimation

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  • Original Creator: Kazuma Kamachi
  • Original Character Designer: Kiyotaka Haimura
  • Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori
  • Series Composition: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Character Designer: Yuichi Tanaka
  • Art Director: Tomonori Kuroda
  • Color Designers: Mai Nakamura, Tomomi Ando
  • Director of Photography: Shingo Fukuyo
  • Editor: Shigeru Nishiyama
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • Music: Maiko Iuchi
  • Animation Production: J.C. Staff
  • Opening Theme Song Artist: Maon Kurosaki
  • Ending Theme Song Artist: Yuka Iguchi


Autumn 2018 Anime

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