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In October 2018, the Radio Research Club girls are due to undergo a local ritual. The ritual is just a local custom that no one takes very seriously, but with a series of conditions mysteriously aligning, it’s not just a game anymore…


Akanesasu Shojo is a multimedia franchise created in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Animax anime channel. The TV anime was announced on March 22, 2018 alongside an accompanying free-to-play smartphone game and will premiere on Animax on Oct. 1, 2018. The series’ opening theme, “Soranetarium,” will be performed by Michi, while Ami Wajima will perform the ending theme, "Kowarekake no Radio."


Asuka Tsuchimiya (Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa)

Asuka Tsuchimiya is a second-year high school student and a member of the Radio Research Club. Her family owns a well-established miso store. Cheerful and serene, Asuka has a tendency to run off towards every exciting thing dragging others along with her and has her own kind of charisma. Her hobby is fortune telling through chikuwa fish sausages.

Yu Tonaka (Voiced by: Lynn)

A second-year high school student, Yu Tonaka is member of the Radio Research Club. She possesses extreme self-restraint and is the only sensible person among the five members of the group. Yu has been friends with Asuka since they were little but is often exasperated by her reckless behavior. Her family runs a medical clinic.

Mia Silverstone (Voiced by: Nao Toyama)

Mia Silverstone is a first-year high school student and member of the Radio Research Club. Her parents are from overseas but she was born and raised in Japan. She is elegant and refined but shy and withdrawn. Mia has always wanted to be a “hero.”

Nana Nanase (Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu)

Nana Nanase is a second-year high school student and Radio Research Club member. She has a rather gaudy way of presenting herself and is into the “gal” fashion trend. Making the most of her sensitivity, she’s good at acting in harmony with those around her and is always good for brightening the mood.

Chloé Morisu (Voiced by: Marina Inoue)

Chloé Morisu has just come back to Japan from France and is a second-year high school student as well as a member of the Radio Research Club. She’s very independently minded and doesn’t see the point in friendship. Rather brusk in manner, Chloé prefers to do most things by herself and gets completely immersed in her favorite things.

International Streaming

  • Hidive

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  • Original Concept: Kotaro Uchikoshi
  • Original Character Designer: Masakazu Katsura
  • Concept Artist/Original Character Designer: Hiroyuki Asada
  • Main Theme Music: Kenji Ito
  • Music Producer: Ryu
  • Director: Jin Tamamura
  • Series Director: Yuuichi Abe
  • Series Composition/Scriptwriter: Shogo Yasukawa
  • Sci-fi Setting: Hiroshi Yamamoto
  • Character Designer: Hiroki Harada
  • Sub-character Designers: Akitomo Yamamoto, Koji Watanabe, Yuki Kawashima
  • Chief Animation Director: Akitomo Yamamoto
  • Unit Director: Ryo Hirata
  • Monster Designer: Yasuhiro Moriki
  • Prop Designers: Koji Watanabe, Sayaka Takase, Susumu Imaishi
  • Color Key: Haruko Nobori
  • Art Director: Yusa Ito
  • Art Setting: Akihiro Hirasawa
  • Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato (Studio Shamrock)
  • Editor: Mai Hasegawa
  • 3D CG Director: Hideaki Takeda
  • Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
  • Animation Production: Dandelion Animation Studio, Jumonji


Autumn 2018 Anime

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