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Chitose-chan, a baby penguin, takes life day by day as it wanders around Kyoto. From meeting all sorts of interesting humans, to eating yummy foods, traveling alongside this curious little penguin will leave you feeling all warm and refreshed.

Described as a short, healing penguin anime, you’ll even get to explore famous Kyoto destinations that everyone knows about, like the Kyomizu Temple, Ginkaku Temple, and the Gion District - but all from the viewpoint of Chitose-chan!


Written by Yukiko Natsume, Okoshiyasu Chitose-chan is an ongoing manga that began serialization in Kodansha’s Be Love in 2016. The anime adaptation is scheduled to premiere on Oct. 5 on Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto. The ending theme, “Nakuko mo Warau,” will be handled by Nyanzonu Deshi.


Chitose-chan (Voiced by: n/a)

Chitose-chan is a baby emperor penguin who wanders to and fro in Kyoto. Fluffy and charming, it loves having fun and eating yummy foods above everything else.

Narrator (Voiced by: Shinichi Tsutsumi)

The narrator for the series.

Human Males (Voiced by: Kouji Yusa)

The voice behind all the males in the series.

Human Females (Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai)

The voice behind all the females in the series.

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  • Original Creator: Yukiko Natsume
  • Director: Kyo Yatate
  • Music: Koguma
  • Opening Theme Song Artist: Nyanzonu Deshi


Autumn 2018 Anime

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